1008 Avruthi Hari VayuStuthi Parayana @ Nanganallur

Hari Sarvothama! Vayu Jeevothama!

It was a pleasant sunny morning on 14 Nov 2010. Volunteers of the LHVSMP Samiti started arriving from 6AM to make the preparatory arrangements. Counters were set up for receiving the bhaktas and providing the badge, Towel printed with the name of the Samiti and a water bottle. Seperate counters were arranged for the registered and non-registered persons.

Bhaktas started arriving to the temple by 7 AM. Samiti Volunteers directed the people to the temple premises and everyone was seated in order inside the temple. The parayana slated for 14th Nov 2010 at Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Nanganallur commenced
as per schedule at 8:00 A.M. sharp, with 320 Madhwas for the first Avarthi. Mahila volunteers took charge of the counter once the parayana has started and also prepared assembling together the prasada packets. More people started pouring-in in next 30 mins.
The second avarthi had 476 members and the gates were closed at 8:30 A.M. It was really a wonderful atmoshpere at 8:30 A.M. as the temple was flooded with 476 madhwa participants. Two avarthis of HVS Parayana and one avarthi punascharane was performed. Although punascharane was not in initial plan, temple authorities have requested the Samiti to perform one. Eminnent scholars like Sridhar Upadhyaya, P.N. GURURAJAN and Kanchi Varadachar participated adding more aura to the grand event. The Samiti wishes other eminnent scholars residing in the city to take part in such future programs. This parayana was performed for Lokashema where each Madhwa should participate voluntarily.

The Anjaneya Temple authorities had made extensive arrangements for the parayana. Excellent support was extended to the samithi. They fed food for more than 600 persons, though they were informed only 500 persons would turn out.

Nanganallur Ragavendra Swamy Mutt had provided their support helping the outstation bhakthas and also had arranged for Vrata theerthaprasada.

The arrangements for this Mega event commenced as early as 1st Sep 2010 itself. Handouts, Banners, Media advertisements and announcements in THATHVAVADA and SRI SUDHA magazines were done for registration of members for the Parayana. Oct 17th was supposed to be closing date for the registration. Till 7th Nov, only 200 applications were received for registration and later the count increased to 376 in last 1 week. But, on the day of the Parayana the SPOT registration counter was overflowing with good numbers and the samithi had to arrange for extra special counters where close to 169 registations were made. The request for the early registration was sought only for enabling the samithi for making arrangements as well as for the distribution of prasada. The LHVSMP samithi was not intersted in sending back any persons who come to the place without registration or sending back the parayana performed bhaktas without giving them the prasads. In future, the samithi requests members to co-operate and adhere to the request of the samithi. The samithi thank all the 476 madhwa bhaktas who thronged at the early hours of Sunday and making the function grand success.

One Raksha, 1 Enthro darana Hanumantha Yanthra, 1 book(Sri Hanuma Bheema Madhwa Moola Mantra Japavidhanam), small laminated photo of Sri Raghavendra swamy performing pooja to lord Rama, one photo of Dharapuram Anjenaya swamy, plantains, betel leaf and Dakshina were provided as prasda from the Samiti. Anjeneya Swamy Temple had given betel leaf, plantain, dakshina with Vada to all the persons who were present on that great parayana occasion. It was a rare sight to see close to 500 Madhwas chanting Harivayusthuthi in chorus.

The LHVSMP Samithi thanks each and every one for the support extended for the great function and feel sorry for the inability to thank each and everyone individually.

The samithi thank SRI SUDHA, THATHVAVADA dvaita magazines and the local News Papers for their support extended for this great unity.

Click here to view the photos of the grand event.

Electrifying aura at Anjaneyar Shrine –   ”  Nanganallur Talk ” 21-Nov

Hari Srinivasa!
Lakshavruthi HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samiti (LHVSMP Samiti)

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10 Responses to 1008 Avruthi Hari VayuStuthi Parayana @ Nanganallur

  1. Lakshminarasimman V Rao, Mysore says:

    very crisp synopsis. felt very glad to read about the great service done by the team. Wishing your team all the very best in your noble endeavour.

  2. Madhusudan Rao, Bangalore says:

    What an achievement. 476 Madhwa bhaktas joining together and chanting Hari Vayu Stuti in Chorus, what else we can expect more than that. Certainly, Pranadevaru himself would have pleased. My heartfelt appreciation for the entire team who made the occasion a grand success. Let the good work continue.

  3. jayakumarkrishnarao says:

    A great achievement. Offering in the true and literary sense ‘nirutha maaduva karma harige arpitavendu……………..karava mugida mukhyaprana………..’ Sri Purandaradasaru

    Hope this trend will become infectious and people at all places would congregate to offer their obeisance to the Almighty.

  4. pranesh says:

    excellent sri hari vayu gurugala seva , what a sight it would have been seeing / hearing 476 hari bhakta’s in sri vayu stuti parayana >> it is a really a unique event getting so many devotees together at a time ( other than aradhana days ) is itself a big acheivement >>> may sri hari vayu gurugala anugraha be bestowed always on u’ll to organise more such events : pranesh k , new delhi

  5. prasad.k.n. says:

    Great !!It was nice to hera around 500 madhwas chanting HVS.
    This should take place at every city, town and villages.
    big kudos to the organisers.

  6. Badrinath Bhima Rao says:

    Hari Sarvothama! Vayu Jeevothama!!
    Excellent event has been done. We actually lack mass prayers in our system and this type of congression is needed to bring about an unity among dwaitha followers.


    Let all of us extend our whole hearted co-operation and support to Shri Ragothuman
    and his team who had gained enormous punya by organising such an event and made devotees to earn punya by participating in it. The best part is that they made devotees who have mastered the Hari Vayusthuthi to be in the mike and this helped others to syncarnise with them. On behalf of ABMMM we are ever willing to extnd.

  8. P. N. JAYARAM from Bangalore says:

    This Lakshavarthi Hari Vayu Stuthi Parayana Sangha is doing a great job. I missed earlier parayanas. I have decided to join them on 20/11/2011.

    I wish them all the best in future ventures.

  9. Narayanan says:

    This is amazing efffort. Exactly one year back this was done and by God’s desire, i am able to view this.

  10. V.ARJUNARAO says:

    we really missed a good gathering at this pooja in bangalore

    V Arjuna Rao

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