Navarathri Veda Parayana in Madhwa Sajjanas residences by SADHACHARA SEVA SAMITHI

Hare Srinivasa!


Sadhachara Seva Samithi (SSS), a branch of LHVSMPS launches first of its activities to do Veda Parayana in Madhwa Sajjanas houses. As part of Navarathri Celebrations this year, as per Dr.Raghu’s wishes and guidance and with the coordination of Sri Balakrishnan, M.A., M.Phil (Sanskrit), Nanganallur, Veda Parayana is performed by Vedic Scholars, Sri Pranesh and Sri Karthick in the following houses.




The parayana will consist one hour chanting of important Rigs from Rig Veda Samhitha for the betterment of Madhwa Samaja in General and the Grahasta in particular. At the end of it, Gana Paata Parayanam will be done for 5 to 10 minutes. In Madhwa Samaja, we have only a very few Gana Patigal. With the special prarthana slokas for any purpose for the well being of the Grahasthas and Aashirwada slokas, the session will come to an end. Dakshina Thaamboola will be offered to the scholars by the Grahasthas and scholars will bless them.

The purpose of the Sadhachara Seva Samithi conducting this Veda Parayana is to take the Veda to all houses thereby making all of us to involve in such activities of Veda Samrakshana and to honour the Veda Scholars. Let the Veda Maatha bless us and make us all eligible to learn and practice Veda Marga.


|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

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2 Responses to Navarathri Veda Parayana in Madhwa Sajjanas residences by SADHACHARA SEVA SAMITHI

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Glad to note LHVSMP is expanding its activities. Congratulations/

  2. Vijeyandran says:

    Very nice to see updates on various samiti activities. Whether veda parayana during Navaratri planned this year too?

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