Madurai Mega Event – HariVayuStuthi Parayana – 26 Feb

Hare Srinivasa!

The Mega program on Sunday, the 26th Feb was very well organized jointly by LHVSMP Samithi & Madhwa Jana Seva Samithi, Madurai headed by Auditor Padmanabhan. Well over 350 hari bhaktas attended the mega parayana. About 200 bhakthas from Madurai & about 150 devotees around Madurai (Markeyankottai, Theni, Watrap, Tirunelveli, Salem, Karur, Genguvarpatti, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Chidambaram, Bangalore & Hyderabad) had attended the sacred event.

Accommodation arrangements for the out-station devotees was done adjacent to the Mutt, where about 150 persons stayed overnight. The Gayathri Kalyana Mahal which is opposite to the Mutt was booked for 2 days (25 & 26 Feb), for arranging the prasada packs, stay for 50 persons including ladies.

A band of volunteers from Chennai in one bus with about 45 persons left Chennai on 25th morning 6 AM and reached Madurai @ 5 PM. Madurai & Tirunelveli Bhajana Mandali were singing Dasara Padas in the Gayathri Mahal.

As early as 5:30AM, people queued up for receiving their entry tokens to the venue. The program commenced exactly @ 7:40AM, having about 350 persons gathered by that time. The group chanting was well synchronized. One Avrithi HVS & One Avrithi Purascharana was performed and the chanting concluded @ 11:30AM. Soon after, @ 11:45AM, theerthaprasada was served. All the participants were given Vastra, Dhavali, Sudarsana Saligrama, Anjaneya vigraha, Janivara, Gopichandana, sundarakanda Book, CD on Harivayusthuthi meaning by HH Uttaradhi Mutt swamiji, Dakshina & betalnut. Teerthaprasada for everyone was completed around 1:30PM.

Thanks to Mr. Raghu, proprietor of Vasan Tiffin Center, Madurai for donating the entire groceries, plantain leaves & vegetables for the entire 700 persons who attended the function. We thanks Sri Sundarrajan & Sri Narayana Rao, authorities of the SRS Mandir for extending their eventful support in conducting the mega parayana event.

The Samithi’s main intention of bringing Madurai belt people under one roof was partly fulfilled. Conducting a mega parayana program with 3333 persons in Madurai is the ambition of both the Samithi & its mentor Sri Raghu in the coming years to come.
LHVSMP Samithi sincerely thank all the participants of the event, volunteers and others who have taken part or helped this mega event to be organized.

Click HERE to view the photos of the mega event.

Click HERE to view the photos of the preparatory event when, a homa was conducted and along with thousands of Japa, the prasadam are sanctified by LHVS Core Members.

Hare Srinivasa!

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3 Responses to Madurai Mega Event – HariVayuStuthi Parayana – 26 Feb

  1. K Parthsarathy says:

    Madurai got the blessings of Shri Hari vayu.
    I convey my profound thanks for providing opportunity to participate in this mega event at Madurai and hoping for super mega event at Madurai at the earliest. Your co-operation and co-ordination is very much appreciated. – K Parthasarathy and Gururajan

  2. kannan says:


  3. Prasad Venkataraman says:

    Amazing. Let the noble tradition continues………

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