Sri MadhwaNaama Parayana Launch – Poornaprajna Vidyapeetah – Bangalore

Hare Srinivasa!

On Saturday, October 5 2013, there was a colorful gathering of about 200 mahilaas at Poornaprajna Vidyapeettah from various locations of Bangalore up to a radius of 30 km. There was a group joined the parayana from Dhawanagere also which is about 200 km from Bangalore. People started pouring in from 3:00 PM onwards.

Yes! All these were the enthusiastic participants in the Sri MaddwaNaama parayana launch by our LHVSMP Samithi lead by Dr. Sri Raghu. FIFTEEN Bajana Mandalees each one represented between 5 to 15 members participated totaling about 160 mahilaas. Apart from this, there were individuals, around 50 mahilaas joined from different areas.

After registering their contact details and No .of attendees from each Bajan Mandalee at the registration counter, all mahilaas were welcomed by handing over of the Thamboola bag containing the Mangala items along with Kobri Chooru, Dhakshna and a colorful photo of Sriman ACHARIYAR on one side and His three avatars of HANUMA BHEEMA MADHWA on the other side.

At sharp 4 PM, the participants of the Parayana were addressed by Sri S. VENUGOPAL – coordinator of LHVSMPS activities in Karnataka who made a brief summary of Samithi’s intentions of taking Sri HariVayuStuthi and Sri MadhwaNaama to each and every doorsteps of sajjanas, specially to all Madhwa Homes.

They were requested to make sure that these parayanas are conducted in their homes ,as well as in houses whose ladies are nonmembers of any Bajan Samithi. Dr. Raghu was introduced as Rig Vedha Adyaienee, who is also Samithi’s mentor along with Sri Bheema Rao and Sri Sriram who have come all the way from Chennai.

Dr. Raghu in his inaugural address, stressed the necessity and importance of having parayanas in Homes by which we can import our values to our Youngsters. Further by these parayanas, one can develop unity and rapport within our community irrespective of the various bedhas such as regional, mata and languages spoken etc. It is our responsibility to bring every Madhwa into Madhwa philosophy irrespective of all diversities. If our Children have to get married in accordance with our Sanathana Dharma, it is our duty to import the values as preached by Sriman Acharyaru. Therefore these parayanas must take place in every home, not once in a blue moon but regularly. One should not be shy of asking the Samithi for parayana in their house nor one should neglect anyone who is not willing to have parayana in his/ her house. In such case, Samithi is ready to do the parayana in the road in front of their house so that Samithi has not failed in its duty.

Dr. Raghu explained how we must give our respects to Sriman Acharya by reciting Madwashtaka and Guru prarthana in the beginning. Every one has to take sankalpa that they will perform these parayanas in their homes.

With this note, Madhwashtaka was taught, followed by Guruprarthana and Sankalpa after which chanting of MadhwaNaama commenced at 4:30 and completed by 5:00 PM with two avartees.

After mangalarthi and prasadam distribution, Dr. Raghu was felicitated with Gurudhakshana by Smt. & Sri. Muralinath who took all initiative in organizing this parayana. Coffee and snacks were distributed to all.

Please utilize this opportunity and contact bangalore co-ordinator and fix up parayana at your residence soon.

Hare Srinivasa!

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One Response to Sri MadhwaNaama Parayana Launch – Poornaprajna Vidyapeetah – Bangalore

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Good. Sri. Venugopal,Karnataka, coordinator’s efforts are paying rich dividends.

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