History (Re)Written – All roads led to Nanganallur

Hare Srinivasa!

It was a fabulous day for Madhwas waiting to unfold on 20th November 2011 morning @ Nanganallur, Chennai. Sun has not started shining still, but in Parimala Mantapa, opposite to Sri Raghavendra Swamigala Mutt (SRS Mutt), Nanganallur it was already crowded with devotees. Gopichandana Nama, people with katche are seen everywhere. Of course, not having patience to wait, to see the Hari Bhaktas, Sun soon came out.

Devotees thronged from several places including Bangalore, Nellore (AP), Coimbatore, Markayankottai, Chidambaram, Cuddalore and ofcourse from all parts of Chennai started assembling at the venue by 5:30AM itself. People started visiting the counters that was planned and installed by the Samithi volunteers the previous day, to exchange their registration letters with the tokens enabling them to enter into Sri Anjaneya temple for the HVS Parayana.

Thanks to all the devotees who have come on time as requested by Samithi, so that they could be seated in the allocated space by the temple authorities. Volunteers from Samithi were around the place to guide the devotees from SRS Mutt to Anjaneya temple close by.

Time is 7:30AM & as planned, Sri Raghu, started the Sankalpa at the temple. Parayana devotees were occupying the entire space allotted by the temple and still many more coming by. Volunteers worked with the authorities and made them seated. It was close to 1000 members, who have attended the parayana and with their families and friends, little over 1500 people participated in the event. Two avruthis of sacred Hari Vayu Stuthi was chanted in one voice. By 9:30AM, HVS purascharana (reciting Narasimha Nakastuthi, 1 to 41 sloka, 41 to 1 sloka, again 1 – 41 sloka followed again by Narasimha Nakastuthi) started. It ended by 11:00 AM.

After the felicitation to the temple & SRS Mutt authorities, teerthaprasada started. Teerthaprasada was arranged in Anjaneya temple for the parayana devotees. It happened in two batches of 500 each. For their families, accompanies & ladies, arrangement was made in Parimala Mantapa. Arrangement was made in SRS Mutt also for few of the devotees. Thanks to the entire volunteers for because of their tireless efforts, theerthaprasadham was provided for all 1500 devotees gathered for this mega event by 1 PM itself.

After having the teerthaprasada, devotees thronged again to the counters for collecting the special prasada (containing sacred saligrama, chakranike, anjaneya vigraha, samputa, madi vastra, mel thundu, asana davali, HVS CD, mantarakshade, kalkandu, rakshe, Rama Nama Handbook, Rayaru & Anjaneyara photo). An additional cover containing the MadhwaNama & Anumadwavijaya book released by the Samithi, with dakshine, beatel nuts & plantain were distributed. Book sponsored by Samskrit bharati on learning samskrit was also included in the prasda. The special prasadhams were given aiming the following objectives:
* To make every one follow their KarmaAnushtana
* To enrich the knowledge and the meaning of Sri Harivayustuthi
* To cultivate the habit of Sanskrit study & follow our traditions.

LHVSMP Samithi heartfully thank the authorities of Anjaneya swamy temple & Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Nanganallur for the wonderful support provided by them for this event.

Stay and food for outstation devotees have been arranged and people started assembling from the morning of 19 Nov. They also witnessed the prasada packaging done by the volunteers and few also participated in the activities. Meeting was conducted the pervious day and teams were formed for distributing tokens, making seating arrangements, serving teerthaprasada & to distribute the special prasada to the parayana devotees. A lead is identified for each area and instructions were given to them. Thanks to the volunteers who stuck to their allotted roles and executed their responsibilities smoothly. The arrangements got praise from some of the devotees, from Chennai & out stations as well.

Few of the members who came early to the parayana without registering earlier were given tokens to the parayana. Of course, with tough heart, Samithi has to deny the entries for very few people, mainly due to the constraint in allotted space in the temple. Announcements for the event were made 2 months ahead of time and with the registrations pouring from all quarters, Samithi had to CLOSE the registration few days ahead of the planned closure. We thank the devotees who have registered ahead & request others to do on or ahead of time in future.

With support from every quarter, it was just 2PM, when all the planned activities got completed and volunteers assembled to receive their prasda from the LHVS Mentor, Sri Raghu. Everyone including the devotees dispersed with a satisfied heart of participating in the event. We pray GOD and are sure that Hari Vayu Guru’s anugraha will be bestowed to everyone participated in this event and to others who have contributed to the event in one form or the other.

And finally, we thank all the SPONSORS & DONORS with whose support, we were able to distribute the planned prasadas to everyone.


Oh! What is it? Hear something from you. Yeah. We hear what you are asking. Where is next? When is next? Coming Soon….

It is not the end still.
To view the photos of the great event of the year, pls. CLICK HERE.
If you wish to look at behind the scene activities which enabled the event, pls. CLICK HERE.

If you want to look at comments from others or if you want to share your feedback about this mega event, CLICK HERE.
Similarly, if you wish to send mail to our Samithi, please forward to harivayustuthi@in.com

Click below to play and look at the video snapshots from the parayana.


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35 Responses to History (Re)Written – All roads led to Nanganallur

  1. Namaskara, I am nagendra from neyveli. Though i couldnt attend yesterdays HVSParayana held in nanganallur, I am very happy to congradulate Dr.Raghu,Mr. Raghothama rao and their team conducted this mega event a grand success. It is one more mile stone acheived by the team to bring the madhwa culture in each and every madhwa and in their home. After i started chanting HVSParayana from december2010, I could experience The grace of HARIVAYU GURUGALU on my sister in la who met with an accident (head injury)last year and recovered beyond the expectation.Once again I congadulate LVHVSParayana team briginging a great experince in my family.

  2. T G M Rao says:

    Dear Sir,
    By the grace of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu, you have made the Nov20th Event very Grand success. We from Nellore Vayustuti member thankful to LVHS Members for the good opportunity giving to us.
    T G M Rao
    Nellore (AP)

  3. M B V Murthy says:

    Respected Dr. Raghu

    Thank you for the excellent arrangement made for participants in particular for the out station people. The parayana went on very well. I thank you & your team of volunteers once again for the dedicated efforts put on.
    Thanking you,
    Your’s faithfully
    M B V Murthy

  4. JAYARAM P N says:

    Nov 20th Event very Grand success. The arrangements made were wonderful. At every place volunteers were there to guide. All of us had no confusion on any thing. Arrangement at Temple, TP and prasada distribution were very orderly.

    All the best for future mega events.

    Jayaram P N

  5. R. Gururajan says:

    I wish to congratulate one and all of the organising group of LHVS for the exvellent and orderly arrangement of this Great Parayana Event held at Nanganallur. There is absolutely no confusion at all for the participants on every aspect especially for those who have come from outstations for this occasion. The volunteers have exercised utmost care and discipline to guide the participants to make this mega event a Success. I saw the participants have not rushed to take part in parayana, theertha prasada and collection of prasada and so on because of the neat and perfect arrangement. Simply superb and Great. Wish there will be more and more participants in the future programmes and there may not be any wonder if the number crosses slowly more and more multiples of thousands. As one of the participants I enjoyed the way in which this mega event took place.

    Well done.

  6. praneshakrishnan says:

    many days remain as mere days and only some days reamin as memories and very few days remain in mind for ever as history, 20th november is one such date. MindBlowing is the right word, Gathering 1000+ people under one roof is not an easy task many could peroform, well executed and planned. Iam waiting for the day when 2000 madhwas assemble and chant VayuStuthi, that day is not too far, more than the event LHVS as an organization as gathered Tremendous Momentum across spheres, Pray lord that Momentum to continue and results in many good deeds. Strongly feel LHVS should be UID for madhwas.

  7. P.R.GOPINATH says:


  8. M.Sudhakar says:

    Dear Mr.Raghu,

    I am an LIC Agent from Triplicane, I Participated in the Nov 20th programme in Nanganallur along with my son. The programme was a grand success. The arrangements were excellent and the food served was also good.I enjoyed the way this mega event took place.Making Madhavas assemble in large numbers is a great task and I congratulate Raghu and his team for the excellent work done and more such events take place in the future.
    Best wishes to one and all.
    With Regards.


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words to explain the great way in which it was conducted. Right from reaching the registration letters, confirming about its receipt., transport arrangements for locals from Velacherry Railway Station ( 2 coaches of MRTS was fully occupied from Triplicane for whom it helped), the volunteers availability in every nook and corner, neat and audible chanting performed by everyone, the way the theerthaprasada was given, last and not the least the bounty of prasadams including a sacred saligrama, etc ………………. every aspect deserves its highest praise from everyone’s heart.

    Every Madwa would eagerly wait for your next announcement to receive the blessings of Harivayu Gurugalu.

  10. Dear Sir,

    By the Grace of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu, you have arranged Nov’20th Programme very well and congratulations on the success of the event. We all from Nellore vayustuti members thankful to your Samithi to give us this great opportunity .

    Thanking you sir

    With Kind Regards
    T Madhusudhana Rao

  11. Parthasarathi K says:

    The event was a grand success & well organized. Good show by the volunteers. I request the samithi to organize one mega mega event at Brindharanya Kshetra Thiru_allikkeni (Triplicane), we are ready to provide full support.

    With Warm Regards,
    Parthasarathi K

  12. Lakshman K says:

    Nice photographs and an impressive write up. The event was a mega success with meticulous planning at every stage. It is not an easy task to arrange feeding on such a mass scale and satisfy the participants to their heart’s content. All the Organizers and volunteers deserve praise for their selfless efforts.

  13. Santhanagopalan R says:

    Respectful Sirs:

    It was an extremely wonderful event well planned, organized and conducted – especially in view of
    the mammoth participation – at the Nanganallur Sri AnjanyeaSwamy Devasthanam, Sri Dakshina
    Mantralaya Brindavanam and Sri Parimala Kalyana Mantap.

    The most thoughtful of the Lakshavruti Sri Hari Vayu Parayan stuti Prasad contents is the CD
    containing the exposition of the Stuti by Sri Satyatmateertha Swamiji of the Uttaradi Math for
    meaningful recitation at home every day.

    Full credit goes to the Samiti Organizers.

    I would like to participate in as much very useful Parayana sittings as possible and contribute
    my services to the extent possible – like collections from the corporate Donors.

    As I had already shared my opinion with Dr. Raghu Achar and Sarvashri Ragothama Rao and
    Krishnan, “This is one of the most adorable community services undertaken in the interest of the devotees of the Supreme Lord Hari in this geographical space of our times, for ‘LOKAKSHEMA’.

    My Wishful Prayers to the ‘Supreme Lord Hari For His Bountiful Grace On All Of Us All The Time
    and Everywhere’.

    Respectfully Yours

    Santhanagopalan R
    Little Kanchipuram

  14. R Nagarajan says:

    I am Nagarajan from Cuddalore. Right from the day 1 of announcement of Vayu stuti parayana at Nanganallur, the response & efforts from the organisers were extra ordinary. The efforts taken for the smooth conduct till the end is highly appreciated. I am delighted to see more youths in the parayana clearly showing that LVHS is making good inroads into their minds about the superiority of our madhva community. I am quiet sure, by the time, we reach one lakh avrti, all Madhvas in this universe will come under one umberlla to propogate/follow the teachings of our Guru to the well being of our surroundings. The selection of prasadam was simply superb as it would kindle
    hopes in 1500+ madhva families to do devaru Pooja which is definitely an achievement in itself.
    Looking forward to meet all our community brothers & sisters in coming events. Kudos to one and all who have made this event a grand success.

  15. Venkatesh, Alwarthirunagar, Chennai says:

    Harihi Om

    Nimmellarigoo koti, koti vandanegalu.

    It was a very nice experience, I can understand the amount of hard work, commitment required to organize such a mega event. You did it almost perfectly.
    Thank you very much, for calling us and giving us an opportunity for hari vaayu smarane.

  16. G.V.Murali says:

    Hari Sarvothama!!!! Vayu Jeevothama!!!!!! With their Blessings it is a GREAT SHOW.

  17. Prabha Sudhir says:

    Great spiritual service!! God bless you all.

  18. Madhu says:

    Dear LVHS Team

    Excellent performance and neat arrangements. Wishing you every success in future mega events. We will support always.

    With Regards

    Madhu,Harish & Prasanth (Madipakkam)

  19. Jayakumar Krishnarao says:

    Kindly accept my heartiest congratulations to your team for being able to successfully organise LHVS Manthra Parayana.

    I am sure Mukhyapraana will continue to inspire and bless your team to carryout such parayana at many places in future also and usher a real revolution which is unseen even in Karnataka.
    Hanumana mathavE Hariya mathavu………..

  20. Dear Members,

    A very special thanks to the management of both Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Swami temple and Sri Raghavendra Swami Brindavanam Trust, Yathi Trayee Sannidhana for their excellent support in making this event a grand success.

    All the arrangements were hassle free.The most important point is that all the devotees who participated in the Parayana appreciated the fact that first batch of TP was ready by 11:30 AM.

    Wish that LHVS conduct such mega events in every nook and corner of our mother country.

    There is indeed a very great and hard background work for this great event-Right from registartion, acknowledgement, confirmation, preparing Prasada and Prasada bags etc…

    Lets us pary Sri Hari Vayu and gurugalu to shower their best to the Mentor Sri Raghu, the Organisers and the volunteers to continue this journey.
    Mama Swami Harir Nithyam Sarvasya Pathi Re vacha

  21. Madhu M Rao says:

    I Thank you for the mail regarding the LHVSMP at Nanganallur,Chennai.I went through the entire news and Pictures. There is only one word I will use tp explain this,”It is Great, out of this world”. It is very nice to see so Many Madhwa Families getting together and working as a team. We are Madhwas we live in Bangalore.If I come to Madras I will try to locate this temple and definitely visit this Holy place.
    Thank you.
    Madhu M Rao

  22. ramakanthsp says:

    Hare Srinivasa,
    In benefit of all, for whom doesnt know, the below page in this website has the links to sacred HariVayuStuthi texts (Samskrit/Tamil/Kannada/English)/ recitation/ pravachana/ paata/ video & addresses where books can be collected. Pls click HVS Links.


  24. Parthasarathi K says:

    Thanks for the useful prasadhams. In this current modern world, these prasadhams will remind the madhwas to follow our traditions & perform karmaAnushtana. Good to see that samithi is on the right path to make every one follow our traditions.

    In future, we are not expecting these many special prasadhams. Rather than, my request to the samithi is – spend more on the basic needs – there are a huge number of madhwas (across TN) who doesnt know how to apply gopichandana, how to do sandhyavandhana, devara pooja and other nithyaKarmaAnushtana. The samithi should print and distribute books on all nithyakarmaAnushtana (applying gopichandana, doing sandhavandhana, devara pooja padhathi, etc). More over, using wide network, please conduct mini gurukula camps (3 days) at various places so that it will be helpful for our community.

  25. N.Sridhar says:

    I am Sridhar from Cuddalore. I on behalf of the participants from Cuddalore thank the samiti for the excellent arrangements made. I may add that Samiti has made us to chant Harivayu Stuti on week ends and personally thank the samiti for the same. We expect more from the samiti towards bakthi marga/social cause and hope samiti will guide us.

  26. This event has demonstrated that we Madhvas could be brought under one roof and can contribute . Hearty congratulations to the organizers who had the GRACE of the LORD.

  27. venkat raghavendran says:

    Hats off to samithi and volunteers for conducting a such a mega event..and the arrangements made were really appreciable and no words to describe…. I req samithi to come up with much more such programmes to spread awareness and collaborate our madhwa community.. Hari sarvothama vayu jeevothama….

  28. R.Narasimhan says:

    Radhe krishna 27-11-2011

    Hari Sarvoththama ! Vayu Jeevoththama !!


    I have attended Sri Hari Vayusthuthi Parayanam at the Anjaneyar Koil Nanganallur and Thanks to the organisers for given me the oppurtunity to participate in the mega event of HariVayusthuthi parayanam on the occasion of laksha avriththi parayanam.

    Hats off for the organisers for conducting the event successfully with full effort with the programmes intime correctly.

    Joining more than 1000 bhakthas in one place for chanting and arranging every thing in time is a horrible job.

    Once again I want to do sashtanga namaskaragalu for the organisers for the great event.

    by started participating this weekly parayanam, nowdays I am doing this daily with Vishnu Sahasranamam and Sri HariVayusthuthi parayanam daily for the past three months, this is just for your information and I am doing this for the slogan ” Lokas sukino Bhavanth”.

    Triplicane , Chennai – 600005

  29. KRISHNAN R - Bangalore says:

    Hare Srinivasa……..
    hello friends,
    by the grace of shri hari vayu gurugalu’s the hari vayu stuti parayana went on well with remarkable, overwhelming support, good gathering, intensive paticipation of members,
    from all over madwa community. thanks to shri hari… thanks to Dr.Raghu,Sri.G.S.Ragothama Rao, krishnan, gopal rao, lakshman rao, police raghavendra rao, appuraj, and so many other friends who make success of this parayana. the arrangements were well arranged in an organised manner without any complaints. the gift is worth one. furthermore, an astonishing and very happy to note to see young faces in doing service. let it be continued….with blessings of shri hari vayu gurugalu’s ashirvathams.
    Krishan R

  30. Gopinath Rama Rao says:

    Dear Sir,
    Pranams. I wish to place on record my deep appreciation for the excellent arrangements you members made and kind hospitality shown to all of us. Rendering of the SHVS was very enjoyable and I am very proud to say that I was one of the participants. It was all possible by the kind grace of sri Hari and I am sure you will with His blessing succeed in your mission. I have no words to express myself for the stupendous services you have been rendering to the great Madhwa community.I sincerely pray God to bless you with good health and prosperity. My sincere appreciation to the volunteers for their tireless work and valuable support in making this mega event a great success.
    Gopinath Rama Rao

  31. JAGANNATHAN, V says:


    Thanks to all who gave me an opportunity to participate in this memorable event, to have the blessings of Sri Harivayu Gurugalu. It is a great job. May Hari Vayu Gurugalu’s best blessings be showered on everybody family, particularly, to all members family for prosperous future.

    Hare Srinivasa.

    Jagannathan, V

  32. ANIL KUMAR HM says:

    This type of conducting Mega Events is very much appreciable thing. All the arrangements have done very nicely. As such no words to comment. Its very good one especially Madhwa Brahmins. This is the opportunity to all of us to meet and do parayana under one roof. Organizers provided special prasadam along with theertha prasadam which was excellent. I my home saligrama was not present but now with the blessings of Hari through LHVSMPS I got saligrama, Anjeyara vigraha, sampushti, vastra, chakrankitha. Really its excellent. I pray god Hari to bless the Organizers and founder of the LHVSMPS with good health , wealth and satisfaction in the life. thank you all



  34. V.Srinivasamurthy, Mylapore says:

    Dear LHVS team, Really a great task you undertook and performed well. Although I was fully interested to participate I could not do so due to certain unavoidable personal commitments. After seeing the photo and video, really I feel very sorry for not able to participate. Atleast Sri Hari should enduce me to compulsorily participate in the next such a mega programme. Among all the public irrespective of the caste, atleast all Madhwa people should know the greatness of our Vayudevaru and earn His blessings.



  35. S.VENUGOPAL says:

    Dear Sri Raghu and the entire team,

    Congrats for the efficient and successful management of the above event.The disciplene maintained and organised way of timely conducting the above parayana, reminds me of Chinmaya Yagnas.There were lot of improvements from the Paparapatty event.All the special prasadas given to the participents were of good quality.This is the first Madwa event where we had our Theertha prasad before 12 noon. I have visited the web after the up loading of this event which is also v.good.
    The CD given along with the Special Prasada is a very thoughtful addition and very worthy one.
    Many more such mega events will be of grand success because we have a very dedicated, sincere,selfless and very committed team of people lead by Dr .Raghu.
    We in Bangalore wish to follow the same house parayanas from Jan’ 2012. Those residents of Bangalore who are interested in this may pl. contact the Samithi.

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