Nanguneri Mahaa HVS Parayana – Nov 23 & 24 2013

Hare Srinivasa!

UPDATE ON 7 Sep 2013

Much awaited details of arrangements made for Nanguneri HariVayuStuthi, MadwaNaama, Lakshmi Shobane Parayana & Navatirupathi trip details are available now.
to know about the arrangement details.


The Mahaa HVS Parayana earlier slated for Sep 8 2013, is postponed on public demand to 23 & 24 Nov 2013 (Sat & Sun). During these two days, following programs are planned to be conducted.

  1. 23 Nov – Nava Tirupathi & Tiruchendur trip
  2. 24 Nov – HVS Parayana with 732 sajjanas
  3. 24 Nov – Lakshmi Shobane & MadhwaNaama with 350 devotees
  4. 24 Nov – Sankalpa Srardha

Nava Tirupathi

to know more about the location, darshan timings, details and history of Navatirupathi temples.

HVS Parayana

Registration for the HVS Parayana is must and a fee of Rs.100/- by cheque/ DD drawn in favor of LHVSMPS Trust should accompany the details of devotees attending the parayana with their names, full address, pin code with Mobile/ Landline number. The details can be sent to anyone of the 3 representatives given below.
1. Smt. Padma Pandurangan
31/9, Perumal South Car Street,
Tirunelveli Town. 627 006.
Ph: 94434 66288

2. Sri. Gururajan
24E, Upstairs,
SakthiVellammal Street,
Opp. Bank of Baroda,
S S Colony
Madurai – 625 010.
Ph: 99400 80699/ 0452-2345560

3. Sri. V Rajagopal Rao
A1, I Floor, RAMS Apartments
25, Bharathiar 5th Street
S S Colony
MADURAI – 625 016.
Ph: 98408 77131/ 0452-2605467

Lakshmi Shobane & MadhwaNaama

This program will be conducted between 7:30 & 8:30 AM with 350 Mahilas. Registration should reach any one of the following representatives.
1. Smt. Bagyalakshmi Sridhar
Ph: 94442 00554.

2. Smt. Shanthi Subba Rao,
4A, Lakshmi Colony,
Chennai – 600 117.
Ph: 98840 91061

3. Sri. Bheema Rao
Ph: 94432 36104

As Nanguneri is a small village, all arrangements has to be done from Tirunelveli. So devotees interested in coming to Nanguneri parayana will have to adhere to the instructions from the samithi to conduct the programme in a good manner. We request devotees to cooperate with us to avoid any embarrasement to the members or any others who are to join us and also to the samithi.

Any further clarificationos, can be had from Sri G S Ragothama Rao @ 96772 28710.

Sankalpa Srardha

Devotees interested in performing Sankalpa Srardha @ Nanguneri (Thothadri) will have to register their names before Sept 15 Sept 30 2013. Sankalpa Srardha will be performed between 11 & 11:30 AM on 24 Nov, i.e. after HVS parayana. This srardha is done free of cost to the members.

For Navatirupathi trip & Sankalpa Srardha, registrations can be done with the below member.
1. Sri. R Krishnan
63-A, Madipakkam Main Road,
Ph: 94456 10856

Hare Srinivasa!

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21 Responses to Nanguneri Mahaa HVS Parayana – Nov 23 & 24 2013

  1. dr.R.vijendrarao says:

    well inform whether there is regd,fee for ladies also.if ,accordingly the money will be remitted.what about the cost for navatirupathi tiruchundur trips.thanks,dr.rvijendrarao 09449074935/

  2. Sudhindran says:

    For this Nanguneri Mahaa HVS Parayana – Nov 23 & 24 2013, is there someone coordinating for Travel from Chennai or individuals have to make on their own. if so when we are expected there?
    Please help with the information

    • ramakanthsp says:

      Response from Sri Madhukar, LHVSMP Samithi

      01. As regards the booking of tickets, it has been decided to advice all the devotees to book the tickets individually by themselves.

      02. As the proposed Nava-Tirupathi tour has been scheduled for Saturday, Nov 23, 2013, you may plan accordingly your journey so that you can join the tour if wish to. However, if you propose to participate in the Sri Hari Vayu Stuti parayana only, then you may suitably plan the onward & return journeys. Incidentally, Nanguneri is situated on the rail line between Tirunelveli & Nagerkoil (about 40 kms from T’veli).

      However, pls ensure to register your name for the Sri Hari Vayu Stuti by sending the required details along with a chq for Rs.100/- to the concerned persons specified for the purpose (details in our web site :

  3. Raghavendran says:

    Very glad to note that Tirupur Parayana went well & the Regn Amount (Entry Fee) collected from event was given to deserved students on the venue itself. Hats Off to the Samithi.

    Similarly happy to note that Nanguneri Mega date has been changed to November. Request samithi to clarify the following:
    1. Is there any regn charges for Madhwa Nama also?
    2. What is the amount to be paid for NavaTirupathi Trip?
    3. For each program (Madhwa Nama, Harivayustuthi, Navatirupathi trip) different names have been given as contact persons. Considering the commission charges on DD/MO, courier charges, it will be difficult to send relevant regn charges to each of these persons. Requesting Samithi to publish list of representative names for each city (with whom the participants can register for all the events – single point of contact citywise) so that it will help the participants to approach the person and send total charges for all events to that person and it will also be helpful for samithi also to track easily whether money received from all those who have registered areawise.

    Requesting samithi to consider this request and do the needful for easy convenience of participants as well as for Samithi.

    • ramakanthsp says:

      Response from Sri Madhukar, LHVSMP Samithi

      1. There is NO registration fee for participating in the Madhwanama parayana by Ladies, which incidentally is restricted to 350 members. As already informed, registration fee of Rs.100/- is payable only for registering your name for the Hari Vayu Stuti (males only). This amount can be very well be remitted in the form of a cheque favg the LHVSMPS Trust ( for full address kindly our website: ).

      2. The approximate amount payable for the Navatirupathi tour, is expected to be made available to us after Sep 15th i.e., after finalizing the number of persons registered for the tour and after consultations with the Travel Operators (particularly taking into account the regular hikes we have been experiencing in petrol prices).

      3. Now, as regards, the different contact persons notified for different activities, I am to inform you that it has been done only for facilitating a hazzle-free registration and to in turn facilitate the retrieval of data as & when required by our devotees. Further, as registration fee is being collected only for one item (HVS parayana) it will suffice if you send ONE chq to the persons identified for the same.

  4. S.VENUGOPAL says:

    Pl.provide the Sthala purana in brief for Nanguneri, Nava Thiruppathi and Tiruchendur for the sake of persons outside the state of Tamil Nadu and also the route map from Madurai or Rameswaram since these two places are well known to all.

    Further at Nangunari we can have a practice session of Mass Sandhya Vandhana on 23 rd Trikala and on 24th Pradas Sandhya for those who are interested.Even if the books are not ready , still we can have this for people like me who would like to fine tune their performance as well as padha uttachadhana.


  5. The details furnished regarding NAVA THIRUPATHI is very informative Thank you for the same. I also request you to inform the distance from Tirunelveli Railway Statio/Bus Stand to Nanguneri and full address of the Nanguneri Temple with Phone No etc Thanking you
    P B SRINIVASARAO BANGALORE (Mobile 08105917012)

    • ramakanthsp says:

      Response from Sri Madhukar, LHVSMP Samithi

      The town of Nanguneri is situated at a distance of about 40 kms from Tirunelveli Bus Stand. The temple is very near to the Nanguneri Railway Station. As it is a small town, you can easily identify this temple which is quite big & is in the centre of the town. Hope I have clarified your point.
      Incidentally, pls get your name registered with the persons identified for the specified purposes together with a Chq or DD for Rs.100.00 favg. LHVSMPS TRUST and send the same together with your full name, full address & other contact details to enable smooth registration. However, pls note that registration is to be made only for Sri Hari Vayu Stuti Parayana & not for other items on the proposed agenda there.

  6. I collected the following information from website
    The Main Deity name is DEIVANATHAN , VANAMAMALAI His Consort name is VARAMANGAI Gingely Oil ABHISHEKAM is performed to the LORD throughout the year. THE abhishek oil is stored in a well. Those suffering from SKIN DIESEASE/PROBLEMS apply this on their body and consume a few drops for total cure.
    The place came to known as NANGUNERI meaning surrounded by four lakes. This is one of 108 Divya Desas of Perumal ( VISHNU)

    NANGUNERI is situated on NATIONAL HIGHWAY NO 7 is well connected by BUS from TIRUNELVELI (30 K M Journey from Tirunelveli to Nanguneri )

    Temple Address
    Nearby places from Nanguneri
    2.KRISHNAPURAM Famous for Sculptures
    3. SUSEENDRAM Famous Temple

  7. T S Alagiri says:

    Details of Nava Thirupathi given by you is very useful to all vaishnava devotees.

    T S Alagiri, Chennai 600 011 (Cell No. 99623 51071)

  8. T S Alagiri says:


    Is there any arrangement for accommodation at Nanguneri or we’ll arrange at Tirunelveli. Pls reply.

    • Madhukar says:

      The Samiti has already decided to provide dormitory type accommodation at Nanguneri to all the registered devotees joining the Hari Vayu Stuti parayana there. As necessary arrangements are underway, the Samiti will officially inform the details of the same in its web site no sooner it is finalised. While welcoming you to the parayana, the Samiti advises you to ensure that you get your name registered for the parayana. Besides, we request you to share the details of this mega parayana to your friends, acquaintances & relatives so that they also get a chance to participate in such a program.

      With Regards,

  9. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    The samiti in its reply to a query had stated on July, 17th 2013, that registration is not required for MAHDWA NAMA/LAKSHMI SHOBANE. But in its latest notification, the samiti says that for Madhwa Nama also registration is a must. This may please be clarified, since the ladies accompanying the gents who attend HVS parayana will be able to know the exact position regarding their registration. This may please be treated as urgent.

    • ramakanthsp says:

      Dear Sri Jagannathan,
      The response on July 17 highlighted that there is NO Registration fee for MadhwaNaama & Lakshmi Shobane. But, registration is a must. In our original message, we have given 3 sets of details for registering HVS, MadhwaNaama & NavaTirupathi/ Sankalpa Sradha. Hope it is clear.
      LHVSMP Samithi

  10. s.ravikumar says:

    Sir, Iam native of tirunelveli you may contact about clarifications regarding navathirupathi and visit from tirunelveli junction.thank you

  11. vallam amarnath says:

    Sir, I have already registered and i am from bangalore. I could get some information about nanguri, further information on navatirupathi is requested.

  12. N. Ramachandran Triplicane, Chennai says:

    Nanguneri Parayana Programmes and Nava Tirupati Trip were excellent. Especially Sankalpa Shrardha made in a visthara manner. Our special thanks to Our Mentor Dr. M. Raghu.

    • Madhukar says:

      Dear Sri Ramachandran,
      While thanking you for the good words expressed by you, the Samiti wishes that you involve yourself more often in our activities besides motivating people around you not only in Chennai but also in other Centres so that they too join the mainstream of our community and improve their tattva gnana which ultimately leads to the path of mukti or liberation. Also, please involve all the younger members of your family in all our parayanas thereby enabling them to know the basic tenets of our Great Acharya’s siddhanta.
      Let Sri Hari Hari Vayu Gurugalu Bless all.

      With Kind Regards,

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