Navarathri Special Parayana – by LHVSMP Samithi

Hare Srinivasa!

LHVSMP Samithi, apart from conducting weekly parayana at madhwa residences, for past 3 years, it used to conduct daily parayana during specials & sacred occasions like, Athika Maasa, Dhanur Maasa, Navarathri & RamaNavami. In this line, for the current Navarathri ongoing celebrations between 5th Oct & 14th Oct, HariVayuStuhi, SundaraKaanda & Madhwanaama parayana has been arranged more than 50 residences (as of now) across various locations in TamilNadu including Chennai, Cuddalore, Madurai as well as in Bangalore.

Apart from this, Veda Parayana also has been arranged across Chennai. We wish you all to utilize this opportunity and request you to participate in the parayana closer to your home, whenever possible.

To know HariVayuStuthi/ SundaraKaanda/ MadhwaNaama parayana schedule, click HERE.
To know about Veda Parayana schedule click HERE.

Hare Srinivasa!

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