Mahaa HVS parayana on 9 Sep 2012 – Poornaprajna vidyapeetha, Bangalore

Hare Srinivasa!

6AM on sunday 9th Sep, bhanuwara, navami thithi, athika badrapadha masa,  a beeline of sajjanas marched towards poornaprajna vidyapeetha to participate in  the sacred HariVayuStuthi mantra purascharana parayana organised by bangalore branch of Lakshavrtti HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samiti trust, (LHVSMPS Trust), Chennai.

LHVSMPS Trust, Bangalore Branch

The venue which was in festive mood because of sri Krishna janmashtami celeberations based on souramana panchanga (solar calender), got further sanctified by the august presence of vidwans, pandits as well as sajjanas from “all walks of lives” from bangalore, mysore, tumkur, hubli, bellari, badravati etc. in karnataka and hosur, dharmapuri, krishnagiri, salem and chennai in tamilnadu.

The term all walks of lives” is not an exaggeration but in its true sense as there were sajjanas from academic field like retired vice chancellers, principals, technocrats, software professionals from reputed multinational companies, doctors, office bearers of brahmmana sanghas, madhwa sanghas, regular sumadwa vijaya parayana groups and the like and the age group of participants varied from 9 years to 80 years.

Any thing in surplus also causes problems, and we too had hard time in choosing the most apt personals to release and receive a souvenir  named “harivayu prerana which was published in commemoration on this occasion. With great pleasure we requested vidwan and pandit sri Haridass Bhatt, principal of vidya peetha veda patashala to release the first copy to justice R. Gururajan (retired from karnataka high court, bangalore).

Since there were a good number of ladies accompanying the  participants, a devara nama karyakrama  by vidushi srimathi chandrika umesh, A.I.R. vocalist  was organised in the sannidhana of sri krishna, srimad acharya and sri rayaru. The details are given in the program. srimathi chandrika umash enthralled the spell bound audience by her melodious performance aided by  accompanists, vidwan sri b. Raghuraman on violin and vidwan sri m. Gururaj on mirudhangam.

Coming to the main  event, the registration process commenced ahead of schedule by 6.15 AM since the sajjanas were swelling in numbers every five minutes. By 7.15 AM, specially compiled sloka book in kannada / tamil  distributed to the participants at a nominal cost of Rs. 10 only.

The visual media crew of sri shankara t.v. were promptly ready with their equipment to cover the event for a telecast in their news channel “bahkti sinchana” and later on in an exclusive slot.

At 7.20 AM  Dr. M. Raghu, rig vedhic scholar, our mentor and sri G S Raghothama rao, convenor were escorted into the hall by sri S. Venugopal, coordinator of bangalore branch and all core committee members amidst thundering applause from the audience. The program commenced with the lighting of the lamps by ladies of the samithi followed by a swaghatham from sri Ravichandran, bangalore branch in which a brief introduction about our samithi and Dr M. Rraghu, was given.

At 7.30 a.m Sri Raghu promptly initiated the parayana proceedings with a brief emphasis on our samithi’s motto of “mane mane parayana – dina dina”.  By the time the first avarthi commenced  at 8AM, 742 sajjanas joined and in total 806 persons did the purascharana at the commencement of which the entry to the hall was closed.

HVS Parayana Bangalore

The involvement and intensity of the participants in the parayana was total and no one moved from their places inclusive of  some thirty youngsters. The senior citizens seated in the chairs were no exception to this.  The vibration  and hymn in the hall were thrilling.

At 10.20 AM sri Haridass Bhatt and  justice R. Gururajan were escorted to the dias by sri Muralinath and sri  Venugopal. The souvenir was realeased by vidwan sri Haridass Bhatt to justice r.gururaja rao who in turn distributed to Sri Raghu,  Dr. R. Vijendra rao , sri Gopalkrishnan, secretary of sri raghavendra swamyji mutt at R.T. Nagar and fourth copy was retained by justice R. Gururaja rao. Simultaniously copies were distributed to all participants.

The release of the souvenir was followed by brief addresses by sri Haridass Bhatt and justice R. Gururajan. While HariDass Bhatt expressed his appreciation of the samithi’s efforts as well as the days event which was conducted in very professional way, justice R. Gururajan requested Sri Raghu to take up the parayana of “dwadasha stotra”.

This was followed by honouring the samithi members from bangalore by inviting each one of them area wise to the dias, so that participants can contact them in their respective areas to conduct parayanas in individual houses. Sri Venugopal Rao, highlighted the efforts of Sri Raghu who has brought the sacred HariVayuStuthi parayana to thousands of door steps in the process of attaining Lakshavartti.

HVS Parayana Bangalore

As a token of respect and love , core committee of bangalore branch of the samithi lead by Sri Vijendra rao, Ramesh and Srinivas handed over a small kanikkai of fruits.

While thanking the participants for their presence in such big number, samithi acknowledged the services of vidwan sri Kesav achar, trustee and secretary of poornaprajna vidyapeetha pratishthana, for his total  involvement in this event and for all his assistance as well as all his staff. Samithi also thanked m/s praghathi prints who did a commendable job in bringing out the souvenir, m/s Sankara TV channel, the music artists, and all the samithi sevaks from chennai (nearly 60) .

At the end, samithi expressed its sincere vandanadigalu to Sri Sri Vishwaprasanna theertha swamiji of Sri Sri Pejavara mutt, for his blessings . Sri Swamiji  extended all the facilities of vidya peetha, to perform this mahaa parayana .

Samithi expressed its heart-felt respects and vandanadigalu to Sri Sri Vishwesha theertha  swamiji of Sri Sri Pejawara mutt for his blessings and support in conducting this event

Samithi also expressed its vandanadigalu to Sri Sri Satyatma theertharu for his blessing message in the souvenir and all the swamijis of various mutts who have blessed us.

To View the photos from the event click HERE (Further click slideshow if required).

If you want to look at comments from others or if you want to share your comments/ feedback about this mega event, click HERE.

Similarly, if you wish to send mail to our Samithi, please forward to

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12 Responses to Mahaa HVS parayana on 9 Sep 2012 – Poornaprajna vidyapeetha, Bangalore

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Thanks for uploading the video and photos of the MEGA HARIVAYU STUTHI PARAYANA held at Bangalore on 9.9.2012. WISHING THE TRIVANDRUM PARAYANAM A GRAND SUCCESS.

  2. G.Raghothaman says:

    Indeed a great task to gather people with the sole idea of chanting Sriharivayustuti amongst madhwas. Wishes for the Trivandrum mega event.

  3. Madhu M Rao says:

    A world class effort by our Madhwas.Photographs of parayana held recently at Bangalore shows the strength of our community..Great Show.
    Madhu M Rao

  4. rajaraman says:

    This is the sample of Madhwas irrespective of Individual Mutts. Let all Madhwas join hands to strengthen the Madhwa Principles. Dr Raghu and his team’s effort is the way shown. Sorry It is not a Great Show. It is really a Great Gathering of Madwas. Thanks once again for the participants, organisers and sajjans

  5. S. V. Ramana Rao says:

    Glad to see and view the above.
    S. V. Ramana Rao

  6. JAYARAM. P. N says:

    The Parayana went off nicely. All arrangements were fine. Appreciate Dr. Raghu and his team for conducting this event at Bangalore. Looking forward to join other events.

  7. Achuthan PR says:

    Hare Srinivasa …… I participated this event held at bangalore. Great Efforts from Dr.Raghu & Team in organising all madhwas under one roof for a noble cause. Hari Vayu Stuthi is very powerful & chanting it every day one can be assured of getting all his wishes fullfilled. Let us demonstrate the power of madhawa’s community to the rest of world, spread our guru madwacharya’s spritual message to the rest of the world….. Achuthan PR

  8. Krishnan says:

    I am one of the proud participant in the bangalore mega event. The event was very well organized.

    My only suggestion is regarding publishing the souvenir – the samithi is projecting as “No Basha Bedha” and doing a great job in our community – but on the souvenir which was released in bangalore, 50% of the articles are in Kannada ONLY. Having spread its wings across Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, Nellore & Mumbai, the samithi must have taken steps to print all contents in English (common to every one) to reach the information to all. Similarly, Gurugalu’s Anugraha Sandesha should have been printed in kannada as well as translated version in English should also have been published so that the message will reach all.

    Hope the Samithi will take this in a good spirit for future.


    • ramakanthsp says:

      Thanks for your participation in the event. Thanks for your suggestions as well and it has been forwarded to Samithi Trustees.

      • S.VENUGOPAL says:

        Thanks every one for their observations/appreciations.
        As co-ordinator of the Samithi for its Bangalore activities and as Editor of the Souvenir, I wish to invite attention of Sri Krishnan for the following.
        Though Samithi conducted some parayanas in the houses in Bangalore in the year 2010, there was no continuity in activities.We resumed the house parayanas on 28th Jan’ 2012 and after completion of 16 house parayanas up to end of April 2012, we ventured the thought of conducting a Mega Parayana in September 2012, with the support of Chennai team .
        By end of June, the date and venue were finalised . We had only two months of July and August to mobilise resources as well as participants.The idea of souvenir publication was decided in its favour, by first of August only due to financial reasons.The articles and the messages were all received during 3rd week and end of August respectively.The souvenir has to go for print by first September to enable its release on 9th sep’.Hence there was no time for translations. If any thing is done in a hurry, there will be comments about improper and irresponsible efforts in translating Kannada versions in English.Each page of printing, costs about Rs 1000/.and further the very idea of Mega Parayana at Bangalore with a souvenir publication is to promote activities of Samithi in Karnataka.

        There is no linkage between the ” No Basha Bedha ” policy and the kannada articles in the souvenir. It is purely for want of time, technical and financial reasons , the English translations were not carried out.

        Hope the above reasons will convince Sri Krishnan and many others who might have thought in the same lines as Sri Krishnan.


        S.VENUGOPAL ,Editor

  9. Canch Rav says:

    May such mega event take place in Hyderabad also

    Trustee,SRS Mutt,
    Alakapur, Hyderabad

    • S.VENUGOPAL says:

      Yes. Samithi also wants the same.However, the initiatives have to be taken by sajjanas from Hydrabad and they should dream for it.If they do so one day it will become a reality.

      Pl. contact Nellore sajjanas and Dr. Raghu with your proposals to make your dream into a reality.



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