Thiruvaheendrapuram Mahaa Parayana – 30 Dec 2012

Hare Srinivasa!

It was a foggy morning with dense fog even at 7AM @ Thiruvaheendrapuram, Cuddalore on 30th Dec 2012. This did not have any effect/impact on the devotees who have assembled @ PeriyaNayagi Kalyana Mantap nor on the persons arriving for the sacred HariVayuStuthi parayana. As early as 4:30AM in the morning, devotees started getting themselves ready for the Parayana.

Sri SathyaNarayanan from Cuddalore performed the saligrama pooja @ the Mantap and prepared the Teertha. One counter is setup for registration by the Cuddalore samithi members. People from nearby locations started arriving from 6AM and they were directed by volunteers to the Mantap for getting the parayana tokens where a surprise was waiting for them. Parayana was planned to be conducted @ the Kalyana Mantap earlier. Only on the previous day, permission was obtained for the parayana to be conducted @ temple itself in front of Lord Sri Hayagriva, of-course within the stipulated time between 7:30-10:00AM. Everyone was directed to the temple where samithi volunteers seated them.

Around 7:50AM, Sri Madhukar started by giving a glimpse of the source of HariVayuStuthi. Yantrodharaka hanumath stotram, madhwastakam was recited and then followed by Sankalpa by Sri LakshmipathiRaja & Cuddalore Guru. Although HVS Purascharane was planned to be conducted, some of the devotees from Thirukovilur and Triplicane were on their way. Hence instead of purascharne, 3 avrtiis HVS parayana was done in loud voice and in chorus, with them joining the second avrtii. Entire chanting was done in front of Lord Sri Hayagriva. After the parayana, entire group went into queue and had dharshan. Everyone was asked and they assembled at the Kalyana Mantap.

Cuddalore HVS Parayana

Since 30th Dec, also happened to be of pushyarka yoga, 1 avarthi of Sri Raghavendra stotra was recited. Sri Sriram of Triplicane highlighted the importance/ history of Thiruvaheendram/ Oushadagiri location & then LakshmipathiRaja re-iterated the ‘Madhwa Maha Sammelan’ program to be conducted on Feb 23/24 by the Samithi @ Madipakkam. Mahaa Mangalarathi was performed further.

Teerthaprasada was served to everyone with Samithi volunteers once again making a planned & orderly arrangements. While the first pankthi was on the way, mahilaa wing of the samithi chanted Sri MadhwaNaama. Special prasada containing Saligrama, Chakranike, Vishnu Paada, Sanku & Ganta were given to everyone.

With the good and un-tiring efforts from the Cuddalore wing of the Samithi, the event was planned/organized and held in a grand manner with about ~200 persons participating for HVS parayana and about another 100 persons participating in the event.

LHVSMP Samithi thanks everyone who attended the parayana and in making the event a grand success.

CLICK HERE to view the photos of the event.

CLICK HERE to view few photos taken during the prasada sanctification/ preparation homa/event.

CLICK the below videos to see the glimpse of the event

If you want to look at comments from others or if you want to share your comments/ feedback about this mahaa event, click HERE.

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Hare Srinivasa!

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One Response to Thiruvaheendrapuram Mahaa Parayana – 30 Dec 2012

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    It is a great pleasure to see that LHVSMPS is conducting monthly MEGA PARAYANAMS at various places in and around Tamil Nadu successfully, thereby bringing and uniting ALL MADHWAS for a noble cause is appreciable. MAY HARI VAYU Bless the organisers and let us all encourage them for conducting many more such events, in future. Looking for eagerly for the ANNUAL DAY CELEBRATIONS OF THE TRUST IN MAY 2013, with another MEGA EVENT.

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