2nd Mega HariVayuStuthi Parayana @ Papparapatti: 27 Feb 2011

Hare Srinivasa!

The first Mega Programme of the Samithi was held as Sri Anjaneya Temple at Nanganallur on the 14th Nov 2010 with 339 Madhwas for parayana of HVS , It was attend by 476 persons.

The Second Programme was at Papparapatti on Sunday the 27th Feb 2011 witnessed a gathering of 1000 members for the parayana and more than 2500 persons for the Theerthaprasada. The highlight of the programme was the presence of H H Sri Sri Vidya Sagara Madhava Theertha Sri Padaugalavaru, the pontiff of Sri Madhwa Theertha Mutt and the Pravachana of Dr. Prabhanjanachar of Bangalore.

Extensive arrangement inside and outside the mutt premises were done by Asthika Samaja of Papparapatti. Huge pandal inside quadrangle and the entire stretch of the main road was covered with Pandal. Huge banners on either side welcoming the delegates who were to recite HVS were seen. The Samithi also had mad a several banners to let know the members its objectives.

Three buses, one Van & one car from Chennai city carrying about 250 persons , 2 vans and a car from Madurai carrying about 70 persons, 2 vans from Chidambaram, Cuddalore, 1 van each from Tirukovilur, Salem, Srirangam, Coimbatore, Erode were there at Papparapatty on Sat 26th evening. Apart from the above, several devotees from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Hosur, Krishnagiri, Vellore, Tirunelveli, Tirupur, Markaynkottai, Theni, Watrap, Dharapuram, Karur, Srirangam, Kanyakumari were present on Saturday itself.

The samithi announced in Dec 2010 and started registering members for the parayana, samithi volunteers visited almost all the places in TN starting from Hosur to Kanyakumari, included almost each Madhwas houses in those area.

The samithi was to have 10 counters i.e., eight counters for the persons who had registered for the parayana for exchange of tokens for the entry into parayana hall, Theerthaprasads hall and for the getting the spl. Prasada after surrendering the tokens.

Though the samithi announced that the counters would open at 6 AM for the exchange of letters to tokens the counters opened even as early as 5.15 a.m. Only the spot registration counter distributed more than 200 tokens. Because of few Madhwas not registering earlier, made the spot registration counter overflowing. If members registers in advance, it will help the samithi to prepare them for the spl prasada to be distributed on that day. We hope the cult will change in due course.

The programme commenced as early as 4.30 AM with suprabatha and grand pradakshina by several hundred of persons for the good conduct of the construction and kumbabishekha of Abheesta Varadaraja shine. At 7.30 AM sharp the Anugraha bashana of HH commenced followed by the speech of Kanchi Varadhachar and Sridhara Upadyaya. At 8.15AM, the Sankalpha commenced by Sri Raghu and HVS Parayana commenced . Two Avarthis of Parayana and one avarthi Purascharana was conducted. Simultaneously the HVS Homa was conducted by Sri Ramesh Achar . It was wonderful to hear in chorus, the chanting of HVS by 1000 persons.

After the parayana, Dr. Prabhanjanachar spoke about the importance & gloues of teaching HVS for Madhwas. He said for a Madhwa boy after Upanayanam, Sandhyavandana and HVS alone is sufficient. This does not mean that he should not know other aspects of Madhwa philosophy. If a person performs sandhyavandanam and chant HVS other things will automatically follow.

Overall it was a very grand event for each madhwa participated to cherish for his life, making other madhwas making vow to themselves that they should not miss such an event when it happens next. Few were already inquiring on “When is the next event?”. Such is the greatness of Sri Hari Vayu Stuthi.

The programme was followed by theertha prasada. First, the persons performed HVS parayana was fed in the quadrauple and on the main road, Other members were fed in the Kalayana Mantapa. In the first batch itself about 2000 persons were fed. In the second batch about 500 persons were fed and in the third batch the volunteers were served.

The samithi had opened 3 counters for distributing the spl Prasada. The Spl Prasada was consisting of 4 yds Dhoti, a Madi Pancha , Sri Madhacharaya photo, Sri anjaneya’s photo, Yanthrodaraha Hanmantha Yanthra Sloka, Raksha and two Laddus.

The samithi thank all the persons who participated in the Parayana, the volunteers of Asthika Samaja of Papparapatti, persons who organized to bring members from various places, the philanthropists who donated money to give the spl prasada by the samithi the residents of Papparapatti who were magnanimous in giving place in their respective houses, the volunteers of samithi and persons directly or indirectly helped the samithi to achieve its objectives and made the programme a grand success.

Our spl. prayers to HH who adjusted Himself to our schedule. Last but not the least, Mr. Sivaraman and his family members who were mainly responsible for making this programme at Papparapthi and the ever smiling face of Mr. Sivaraman made this programme a grand success.

The LHVSMPS samithi felicitated to mark the occasion and they are

1. Sri Kanchi Varadhachar
2. Sri Sivaraman
3. Sri Venkatesh (author of http://dvaitavedanta.wordpress.com/)

Our Special thanks to Mr. P.P. Venkatesh a member of the samithi who had covered the entire function through Video and Photograph and arranging to the media and TV and also helped the samithi to provide DVD to everyone who requires the DVD.

If any one else is left out the samithi bows its head to forgive them as they are treated equal to godliness as there is a saying that

“Man gets and forgets
God gives and forgives”.

To have a glimpse of what happened on Papparapatti, please click
Parayana Photos

Parayana Videos

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

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5 Responses to 2nd Mega HariVayuStuthi Parayana @ Papparapatti: 27 Feb 2011

  1. dvaitavedanta says:

    This event was really successful,with the blessings of HariVayu Gurugalu.
    @ Dear LHVSS team
    Thank you so much for your hard efforts taken for making the event a grand successful one…
    We are looking for similar event from LHVS,going forward

    hare Sreenivasaa

  2. sanjeevirao says:

    I was one among the 800+Proud and fortunate participants. The arrangements for the parayana was superb and beyond my expectatio0ns. I want to convey my sincere and heartful thanks to the volunteers,local people and the organisers .May Sri Hari Vayu Guru shower their choicest blessings on all of them.

  3. anandsp1 says:

    We are blessed to listen to Sri Prabhanjanachar’s pravachana on HVS after the parayana. Sri Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya is one of the leading Sanskrit scholars of India. He is an expert in the Dvaita school of philosophy. Sri Prabhanjanacharya has written numerous books on Madhva philosophy.

    He has given pravachana on almost everything from Bhagavad Gita to Yamaka Bharata. And he has made the audio files available for FREE Download in his site in larger interest. We are indeed very fortunate to have a great scholar like him gracing us with his pravachana and guiding us in the path of our Acharyaru.

    Here is the download link for Sri V Prabhanjanachar’s Upanyasa archives: http://vyasamadhwa.org/upanyasa/

  4. anandsp1 says:

    To listen to Sri Prabhanjanachar’s pravachana on the greatness of Hari Vayustuthi, please click the following link:


  5. Fantastic arrangement made by the organizers. Thanks a lot. Let us continue to chant more in future.

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