Feb 17 – HVS Parayana @ Palimaru Mutt, Malleswaram


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7 Responses to Feb 17 – HVS Parayana @ Palimaru Mutt, Malleswaram

  1. Jayaram P N says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please register me for 17th Feb 2013 for HVS parayana at Palimaru Mutt, Bangalore.
    Pl confirm.

  2. Yelahanka Ragavendiran says:

    Welcome. Pl. send your address,phone No, Email id through my email id

  3. K.Sethumadhavan says:

    Pl register our name for HVS on 17th/Feb as given below:
    K.Sethumadhavan & K.Kumar
    127 Ramakrishnnagar 1st Cr,
    Nandhini L/O 4th Bk,Bangalore

  4. Jayaram P N says:

    Dear Sir,

    The arrangement was fine. TP was good. Sri Madhukar conducted the parayana skillfully. It was a nice flow from starting to end.

    Next time when the parayana starts one more announcement should be made. Please inform all ladies, who come there should just listen to the parayana. Ladies need not do the parayana. I observed this at Malleshwaram. We were told that even Sri Vishnu Sahasnama should not be told by ladies. Sri Harivayu Stuti is more powerful. Hence this request.

    • Thank you Sri Jayaram for your observation made. In fact we were also surprised to see ladies chanting. We have not invited any lady to participate in the event. Also, we have not taken hastodaka seva for the day from any one else since the whole event was meant only for the male members (Participants) for chanting Sri Hari Vayustuti. We appreciate very much your comments made.

      Prakash S. KULKARNI
      Professor, IISc,Bangalore

  5. Lavanya Adivi says:

    Dear sir,
    Instead of Sri Hari Vayu Stuti, ladies can chant Madhwa Nama.

  6. poornima sp says:

    it was very wounderful

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