Tirupur Mahaa HVS Parayana – July 6 & 7 2013

Hare Srinivasa!

A Mahaa HVS Parayana with 350 Sajjanas was slated at Tirupur at HARVEY Kumarasamy Kalayanamandapam on Sat and Sunday the 6th and 7th July 2013.

Arrangements for this were commenced as early as Feb 2013 during the mega parayana at Madurai at this period. Extensive arrangements were done by the Tirupur branch of the samithi headed by Sridhar and his team of volunteers.

On 6th July morning, Japa & HariVayuStuthi, Pavamaana, Navagraha & Manyusutha Homa led by Venkatesh Achar, Seshagiri Achar & Balaji Achar(salem) were conducted. 50+ sajjanas were involved in the Japa. About 150 persons attended the homa and had Theerthaprasada.


On 6th evening, Mahilas numbering 150 persons joined the Lakshmi Shobane and MadhwaNaama Parayana headed by Madhwanama Mahila Samithi team from Madipakkam consisting of Smt. Indira Padmanabhan, Smt. Shanthi Subba Rao and Smt. Uma Upendran & Tirupur Mahila Samthi members. Event started with Madhvashtaka, Guruprarthana and Sankalpa by our mentor Dr.Raghu at 5:30 PM. Dheepa, Sowbagya Dhravya, Bale, Pushpa, Fruits and vasthra were given to all Suhasinis for the pooja. Dr.Raghu insisted Mane Mane Parayana, significant of Sathsanga & prarthana. Sri Lakshmi Pathi Raja explained Palashruthi of Madhwanama and Lakshmi Shobane Parayana. Tharathamya Krithi was chaned followed by 2 Avrathi of Madhwanama and 1 Avrathi of Lakshmi Shobane parayana with Lakshmi Pooja were performed. Theertha Prasadha were given to all 325+ Sajjanas by 8:00 PM. Accommodation had been arranged at the same mantapa for all.

The next day morning (7 July), counters were opened for issue of token for the registered persons at 6.30 A.M. Two counters were opened, one for the regd. members who had paid Rs.100/- and other counter for the members who were registered, but were to pay on the day of the parayana.


330 persons had registered and 245 persons turned up for the parayana, in spite of repeated request by samithi, leaving a gap of 105 persons. Eventually around 100 members interested in attending the parayana were deprived of the opportunity as the registration was closed earlier due to the registration of non participants.

The samithi has decided to register only persons who send Rs. 100/- as registration fees along with their registration details either by Cheque/DD favoring LHVSMPS trust or by M.O. in future.

Event started with Madhvashtaka, Guruprarthana and Sankalpa by Dr.Raghu and LakshmiPathiRaja at 7:30 AM. Dr.Raghu insisted the importance of developing Dharma Acharane and Bakthi from Childhood. 30+ Children (with in 15 yrs of age) were at the stage performing this parayana. It was a beautiful sight to watch. 1 Avrathi of HariVayusthuthi Parayana and 1 Avrathi of Punascharana was performed by 250+ sajjanas. Dr. Raghu further insisted about Sandhya Vandane and our duties to bring sath vishaya to the next generation. He also explained about Daily Parayana at Home targeting 5,00,000 Avarthi of HVS along with Dhakshine Samarpana in Hundi for various Dhana/ Dharma karyagalu.


The samithi’s Tirupur branch awarded scholarship to 10 students and old aged lady with a sum of Rs.1000 each for the education of students and financial help to the old lady. The Tirupur samithi also planned to award scholarship & provide medical aid and help old aged people in course of years. The amount distributed as part of social cause on that day was from the amount out of Registration fees received.

Tirupur samithi gave prasada to all the 250+ persons consisting of Madi dothi & upper cloth, Madwacharya (or) Vedavyasa vigraha, Ganta, Vishnu Pada, Janivara, Taamboola, Gopichandana & Dakshine. Arrangement for Tharpana was done before Theertha Prasadha between 11:00 AM and 11:30 AM.


Theerthaprasada was served at 11:30 AM to all the 750 odd persons congregated at the venue. The arrangements @ the venue and the service by volunteers were excellent which was also seen in Theerthaprasada.

Members from Salem, Karur, Madurai, Erode, Satyamangalam, Perunduri, Dharapuram, Cuddalore, Chennai, Bangalore, Markeyankottai, Tirunelveli and large nos from Tirupur participated in the parayana.

Dr. Raghu was honored by the local samithi for the excellent work being done for the Madhwa community. Tirupur samithi have donated a Rs.20,000/- for the LHVS publications. All the participants disbursed around 2.30 P.M. from the venue. It could be noticed that each one were seeing off one another with a note that they would meet @ the next parayana either @ Nanguneri or wherever soon it happens which itself is a good sign showing the improvement in awareness of the spiritual activities among madhwa community.

Special thanks to all the volunteers and the tirupur samithi members for making excellent arrangements for all the parayanas as well as teerthaprasada. Samithi thanks all the donors including the main donor Sri Ramesh & Family (Guru Raghav internationals) whose contribution has helped in conducting this event. LHVSMP Samithi also sincerely thank all the devotees who participated in the parayanas and making the function a grand success and a memorable one.

CLICK HERE to view the photos of the event.

CLICK the below video links to hear about the importance of Lakshmi Shobane, Madhwa Naama as well as the HVS parayana that was performed.

My Comments
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Hare Srinivasa!

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7 Responses to Tirupur Mahaa HVS Parayana – July 6 & 7 2013

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Thank you for posting photos and video of Tirupur parayana. U V JAGANNATHAN

  2. Lakshminarashiman R says:

    successful MEGA MEGA parayana & lakshmishobna , thankyou for LHVSMPS & Tirupur HVSS ,BY, Ananthesh, Tirupur.

  3. K.p.v.murthy says:

    I would request stotras like vayu stuthi,purushasooktha, etc should be recited twice so that persons interested can recite and learn along with.

  4. N. Ramachandran says:

    Tirupur Programme was excellent. It was simple and shorab. My special Pranams to Dr. M. Raghu. I pray Lord Mukyaprana to bestow all health, wealth and happiness to Dr. M. Raghu and his family and give strength to him to conduct ample Mega Programmes in future. I saw a mother’s heart in him that he was looking after every sajjanas taking Theerthaprasadam. He is a great boon to our Madhwa Community and we can learn a lot from him. Thanks to Tirupur samithi and thanks a lot!

  5. N.SURESH says:

    I have attened Harivayu Parayana in tirupur very happy by suresh .N. member of tirupur

  6. Prasad Gururajan says:

    I have missed this excellent opportunity……….. The photos & videos are nice…….

    Prasad Gururajan (GGR)

  7. Prasad Gururajan says:



    Prabhakar G

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