Thiruvaheendrapuram (Cuddalore) Parayana – 30 Dec 2012

Hare Srinivasa!

jñānānanda maya deva nirmala sphaikākti
ādhāra sarvavidyāna hayagrīva upāsmahe

Lakshavruthi HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samithi (LHVSMPS) is happy to announce a Maha Parayana with 342 sajjanas  slated for Sunday 30th December 2012 at Thiruvaheendrapuram (Hayagreeva Kshetra), Cuddalore.

This kshetra is one among the two Nadunattu Thirupathigal.  Being constructed by Aheendran (Adishesha), kshetra being called Aheendrapuram.  Sri Devanatha Swamy is flanked by the inspiring Oushadagiri (Sanjeevi malai), a herbal drop on lap of time from the speeding hands of Sri Anjaneya to the battlefield of Lanka and the serpentine holy river Garudanadhi. Sannathi of Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar, enriching god of wisdom and knowledge is located in Oushadagiri.

LHVSMPS Maha Parayana is being conducted in this kshetra for the devotees residing in and around South Arcot, Tindivnam, Villupuram, Pondicherry, Tirukovilur, Neyveli, Hanumanthapuram, Chidambaram, Mayavaram And Cuddalore.  Devotees from these locations may please register for the Mahaa event by calling any one of the representative numbers given below. The Registration will be closed on 15th Dec 2012 or Registration of 342 persons which ever is earlier. 

Name Contact No.
Bheema Rao 9443236104
Venkoban 9442895869
Raghavendran 9443431014
Venkatesh 9965043961
Sathyanarayanan 9486966877
Nagarajan 9884960383
Babu N.Sridhar 9842384253

LHVSMPS has also arranged to give Special Prasadam to the registered participants which comprise of Balakrishna Vigraha, Vishnupadha, chakranika, Ganta and Shanku.

Date      : 30 December 2012 (Sunday)

Time     : 07:30 AM

Venue   : Sri Periyanayagi Kalyanamandapam, Thiruvaheendrapuram, Cuddalore

 Hare Srinivasa!

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7 Responses to Thiruvaheendrapuram (Cuddalore) Parayana – 30 Dec 2012

  1. cuddalore krishna says:

    Lets come to cuddalore and enjoy with divine

  2. Babu N.Sridhar says:

    Registration letters for those who had registered for parayana had been despatched. As few more sevarthis can be enrolled for the parayana, it is requested that willing sevarthis may contact any one of representative cited in the website please.

    • Raghavendran K V says:

      Thank you so much for the letter. As per your communication sevarthis has to be there by 6.30 am on 30.12.2012. For sevarthis coming from chennai like me, is there any accommodation available at the venue on 29.12.2012. please update if any.

  3. Babu N.Sridhar says:

    Outstation sevarthis may stay at Periyanayagi Thirumanamandapam,Thiruvaheendrapuram itself. They can contact any one of the representative cited in the website for any further details/information.

  4. Babu N.Sridhar says:

    Hare Srinivasa!
    We thank all sevarthis for making this Maha Parayana a great success.

  5. N.Raghavendran says:

    Thank u very much for all the participants for making this event a great success. (.) wish all the sevarthis and their family member a happy new year 2013(.)
    N.Raghavendran, cuddalore

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