HVS Mantra Parayana @ Dharward & Mysore

Hare Srinivasa!

As per LHVSMPS Trust’s plans to take the Harivayustuthi Mantra Parayana to the door step’s of Sajjanas in Karnataka State, Mane Parayanas were launched in Dharward , Hubli and Mysore during the third week of May, 2013.

Dr. Raghu, Samithi’s mentor, lead the team of members from Chennai and Bangalore in a series of meetings with prominent local bodies at Hubli and Dharward explaining the need and importance of parayanas at Homes. Samithi had the opportunities to meet the Weekly Ashtothra Parayana members at these places and solicit their cooperation in promoting the mutual interests and unity among sajjanas in preserving the values of our sanathana Dharma. Further parayana in Sri Subbanna Pujar’s house on 18th May was lead by Dr.Raghu which was attended by a cream of elite audience who appreciated the works of our Samithi. Plans were also discussed about exchange of visits between sajjanas by extending our invitation to north Karnataka people to attend our Maha Parayanas in south.

Samithi’s contact at Dharward : Sri Subbanna Pujar : 9632218735

During the same period in third week of May, our first Mane Parayana was conducted in Shrirampura and is going on in all week ends since then at Mysore. To stream line these efforts and to form dedicated teams area wise at Mysore to conduct parallel parayanas, a meeting was organised on 29th June at Mysore which was attended by 25 local members. Samithi’s intentions to have regular weekly Mane Parayanas, the ways and means to achieve the same at Mysore were elaborated by team members from Bangalore during this meeting on 29th June. This was followed by Harivayustuthi parayana on 30th June wherein the details and scheme of our weekly parayanas were fine tuned. Our list of local contacts in various areas of Mysore were furnished to our Mysore coordinator sri Kiran Gopinath for follow ups.

parayana at mysore on 30th june 2013 008

Contact of Kiran at Mysore
Mobile No: 9980042874
email : kiranmadhwa@gmail.com

Samithi’s Coordinator for Karnataka : S. VENUGOPAL , Bangalore
Mobile No : 9880038448
email : venukuwait16@gmail.com

CLICK HERE to see the photos taken @ Dharward & Mysore meeting & Parayana.

Samithi’s next immediate phase of operation shall be in KOLAR, BANGARPET, CHINTHAMANI DURING THIRD WEEK OF JULY. Please pass on this message to your friends and relatives in that area.

Hare Srinivasa!

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One Response to HVS Mantra Parayana @ Dharward & Mysore

  1. .S. Sethumadhavan says:

    Happy to note that the activities of the Samiti are being spread throughout Karnataka.

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