Nanguneri – Mahaa HVS Parayana on Sunday, Nov 24

Hare Srinivasa!


LHVSMPS Trust has planned to conduct a Mahaa HVS Parayana with 732 sajjanas @ Nanguneri (Thothadri) near Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu on Sunday, the 24th Nov 2013.


We request members/ devotees interested in coming for the parayana to register the names with the contact given below, on or before 15th August 2013 or completion of 732 devotees whichever is earlier.

Smt. Padma Panduranga Rao  –           Tirunelveli         –           94434 66288

Sri. Gururajan                            –           Madurai             –           99400 80699

Sri. Rajagopal Rao                     –           Madurai             –           98408 77131

Devotees from all locations including Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Nellore, Mumbai among others are requested to register their name along with Rs. 100/- as registration fee either in cash or cheque drawn in favor of LHVSMPS Trust.

As stated in our website earlier, this registration amount is just to ensure the participation of the devotee in the parayana. Samithi has no other intent and this registration amount will be given back to the devotees as additional prasada for who attend the parayana. The regn. amount from the persons who do not attend the parayana will be utilized for the publications of the samithi.

Any further details can be had from Sri G S Ragothama Rao 96722 28710.

Hare Srinivasa!

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12 Responses to Nanguneri – Mahaa HVS Parayana on Sunday, Nov 24

  1. .S. Sethumadhavan says:

    Happy to note that a mahaa parayana is being arranged at Nangunerii. The Smiti may consider the reduction of registration fee to Rs.50/-.

  2. Lakshminarashiman R says:

    We have started to collect Rs. 100/- from Tirupur Mega Parayana. Rs. 100/- is the nominal amount only. My humble request that we must continue the Registration fee of Rs. 100/- in future Mega Paryanas. This is implemented only for the awareness of attending the HVS Mega Parayana and intension of implementation is everyone should attend the Parayana.. Lakshminarashiman, Sivasri Medicals, Tirupur

  3. ksanjeevirao says:

    Glad to have a mega Parayana @Nanguneri. Sorry to notice the very next day is Vinayaka Chathurthi. It would be very difficult for the participants of northern districts like Chennai to return back homes to perform Vinyaka Chathurthi pooja in time. Is it possible to postpone/prepone for a week?.

  4. Yelahanka Ragavendiran says:

    Pl. consider the other date, On before & After festival Railway reservation also very difficult.

  5. 8th Sep is Gouri Habba and 9th is Ganesa Chadurthi-two important Habbas in Karnataka and Maharashtra.
    Response from Karnataka will be very poor for 8th SEP PARAYANA.
    1st AND 15th Sep, being Akadasi days and 22nd sep’ is in mahalaya days, there is not much choice except to pre phone this parayana to 25th August which is again immdtly after Raghavendra swamy Aradhana. May be we have to live with this date of 8th Sep’.

    Reg. the registration fee of Rs 100, it is very nominal.

  6. Krishnan says:

    LHVS Samithi is doing an excellent Samaja Seva. I too hereby request samithi to reconsider the nanguneri mega event date. As the samithi always keeping in mind the convenience of public and making providing all required facilities and arrangements, this time, requesting samithi to change the date considering participants convenience.

  7. Ramesh Rao says:

    This Samithi is a Varaprasadha for our community given by our JagadhGuru Sriman Madhwacharya. Hope the samithi will make necessary date change so that people across all districts / states can participate.

  8. Ramesh Tirupur says:

    Dear LHVS commiette


    Kindly make it Rs 100 is nominatio0nal fee to cfm the praticiapte devootee at the same time if we can refund the SAME WHILE ENTRY we are really diffrent from others pls consider tks.


  9. narasimhan J says:

    good going. pl carry on the mission as i always presume our samity is for the people, by the people and of the people. the satisfaction we derive and the drive for shaping young genxt is encouraging.

  10. Yelahanka Ragavendiran says:

    Thank u for your decision.
    Reg. the registration fee of Rs 100, it is very nominal.

  11. Thanks for the change in date which proves that Our Samithi gives consideration for genuine concern of its members.

    Reg. registration fee of Rs 100/, it will be too cumbersome to return the fee on the parayana date to those who attend etc.Many people who attend the Maha Parayana make a voluntary contribution of Rs 100,200 etc on the day of parayana and hence rs 100 is not a big issue.
    If at all somebody is not able to pay Rs 100/ let him confirm his positive presence in writing while registering, so that such genuine cases can be exempted from payment.
    After all the purpose and spirit are more genuine than the procedures.
    The purpose of this registration fee is to minimize drop outs in big numbers which causes administrative/planning problems.
    And the spirit is Samithi wishes all to attend Maha Parayanas with out any financial constraints to individuals.

    Further we can consider minimum expenditure on food by providing very simple lunch with out any sweet /batcha etc except a payasam.

  12. ksanjeevirao says:

    I thank the Samiti for the change of the date of Nanguneri parayana.. Hare Srinivasa..

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