Veda Parayana @ Madipakkam – Karthika Masa (Nov – Dec 2013)

Hare Srinivasa!

LHVSMPS Trust has decided to have Veda Parayana Recitation (parayana) in individual Brahmin houses in Madipakkam during the sacred Karthika masa (4.11.2013 –  2.12.2013) in Vijaya Naama Samvatsara. 5 or 6 vedic scholars visit each desired houses for veda parayana between 5 to 6PM or 6 to 7PM on all the days. A sambavana of Rs. 1500/- for each house parayana is required which will be given to the vedic Brahmans who chant parayana in respective houses. Apart from Veda Manthra being chanted in individual house you also honor the Vedic Brahmans. This is done for the awareness of Vedas among Brahmins which is slowly dwindling.



Interested persons can register their names, addresses and contact numbers. to the following person.

G. S. Raghothama Rao       96772 28710

Apart from this, a small uphara can also be given the vedic Brahmins.

This is done on a trial basis in Madipakkam, Chennai and in future it will be conducted throughout Tamilnadu.

Hare Srinivasa!

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3 Responses to Veda Parayana @ Madipakkam – Karthika Masa (Nov – Dec 2013)

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:


  2. narasimhan J says:

    good noble cause and indirectly uplift the values and virtues of genext and focus of grahastas will be on good spiritual pursue instead of watching the suicidal TV Network. pl go ahead; thanks to the thinktank.

  3. ramamurthy says:

    can you elaborate the veda parayana recital

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