UGADI – Vijaya Naama Samvatsara

Hare Srinivasa!

Lakshavruthi HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samithi (LHVSMPS) & Sri Madhwa Seva Sanga, Madipakkam is organizing the below program on account of the new year Vijaya Naama Samvatsara we are going to step in.

Everyone will be interested to hear what is in store for us in the new year. Please plan to attend the below event on the UGADI day.

DATE 11 Apr 2013
DAY Thursday
TIME 4:00 PM
Samithi Updates: Dr. M Raghu (Chennai Sanksrit College/ LHVSMPS Mentor)
VENUE Sri S V Nagarajan,
Plot No 12,
“Guru Kripa”,
Park Square Colony,
Chennai – 91.

All are requested to participate and obtain the anugraha of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu.

Hare Srinivasa!

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2 Responses to UGADI – Vijaya Naama Samvatsara

  1. murali kl says:


    On 4/3/13, Lakshavruthi Hari VayuStuthi Mantra Parayana

  2. narasimhan jayarao says:

    As I alwalys cherish, our Samiti is for the people, by the people, of the people to bring the bakthi Bhava, hidden instinct in every one of us and make the Bakthi Bhava as ‘SWABHAWA’; let us look beyond benefits beyond childish to usher into real ‘Sadhana’ of one’s Life. may harivayu bless the catalysts & good samaritans. long live samiti acvities. – narasimhan 09884273 192(chennai)

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