Madhwa Maha Sammelan – A Grand Congregation of Madhwas

Hare Srinivasa!

Maha Sammelan – Madhwa Maha Sammelan – YES. TRUE. Several 100s of madhwa families and 1000+ madhwas congregated on 23 & 24 February @ Madipakkam and made the event TRUE to its name – Madhwa Maha Sammelan. It was a tightly packed schedule for 2 full days and every event was attended by a huge crowd of devotees. Below is a long story but We are sure you are going to enjoy reading as well as on having a view of photos and videos of the event.

23 Feb Morning – Homa @ Poorna Pushkala Hall

The main feature of the event was to perform Swayamvara Parvathi & BagyaSuktha Homa for vivaaha prapthi for 350 unmarried girls & 350 unmarried boys; Dhanvanthri Homa for Arogya prapthi, Hayagriva & medha Saraswathi homa for Vidhya Prapthi; Santhane Gopalakrishna for Santhana prapthi; Navagrha, HariVayuStuthi for Udyoga prapthi. Though the response were poor initially, momentum gathered during the last three days before the Homa date with registrations pouring in.


On the Homa day, 23 Feb @ Poorna Pushkala Hall, event started in early morning. A set of samithi volunteers were arranged to do the sankalpa for the registered devotees for various homas. By 6:30AM, about ~100 samithi members assembled to get mantra upadesha from Dr Sri Raghu. Achar recited mantra and all the devotees assembled for Japa, changed to new Janivara. Further, various moola manthras including Dhavanthari, Santhana Gopala Krishna, Hayagreeva, Dhakshinamoorthy, Swayamvara Parvathi, Navagraha and Navagraha gayathri were taught to the devotees. After the GURU Upadesha, they were split into several groups and were asked to perform Japa for one of the mantras. Around 8:30AM, Japa was started and it went on till 11:00 AM. Six Homa kundas were laid for perfroming the Homas. Suresh achar, Rig Vedi and Vedha pandit group started Punyahavachana and Kalasa avahana for various homa with prarthana. While Japa was being meditated, another group recited HariVayustuthi Purascharana, Purusha Suktha & Baghya Suktha. It was a wonderful sight to watch, Homa, Japa & Parayana happening in parallel by devotees. After the Japa is over, based on the count of Japa that each group had performed, argya was given by reciting the same moola mantra for 10% of the Japa count.


Below table gives the count of Japa the groups had performed.

Dhavanthari – 21500
Santhana Gopala Krishna – 14500
Hayagreeva – 58000
Dhakshinamoorthy – 13000 +
Swayamvara Parvathi – 13400 +
Navagraha manthras and Navagraha gayathri – 600

Homa were conducted in parallel and Poornahuthi was performed by Vedha Pandits at 12:00 Noon. Dr. Sri Raghu gave speech on intention of all these japa, homa and importance of unity of people. The morning session about ~900 peole participating and having the theerathaprasada. Below Homa Prasadha was given to all who did the sankalpa.

For Vivaaha prapthi- Lakshmi Narayana Vigraha
Santhaana – Udupi Krishna
Arogya – Oil from Nanguneri temple (thodadhri) &
Vidhya Prapthi – Saraswathi Vigraha, Pencil, Pen and Note Book.

After receiving the prasada, people started moving to THAMBRAS for the forthcoming event.

The Samithi had made elaborate arrangements, booking poorna pushkala hall exclusively for Japa, Homa & Theerthaprasada. The Mani mandapam opposite to this hall was booked for cooking alone. Devotees from Tirunelveli, Cuddalore Markayankottai, T. Kallupatti, Srirangam, Nellore, Hyderabad, Bangalore & of course from in and around chennai participated.

23 Feb Evening – Lakshmi Shobane paryana @ THAMBRAS Hall

Lakshmi Shobane

Evening was time for Lakshmi Shobane parayana. Samithi’s mahila volunteers had made an excellent arrangement for the LS parayana. Mahilas started gathering from 4:30 PM and very soon the entire big hall was filled with mahilas. Event started with reciting Madhvashtaka, Guruprarthana and Sankalpa by Dr.Raghu at 5:30 PM. Lakshmi Vigraha, Sowbagya Dhravya, bangles, gajavasthra, jacket bit, kalkandu, betelnut, banana & dhaksine were given to all Suhasinis for the pooja. Smt. Indra Padmanabhan, Smt. Shanthi Subbarao, Smt. Uma Upendran assumed stage and parayana was then started. 1 Avrathi of Lakshmi Shobane parayana with Lakshmi Pooja was performed by ~300+ Mahilas.

On popular demand of new comers in the public, 1 avrathi of Madhwanama Parayana was also performed. Above said items were given as prasada to each participant. Palahara was then served to all Sajjanas by 7.30 PM.

24 Feb Morning – HariVayuStuthi/MadhwaNaama @ THAMBRAS Hall

HVS Parayana

As usual, the registration counters were opened by 6AM on the parayana day. Madhwa sajjanas started arriving at the center for parayana by 6:30 AM and exchanged letters for the entry tokens. By around 7:30, ~300+ Sajjanas gathered. Event started with Madhvashtaka, Guruprarthana and Sankalpa by Dr.Raghu and Ramesh from Triplicane. Even after the parayana commenced, several devotees were coming late and Samithi has no other option but to stop them. Dr. Raghu, mentor of the Samithi reiterated several times that, we should take the parayana very serious and should give respect to the Madwacharya by arriving on time and participating in the event, whomever interested. Our attitude of arriving late and joining in the middle should be avoided. 1 Avrathi of HVS Purascharana was performed by the Sajjanas as usual in a slow and steady phase so that everyone can follow word by word. Panchamrutha Abhisheka was performed to Madhwacharya Vigraha during the parayana. Pushpa was given to everyone and again gathered back from them with their Prarthna. Sri Krishnachar from triplicane and Sri Subbachar from Pollachi performed Pushpa Vrishti to Madhwacharya Vigraha with SumadhwaVijaya & Vayusthuthi Sloka recited by Sri. Madhukar at 11:00 AM.

Dr.Raghu insisted about Dharma Acharane, Sandhya Vandane and our duties to bring sath vishaya to next generation. Narayana Vigraha was given as Parasadha to all the Sajjanas

MadhwaNaama Parayana

By the time, Mahilas assembled for Madhwanama parayana were waiting outside. Soon the entire outlook of the hall changed from purushas to mahilas. Going by Samithi’s procedure, Madwastaka, Guru prathana and sankalpa was recited by Dr. Sri Raghu and repeated by the everyone. Further, 2 avarthi of Madhwanama Parayana were performed by ~350 Mahilas. LakshmiPathiRaja explained Palashruthi of Madhwanama and Lakshmi Shobane Parayana. Krishnachar appreciated samithi for conducting such mega Madhwa Maha Sammelan for LokaKshema and various Sath Karya done by Samithi. Finally Smt. Indira Padmanabhan gave vote of thanks to everyone. Similar to HVS event, Pushpa was given and gathered back from every Mahila with their Prarthna. Along with the gosha of “Jaya Jaya” padhya, Pushpa Vrishti to Madhwacharya Vigraha was showered by Dr. Raghu and Krishnachar. Vasthra, Sowbagya dhravya Prasadha were given to all the Mahilas followed by Teerthaprasada to everyone of ~1000+ members assembled for the event.

24 Feb Evening – Swayamvara/ Jataka Parivarthan @ THAMBRAS Hall

Now we come to the final/ last session of the 2 day event, but conducting this session was the main objective of the Samithi. A mini swaymvara event was performed. Inspite of this being the fag end of the event, there is no change seen in the crowd gathering as ~300+ parents had assembled to search/ get a suitable varan for their son/ daughters. Dr. Raghu earlier had strictly planned to introduce only the VARA/ VADU turned up for the event. But due to popular demand, in few cases, with parents alone participating, event started. As expected bride’s jataka was less in numbers compared to bridegrooms. About 32 girls details were announced in the mic. A skilled astrologer from Tirunelveli was invited to help the public in matching the jatakas.

Samithi is very very happy to announce that about 5 pair of bride/ bridegroom’s family got mathcing jayathakas and had agreed to take it to the next step in the marriage process. This shows that the anugraha for Hari Vayu & Gurugalu have been bestowed to the samithi and the people assembled there. Further after the event, samithi got updates from several families that various enquiry calls have been made for jatakas.

On a very sad note, Samithi with heavy heart wants to highlight about the change in attitude of the public. While the banners have been put in several places in and out of the city, few months well in advance, certain devotees were not bothered to register for the event. But by turning up on the event day, without the registrations and that too in large numbers, puts Samithi in a tough spot. It impacts the Samithi in making proper arrangements of prasdha, teerthaprasada and for even space for the parayana. Requesting registrations in advance is only to plan the event properly and also to avoid any hassle to the public. For the above said and few other factors, Samithi has planned to do more enforcements in the future events not to entertain any public coming leisure and late. This approach was also supported by the devotees participated there.

Devotees are kindly requested to register themselves for the parayana ahead of time, and otherwise they might be denied a chance to chant with the group of bhaktaas.

Two books one on Madhwanama, Lakshmi Shobane and the other on Dwadasa stortra & dasavathara stuthi were released and given free to the participants. Although the printing costs of the book is high, so far, Samithi has been very strict and releasing the book only for RS.10/-.

Not but not the least, LHVSMP Samithi sincerely thanks everyone who participated in Homa, Parayana & the event spanning 2 days. Samithi thanks all the donors of the event without whose support, this would not have been possible. Samithi thanks all the volunteers for their cooperation and making elaborate arrangements for the public in multiple locations. Samithi also thanks everyone who had directly or indirectly contributed in executing this function as planned making it a GRAND SUCCESS. Finally, Samithi prays Hari Vayu Gurugalu to bless everyone and to have their prayers become a reality.

Now comes the most eagerly awaited part – the photos/ Videos

Photo Links

Event Photo SlideShow
Homa & Japa 2 CLICK HERE
Lakshmi Shobane Parayana CLICK HERE CLICK HERE
HariVayuStuthi & MadhwaNaama Parayana CLICK HERE CLICK HERE

Video Links


Hare Srinivasa!

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8 Responses to Madhwa Maha Sammelan – A Grand Congregation of Madhwas

  1. K.G. MADHWARAJ says:

    Thank you very much for sending the photos of the function. It totally reflects the fact that madhwa sajjanas have now started to join hands with each other. This is a positive trend and I hope the samithi reaches more such people,


  2. Keshav says:

    This is great event. Congratulations for the coverage too!

  3. Pandurengan n. says:

    Kudos o the organisers of the Maha Sammelen.. They have a lot of efforts to make the event a grand success. However our community people still have lethargic attitude in participating in such Sammelan. Further out of 350 boys and girls participated in the Swayamwara Parvathi only 5 pairs have mateialised. More numbers should have been settled by negotiatiions. However it is a good effort. Such event should be arranged in vasrious places also where our community people are living in good numbers.

    N. Pandurengan


      mr.pandurangan, whatever you have done at madipakkam it is very highly appreciated. why con’t we do in bangalore. VARNASANKARA, EDUCATION HELP, HEALTH CAMP, HVSP, ALL SORTS OF HOMAS, ETC., THINK AND PREPARE PLANING SUPPORTS WILL DO FROM SPONSORS WHAT DO U SAY. INTHE MONTH OF JUNE OR JULY PREFER. KRISHNACHARYA.

  4. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Congratulations for organising successfully a different type of useful mega event. U V JAGANNATHAN

  5. Babu.N.Sridhar, Cuddalore says:

    We had chance of attending many homas but performance of japa in large numbers that to in tens of thousands was not seen by us. Really we enjoyed to be part of the event. On behalf of LHVS Cuddalore we thank samiti for making excellent arrangements and conduct of the event in a disciplined manner.

  6. Katte Anilesh says:

    It is very encouraging. Good effort, and Good results. Inspiration to many of us.
    New York

  7. rajarao48 says:

    Out the outset, I would like to congratulate the organizing committee for having arranged such a big marathon function which went on with full fervent and jubilant mood by both ladies and gents. This will, no doubt , strengthen our community and unity. Everybody, especially ladies took sincere efforts to make the function every success. Hats off to this LHVSMPS TRUST. With best wishes. G.RAJAPPA. SRIRANGAM

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