Perambur MadhwaNaama Parayana – 9 Feb 2013

Hare Srinivasa!

For the benefit of devotees around Villivakkam & Ambattur, a MadhwaNaama parayana session was arranged @ Madhawa Theertha Mutt on 9th Feb afternoon. People started gathering from 2PM at Perambur Madhawa Theertha Mutt, Perambur. Mahilaas from Perambur, Villivakkam, Ambattur, Ayanavaram and Madippakkam among other areas participated in the event.

Program commenced by 3PM, Dr.Raghu insisted the importance of Dharama acharane, Sath sanga and Mane mane parayana. Parayana started with Madhwashtaka, Guru Prarthana and Sankalpa by Dr.Raghu at 3:30PM. After the sankalpa, Tharathamya krithi was recited by Mahilaas. Further, MadhwaNaama parayana started and all performed 3 avarathis. Aabout ~100 devotees including 85+ Mahilas participated in the event.

After the parayana, LakshmiPathiRaja highlighted the significance of Sthrigalu and Madhwanama Mahime. Finally, Sriram highlighted the mahaa event “Madhwa Maha Sammelan” that was planned to be conducted @ madipakkam on 23/24 Feb.

Thanks to Villivakkam & Perambur MadhwaNaama Mahila Samithi, Thrivikraman Sridhar, Guru Prasath and Baba Nagar Sridhar from Villivakkam for arranging this mega program. Parasadha and Palahara were given to all the sajjanas after the event.

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LHVSMP Samithi provides its special thanks to Madhawa Theertha Mutt Trust for providing the place for conducting this event.

Everyone participated in the event got a taste of the group parayana/ group chanting and was elated for the forthcoming event on Feb 23/24 @ Madipakkam.

Given below are the few video clips of the event.

Madhwanama Parayana By Sajjanarau

Significance and responsibilities of Sthrigalu

Madhwanama Mahime

Hare Srinivasa!

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One Response to Perambur MadhwaNaama Parayana – 9 Feb 2013

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    The gentleman has given a beautiful speech about the SIGNIFICANCE AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF STHRIGALU. I liked very much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, very much. U V JAGANNATHAN

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