Dharmapuri Mahaa Parayana – 27 & 28 April

Hare Srinivasa!

Mahaa programme at Dharmapuri on 27 & 28 April 2013 @ DurgaBai Kalyana Mantap was well attended. Sri Sairam Advt., Dharmapuri was magnanimous in giving the kalyana mantap FREE of cost for the sacred event. It is a huge Kalyana Mantap with plenty of water supply and other facilities. Nearly about 350 devotees stayed in that place for parayana who are from different locations.

The Samithi’s branch @ dharmapuri with Sri Sairam heading the team ably supported by Sri Raghu of SBI (Retd.) with a like-minded team of people had made extensive arrangements for the parayana.

On Saturday, 27th morning, Japa & Homa activities were conducted @ Bharthipuram Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt. Sajjanas started gathering early in the day. By 7:30AM, Japa and Homa started. 100+ Sajjanas were involved in Japa. Homa was lead by Sri Suresh Achar. 3000 avruthis of Hanuma, Beema and Madhwa Moola manthra japa and 1000 avruthis of Swayamvara Parvathi japa were performed by 100+ sajjanas. Theertha Prasadha was arranged for everyone at the Kalyana Mantapa.


In the evening, around 5:30PM, event started with Madhvashtaka, Guruprarthana and Sankalpa done by Sri.Madhukar, Sri LakshmiPathiRaja and Triplicane Sri.Ramesh. Lakshmi Shobane & MadwaNaama parayana commented @ 6:15PM. Dheepa, Sowbagya Dhravya, Bale, Pushpa, Fruits and vasthra were given to all Suhasinis for the Pooja. 1 Avrathi of Lakshmi Shobane parayana with Lakshmi Pooja was performed by 350+ Mahilas, followed by 1 Avrathi of Madhwanama Parayana. Sri Lakshmi Pathi Raja explained Palashruthi of Madhwanama and Lakshmi Shobane Parayana. Samithi mentor Dr. Raghu insisted Mane Mane Parayana, significant of Sathsanga & prarthana. Event concluded around 7:45PM and further, night dinner was served for more than 800 persons.


On Sunday, 28 April morning, devotees started gathering for receiving parayana tokens right from 5AM. The counters were opened shortly. Tokens were issued up to 8AM instead of earlier announced 7:30AM for the benefit of ones, who were not able to join on time. Still few were entering beyond 8AM. Samithi wants to re-iterate & request once again to all the devotees who had registered for the events to abide by the specified instructions/ timelines laid down by the Samithi. Samithi is also looking into making some tough calls for such behaviors in future.

@7:45AM, as per samithi’s tradition, paryana started by reciting Madwastakam. Guruprarthana and Sankalpa followed with Sri.Madhukar, LakshmiPathiRaja and Triplicane Ramesh taking the dias. Sri LakshmiPathiRaja insisted the importance of developing Dharma Acharane and Bakthi from one’s childhood. He also explained about Samithi’s Goal including Grantha prachara & teaching Sandhya Vandhane.

One avruthi of HVS and one avruthi of purascharane was chanted in sync by the about 750 devotees. Dr. Raghu insisted about Dharma Acharane, Sandhya Vandane and our duties to bring sath vishaya to next generation. He also explained about Daily Parayana at Home targeting 5,00,000 Avarthi of HVS along with Dhakshine Samarpana in Hundi for various Dhana / Dharma karyagalu.

Various dignitaries & Doners were honoured by Dharamapuri LHVS Samithi for the contribution to this event and for doing various Dharama karyagalu in Dharmapuri. Vigraha, Vasthra, Gopichandhana, Janivara, Srimushnam Varaha swami photo and Dhatchine were given as Parasadha to all the Sajjanas. Panaka and Majjige have been given to all from morning considering Vasantha Kala.

Participants were very happy that they could see more than 750+ madhwas congregating in one place for the parayana. Overall, general feeling is that such congregations organized by the Samithi is executed by everyone spending more time for bagavath karya/ chanting events rather than chating with friends & relatives. We sincerely hope and pray Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu for this to continue in all such events and in also in aradhanes attended by the devotees.

Dharmapuri samithi served very heavy & delicious teerthaprasada @ 11:30AM on Sunday. Inculding paryana members and their accompanying family members, approximately 1200 persons had theerthaprasada.

Well over 1050 bhaktas had registered themselves for the parayana. Devotees from Hyderabad, Tirunelveli, Madurai, Karur, Tirpur, Srirangam, Salem, Papparapatii, Hosur, Krishnagiri, Royavelu, Bangalore & Chennai took part in the parayana. From in and around Dharmapuri, ~500 persons had registered. The Samithi was saddened to note that nearly 40% of registered devotees did not turn around for the event and thereby denied the opportunity for others from attending the parayana.

Samithi is contemplating on levying a nominal fee for registration for the future events, which will help the samithi to plan & organize the events more efficiently. Samithi wants to get your opinion/ comments on these thoughts.

LHVSMP Samithi thanks Dharmapuri people for their good conduct of the parayana. Samithi sincerely thank for providing the mantap free of cost. Also thanks the devotees who had come from different locations and participating and making the event a Grand Success.

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Hare Srinivasa!

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5 Responses to Dharmapuri Mahaa Parayana – 27 & 28 April

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Thank you, for posting photos and video of DHARMAPURI EVENT.

  2. Lakshmanan G says:

    Greatly conducted event… Well organized in all aspects… Wish to attend more such Paarayana event ! Thank you for the videos and photos !

  3. S.VENUGOPAL says:

    Hare Srinivasa,

    It was a well organised event as usual.The arrangements for stay of outstation sajjanas and the theertha prasadams were excellent.People who registered and did not turn up for the event missed a lot. The parayana of Sri Madva nama, and Sri Harivayu Stuthi was well chanted by the groups.

    It will be a worthy idea to Charge Rs 100 as registration fee for Hari Vayu Stuthi Parayana as this may induce some seriousness among prospective participants. This will further avoid people from registering their kith and kin with out even asking their convenience to attend,

    Also make the closing date for registration known well in advance so that there will be some seriousness. Now many people wake up for registration only when it is announced that registration is closed.


  4. P L Gopalakrishnan says:

    P L Gopalakrishnan Bangalore, 098450 71556

    It was really very good mega event with all maadhwa’s gathered and mingled in one place. It’s nice.
    Hare Srinivasa I pray god to give more strength to LHVS team and supporters

  5. Babu N.Sridhar, Cuddalore says:

    Parayana was Maha Mega. On behalf of Cuddalore samiti members,I congratulate and thank the organizers for the conduct of this mega event in a grand manner. We find it difficult to find words for the hospitality shown by the organizers. Jai Sri Ram.

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