Madhwa Maha Sammelan – 23 & 24 Feb 2013

Hare Srinivasa!

LHVSMP Samithi & Madhwa Seva Sangha, Madipakkam happy to announce Madhwa Maha Sammelan at Madipakkam during February 23 & 24th (Saturday & Sunday). This Maha Sammelan will be held focusing – Vivaha Prapthi for those who are seeking marriage, Vidhya Prapthi for scoring good marks in exams, Arogya Prapthi, Santhana Prapthi as well as for Lokakshema.

This event constitues SWAYAMVARAPARVATHI, BAGHYASUKTHA homas for the benefit of unmarried girls/boys along with MadhwaNama, Lakshmi Shobana and HariVayuSthuthi parayana on 23rd and 24th Feb 2013 at Madipakkam, chennai.

It is proposed to conduct Sri Harivayustuthi Parayana & Madhwa Naama Parayana by 342 persons (younger generation – School, Collge studying children as well as with Unmarried Female & Male). Similarly, Samithi also will be conduct Sri Lakshmi Sobhane by 342 Suhasinis. We hereby also invite all Mahila Mandalis across TN to participate in these events. Registration is planned for 342 boys and 342 girls unmarried, 342 members for HVS parayana, 342 mahilaa devotees for MadhwaNama and Lakshmi Sobana parayana.  

In this connection, Samithi would be conducting the Homas & Japas on 23rd February 2013. Those who desirous of making sankalpa during Homa are requested to pay Rs.300/-. The amount collected is purely for Homa materials and Rithvik Sambavana.  The amount can be sent through cheque/ draft in the name of Sri Madhwa Seva Sangha. Three persons (parents with 1 girl or boy) will be enlisted for the homas.



Date & Time: 23rd February 2013 (Saturday) – 5 AM onwards


Homa Homa Samkya Japa Samkya By Number of Persons
Swayamwara Parvathi 3336 33336 25
Bhagya Sooktha 336 3336 10
Hayagreeva Moola 336 3336 10
Medha Saraswathi 336 3336 10
Navagraha 336 3336 10
Danvanthri 336 3336 10
Harivayustuthi 336 3336 10
Santhana Gopalakrishna 3336 33336 25
Purusha Sooktha 336 3336 10

Lakshmi Sobhane by 342 Suvasinis23rd February 2013 (Saturday) – 5 PM onwards

Sri Harivayustuthi Parayana by 342 persons(Male-Unmarried (Vara) and School College Boys): 24th February 2013 (Sunday) – 7 AM to 9.30 AM

Madhwa Naama Parayana by 342 persons: (Female- Unmarried (Vadhus) & School College Girls): 24th February 2013 (Sunday) – 9.30 AM to 11.00 AM

Venue for Lakshmi Sobhane, Harivayustuthi & Madhwa Naama Parayana:

Interested persons may give their names and register with the following members only by sending the regn. forms which will be available with the local volunteers of the samiti. Separate registration for Homa & parayana should be made. Devotees residing in TN can take part in the homa & parayana.

Smt. Shanthi Subbarao 9884091061
Smt. Uma Upendran 9962313137
Smt. Indira Padmanabhan 044-22475341
Sri. G S Ragothaman 9677228710

Registration should reach the above named persons on or before 1 Feb 2013 to enable the samiti to send a letter along with the regn nos. Registered devotees will have to make their own arrangements to reach chennai and make their own arrangement for stay. Devotees are requested to utilize this opportunity, participate and get benefited from the homa & parayana.

Note: It was earlier decided to register devotees only from TamilNadu. But due to the persistant calls from members, Samithi has decided to register persons for the above homas from states other than TamilNadu also. Madhwas residing in Karnataka, Kerala & Andhra Pradesh can also register their unmarried children. The registration can be done with the persons mentioned above. Only advance registration will be entertained. NO SPOT registration is allowed.

To register the VARA/ VADU details online, please click HERE.

Hare Srinivasa!

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One Response to Madhwa Maha Sammelan – 23 & 24 Feb 2013

  1. G.RAJAPPA says:

    I am very happy that this HARIVAYUSTUTHI PARAYANA TRUST and its members are taking sincere efferts to spread our community procedures and slogas, parayana and other divine allied matters to our people. This may bring a very good guidlines to the younger generation as well as to the senior people like me. This is a very good diversion for our community people from the present hectic and tension life. I wish the entire team of this parayana samithi trust to get success in all their efforts.

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