MadhwaNaama Parayana @ Madipakkam – 16 Dec

Hare Srinivasa!

The pre-mahaa event on 100+ Mahilas reciting Sri MadhwaNaama, was held in a grand manner on 16 Dec @ SathSangam, Madipakkam. People started arriving from 8AM and by 9:30, all the expected mahilas from in and around chennai and from other parts of Tamilnadu were present.

Event started with Samithi’s mentor Dr. Sri Raghu’s dynamic & energetic speech about the importance of chanting across madhwa residences, today’s samskara & how we can contribute for our next generation’s better future. Sri Raghu highlighted the importance of the motto of the samithi – ‘Mane Mane Parayana’. He insisted that each madhwa home should be filled with ‘Mantra Shabdha’ by doing parayana regularly.

Sri Raghu also explained the details of the Madhwa Mahaa Sammelan planned on Feb 23/24 2013 (click HERE for details). Sri HariVayuStuthi, Lakshmi Shobane & MadwaNaama parayana along with SWAYAMVARAPARVATHI, BAGHYASUKTHA Homas were planned for the event.

Mahila Samithi Members 3

After the above said updates, Samithi’s mahila wing started with reciting PanchaBedha Taratamya sloka. Madhwashtaka, Guruprarthana & Sankalpa was performed by Dr.Raghu. After the sankalpa, 2 avruthis of Madhwastakam was recited by 100+ mahila devotees. It was a mind pleasing to see and hear all the mahilas singing MadwaNaama in chorus. After the parayna, Sri PS Krishnamurthy Rao – Triplicane, Sri LakshmiPathy Raju-Medavakkam & Sri Krishnachar – Triplicane re-iterated the importance of the mane mane parayana and on the samithi’s activities. Teerthaprasadam was served to everyone.


Pls click below to see few video clipings of mahilaas chanting together.

If you want to look at comments from others or if you want to share your comments/ feedback about this mahilaa event, click HERE.

Similarly, if you wish to send mail to our Samithi, please forward to

Hare Srinivasa!

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One Response to MadhwaNaama Parayana @ Madipakkam – 16 Dec

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Thank you for postings the photos and videos of MAHWA NAMA MAHILA PROGRAMME held on 16.12.2012. VERY NICE. U V JAGANNATHAN

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