Nanguneri Parayana & Nava Tirupathi trip – Excerpts

Hare Srinivasa!

LHVSMPS Trust wanted to have a HVS & LS, MN Parayana in Nanguneri (Vanamamalai) a swayamvakta skehtra on 8 & 9th September with the kind consent of HH the jeer of the vanamamali mutt. HH was happy and Blessed the organization and participants of the parayana. He also said that he may be away @ New Delhi for chaturmasa. Nevertheless, he asked the samithi to go ahead with the parayana. The participants were from Karnataka, Andhra, Maharashtra & TamilNadu. Many of the participants wanted a postponement of date as 8th Sep 13 was Gowri Pooja and 9th was Vinayaka Chaturthi.


Once again, LHVSMP Samithi’s mentor Dr. Raghu & co-ordinator, Sri GS Ragothama Rao went to Nanguneri and asked for a change of date and HH readily agreed for a change and the same was slated for 23 & 24 Nov 2013.

HH was happy and said that he would be along with the Samithi and was ready to help the samithi for conducting the parayana. The date was announced as early as 1st Aug 13. It was also decided by the Samithi to take on pilgrimage to Nava Tirupathi (NT) & Tiruchendur on 23rd Nov and have HVS & MN parayana on 24 Nov @ Nanguneri Thothadrinathan Temple.

Registration commenced as early as 10th Aug for Nava Tirupathi trip and for HVS, LS & MN parayana. Sri Bheema Rao of Chidambaram, Smt Bagyalakshmi Sridhar of villivakkam & Madipakkam Smt Shanthi Subba Rao was asked to accept the registrations for the NT Trip. Likewise, Sri Gururajan & Sri Rajagopal Rao from Madurai, Smt. Padma Panduranga rao were asked to register for HVS parayana @ a fee of Rs.100/- along with Triplicane Ice house Guru & Cuddalore Guru. Madipakkam Sri Krishnan was asked to register for the sankalpa sradha. Last date was fixed as 31 Aug 2013.

Further to the popular demand from the devotees, Samithi extended the registration date till 30 Sep. With all these announcements much ahead in time, Samithi still received many requests for registrations much past the deadline.

Nava Tirupathi

Sri. Baskar, secy. of KTC staff association, was kind enough to arrange all the 9 buses for NT trip with the permission of his superiors. He also arranged to receive the persons on the day of 23rd Nov morning @ 4:30AM. A mantapa in Kurukkuthurai was booked for the members to come and stay overnight of 22nd and to take bath in the early morning @ Thamirabarani river and leave for pilgrimage.

As good as 570 persons joined the pilgrimage. Local Thamirabarani Bhajana mandali’s help was sought for receiving the pilgrims on 23rd who were to come by KK & Chendur Exp. Sri. Shivakumar, Dt. Secy, THAMBRAS help was also sought to escort the pilgrims. TVS people had made good work in the temples of NT for Dharshan. Though the pilgrims were asked to reach Tirunelveli only on 23rd morning, several devotees had reached on 22nd itself. Though everyone was asked to let know the Samithi to arrange for their food and stay well in advance, the samithi was surprised to see about 300 members much more than the expected numbers and hence space had become a constraint. Many devotees were asking for separate rooms which the Samithi could not afford. It is worth to note that Samithi had announced only dormitory accommodation would be provided.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By 5AM on 23rd morning, the devotees who stayed overnight was ready to leave for NT. First two buses started from the spot @ 6:30AM. Further, by about 8:30AM, all the 9 buses left for the NT trip. One after the other, all the 9 temples at SriVaikundam, Natham, Thiruppulingudi, Perungulam, Irattai Thiruppathi (2), ThenThirupperai, Thirukolur and Alwarthirunagari were covered. Afternoon Lunch was cooked/ arragned @ AlwarThirunagari itself. After finishing the lunch, all the buses were directed to Thiruchendur and then further to drop everyone @ Nagnuneri. Pilgrims also enjoyed few minutes in the beach @ Tiruchendur. A visible satisfaction was seen in everyones face for the NT trip arrangements.

All the pilgrims had their dinner @ Dhanalakshmi Kalyana mantap arranged by the Samithi. Apart from this, vanamamalai Kalyana mantap, ramanuja kootam, Ramanuja school were arranged for devotee’s stay. As the gathered pilgrim’s numbers was much more than the planned one, above arrangements were not enough. Local resident Smt. Krishnaveni was of immense help to the Samithi arranging several houses in the Nanguneri village for the pilgrim’s stay.

HVS, LS & MN Parayana

At 6:30AM on 24 Nov, the counters were setup for the distribution of the tokens to LS, MN & HVS parayana. Sacred Lakshmi Shobane & MadhwaNaama parayana commenced exactly @ 7:30AM with Dr. Raghu chanting the Madhwashtaka. Smt. Shanthi Subba Rao, Smt Uma Upendran & co started Madhwanaama followed with Lakshmi Shobane. As good as 400 Sumngali’s were present and chanting went in a orderly manner and the first program concluded @ 8:30AM. It was a wonderful sight to watch the gathering & chanting and that too inside the premises of the Thothadrinathan temple. After the parayana, Samithi volunteers directed the crowd in an orderly fashion for dharshan of the lord.


HVS parayana with Madhwashtaka commenced at 9:00AM and one purascharana was chanted again in a synchronous manner. About 550+ devotees chanted the sacred HariVayuStuthi. Sankara TV, a local channel Mayuri TV, televised the parayana. The parayana concluded @ 11AM.

After the HVS parayana, all the devotees repeated the GranthaMalika & Yantrodaraka Hanumath stotra with Dr Sri Raghu directing.
After all the parayana, Sankalpa Sradha was conducted in the Mantap in a detailed fashion, followed by Teerthaprasada. Preference were given to the Bangalore devotees who were to leave early to catch their return train. Samithi has also arranged a small box of tiffin for the devotee’s dinner on their way back and was distributed to everyone.
Further to these, in the only interest to help the devotees, KTC buses were arranged from the Mantap itself to drop everyone @ Tirunelveli Railway station. Everyone was asked to book for the return trip earlier during the two days, but some have not booked and were looking for seats in the last minute.

Among the dignitaries who were present was Sri K Govindan, a leading astrologer of Tirunelveli; Sri Mookandi, another distinguished astrologer of Tirunelveli; Sri Shivakumar, the Dt. President of TAMBRAS, Tirunelveli; Smt. Padmaja Ananthapadmanabhan of Tirunelveli who has written plenty of books; Sri. Janardhana Rao, ex congressman of T’veli. Smt. Bhuvaneswari Nilakanthan, councilor or Ravanasamudram and a few others.


HH, the jeer was very happy that HIS thirunakshatram function commenced on 24 & followed on 25 & 26 Nov. The function commenced with LS, MN & HariVayuStuthi chanting and that was mentioned in HIS speech he made for the Sankara TV.

Overall it had been a great opportunity for every madhwa who have attended this event enabling them to be around with like minded sajjanas for 2 days.

LHVSMP Samithi wanted to thank the following members who were the reason for the successful conduct of the event.
HH the Jeer of Vanamamamalai mutt
The temple authorities
Prop. Dhanalakshmi Kalyana Mantap
Murugan sound service
M/s K Govindan & Mookandi
Tamaraparani Bhajana Mandali
Smt. Krishnaveni Nambi
The principal, Ramanujam School, Nanguneri
Vanamamalai Mantap,
KTC bus transports
All the donors
Madurai, Chennai & All the volunteers

& all others whom were not mentioned and were responsible for making this 2 day programme a grand success.

To view the photos of the event, pls CLICK HERE.
To leave your valuable comments CLICK HERE.

Hare Srinivasa!

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19 Responses to Nanguneri Parayana & Nava Tirupathi trip – Excerpts

  1. dr.R.vijendrarao says:

    What a gathering. A sea of madhwa humanity may thousand not known to each other but known for HVS as group congregating in a small village in the temple premises is a spectacle to watch.It was a wonderful journey for 20 us who made our own arrangements of stay. causing less burden to samithi. Thanks to Gopalkrishnan of Bangalore for taking care of us. We had excellent darshan in all temples. The lunch provided on 23 rd in uttaradhi mutt dr.raghu inviting every body for the same enquring about all participants was a honour and shows the humility of our mentor. What a hot and tasty bisibelabath(very hot denoting the name) .with banana chips and ooraga and thyru saadam.It was very very sumptous. What a courtesy extended by voluenteers.All of us should learn as how to treat an athidhi. The HVS was chanted by more than 500 people in same chorus and Dr.Raghus style(which i have been following) and literally i was weeping out of happiness and thanking vayu devaru for giving this opprtunity to be a part of participation. What a thirda prasada served…my hats of to all the organizers..It was a vanabhojana for us in the month of karthika masa.As promised bangalore people were fed first with all love and care. EVery where and always we witnessed DISPLINE Which is very difficult to follow in other groups. MY Hats of to DR.Raghu and his team for enforcing su.

  2. dr.R.vijendrarao says:

    for enforcing such a discipline.We conducted a mega event in bangalore 2 years back and for the first time i attended a mega event in T>N>..IT was a religious gain and great honour to meet so many sajjans. There were no complaint and only appreciations. I learnt a lot and happy to be a part of LHVSMPS, Bangalore chapter. WE wish that we conduct such a mega event In Karnataka also.Hari sarvottama- vayu jeevotham. @ years back i dont know hari vayustuthi,. But a visit to UV Jaganatharao(jaganathan(mumbai) who arranged HVS parayana in his daughters house in Bangalore and our coordinator Venugopal who lead the parayana 2 years back changed me totally.Now i am totally involved in this “yagna”, and i have witnessed many good things happening to our family.My hearfelt congratulations to Dr.Raghu,Raghothaman,Madhukar, gopalrao, bhimarao,,vijayendran, ramakanth,Dhrapuram gururajan, sekhar whom i know and many others.UV jaganathan ,my relative,with his family has come all the way from Mumbai to attend this program.Time is not far away where we can expect madhwas staying abroad also join for such mega events. on behalf more than 90 participants from Karnataka(bangalore) and my own behalf, I once again congratulate LHVSMPS T under the guidance of our mentor Dr.raghu.and his team

  3. dr.R.vijendrarao says:

    These comments have come from the bottom of my heart and are not just a group of words. Dr.R.VIjendrarao,Sientist -G(retd.) Group Co-Ordinator Research, Institutetute of Wood Science &Technology, Bangalore 560003.. One of my close relative and former vice -Chancellor of Manipal International made one comment worth mentioning here” IF one wants to know the meaning of Discipline and time management one has to ATTEND sush mega events organized by LHVSMPS”. my kudos.thanks

    • Madhukar says:

      The LHVSMPS TRUST takes this opportunity to thank Dr.Vijendra Rao, for his valuable & positive feedback. The Samiti however wishes to reiterate & reinforce its mission of Mane-Mane Parayana and once again seeks the whole-hearted support & assistance of all Madhwas to strengthen our hands in ensuring that all Madhwa house holds are covered across the country.

  4. IIshrIpatirmAnadOnaHII
    Namaskara Ellarigu!!

    We all had a blissful and divine experience when we went to Nanguneri (abode of Sri Totadrinathan – swayamvyakta Vishnu Sannidhi) to attend a Mega Event of SHVSP organised by LVHVSMP Samiti, where in 732 sajjanas took part and 350 mahilas participated in Madhwa Nama & Lakshmi Shobhane Parrayana.

    The event was very well planned and executed too. Thanks to Dr.Raghu of Chennai and his dedicated team.

    A stupendous task!!! The arrangements were spic and span…despite Nanguneri(Totadri) being a small village. High light of the Mega event was a kid chanted HVS shlokas by heart with so much clear and sound pronounciation..

    Among other things, the most blissful experience was that HVS Parayana was held in the very premises of the main deity – Sri Totadrinathan wherein avtaratraya Sri MadAchryaru was hailed in the VishishtAdwaita shrine with so much of devotion with apt concentration. This is possible only with the grace of HVG galu and speaks of Acharyara mahime…

    We could also visit, 9 Vishnu Sannidhanas (popularly known as Nava Tirupati) and Tiruchendur ( Subramanya Temple) on the sea shore as part of the Mega event. Thanks to well thought of tour by the organisers of LVHVSMP Samiti.

    We were fortunate to have darshana of Alagiri Ranganatha and Meenakshi temples at Madurai in our sojourn.

    I am sure we all learnt a lot of things from this event from planning, organising and execution point of view.

    By the grace of HVG galu, everything went on well.

    I heartily congratulate Dr Raghu and his team who worked relentlessly for this event to happen in such a grand scale.

    BTW, some of the snaps taken during the Mega event can be viewed from the below link.

    Happy viewing…

    What a memorable event!!!!! Hats off to Dr Raghu and his untiring team…

    I on behalf of my team, thank every one of LVHVSMP Samithi and all participants for their co operation to make it a grand success.
    Our thanks are also due to Sri S Venugopal and Raghavendran of B’lore, who guided us for all the activities right from registration to the end of our return journey.

    HS VJ….
    ARAVIND MADABHAVI , Bangalore..

    • Madhukar says:

      While thanking Sri.Arvind Madabhavi (of Bangalore) for his positive feed back, the Samiti takes this opportunity to seek his support & help in strengthening the hands of the Samiti’s local co-ordinator, Sri Venugopal, in extending the Mane-Mane Parayana not only to other areas in Bangalore but also to other centres in Karnataka besides extending its reach to his acquaintances in other centres in other States. .


        II anaMdatIrtha parAnaMda varada II
        Thank you Sri Madhukar for your suggestion to extend help to Sri Venugopal.

        We are in touch on a regular basis. I assure you that all help, assistance and support will be always available from my side to Samiti.

        We will work out a strategy soon to propagate Mane- Mane Pararyana in other Centres of Karnataka.

        HS VJ…

  5. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Thank you for sharing the photos of the event. I thank the organisers of this Mega event. I also thank Dr. Vijendra Rao, Scientist, of Bangalore.(whose comments are seen above). I am eagerly looking forward to LHVSMPS team’s visit to Mumbai, shortly.

    • Madhukar says:

      While thanking Sri Jagannathan of Mumbai for the good words expressed by him, it acknowledges the support of Sri Jagannathan in organising the Parayana in different parts of Mumbai, and requests him to extend its reach to other areas of Mumbai.

  6. very happy to watch a huge sajjans and parayana and great temples and wonderful plan..i felt as if i have joind the gathering by watching the program on sankara t.v. and awesome management. thank u… looking forward to next mega progamme….hat’s off to all. keep it up

    • Madhukar says:

      The Samiti thanks Mrs.Lakshmi Balagadde for appreciating the efforts of the Samiti in organising the mega event. However, we wish to inform her that Mane-Mane parayana of Madhwa Nama & Lakshmi Shobane is being held in various houses in Chennai. She is welcome to join them after getting the details thereof from our representatives, Mrs. Shanthi Subba Rao (044-2247 1996) & Sri Ram Prasad (98416 78476). She can also arrange for such a parayana in her house (if not already done so earlier).

  7. N. Ragavendran says:

    Thanks for the Organizers. It was a memorable event and I wish to participate in the forthcoming events also.

    • Madhukar says:

      Dear Raghavendran,
      We take this opportunity to request you to keep viewing our web site for details of all future programmes that are being planned. Also, please ensure that all the youngsters in your family are involved in the parayanas thereby facilitating their efforts in being exposed to the Tattvavada philosophy of our Great Acharyaru. Trust that the HVS & MN & LS parayanas have already been held in your house ; if not please get in touch with the Samiti’s representatives for holding them in your house. Besides, please try to attend our regular Mane-Mane paryanas being held in various houses (wherever possible) which will facilitate your mastery over the chaste chanting of the HVS. The Samiti wishes to thank you for your participation and requests you to help in extending the reach of the parayana to other centres not only in TN but also outside.

      With Warm Regards,

  8. Pandurengan n. says:

    It was an event which will remain forever in the minds of devoees of Sri Hari Vayu.. Group from Bangalore started on 21st Nov. itself and on 22nd reached Madurai and the arrangement by the volunteers of Madurai Shri Gururajan and others were excellent. We had a comfortable ablutions in Bangur Choultry of Madurai very near to Rly.Station and started to Thirumogur for the darshan of Sri Kalamega Perumal. Then we visited the Meenakshi temple and had a darshan of Goddess Meenakshmi. The Lunch at Sri Raghavendraswamy Mutt of Madurai was nice enjoyed by all the devotees. thanks to the Madurai volunteers for having arranged such a sumptuous lunch. After relaxing for some time the group went to the station and caught the train to Tirunelveli. The trip was enjoyable all through. In Tirunelveli Junction Buses were ready to take us to the choultry . After reaching the choultry we wre surprised to see nice Idly and curd rice palagralam was arranged Really the dinner was beautifu; I wondered how the idly was prepared for all devotees. Most of the devotees were not sleeping at all. Most of the devotees got up by 3.a.m. itself and had dip in Tabrabarani river and performed sankalpa and puja. It was a scene to be seen. Many devotees had brought along with them the Saligrama and performd puja in the nearby mantapa. By 6.30 am. all were ready to have the Nava Triupati trip. Buses were ready to takr the devotees. The wonder was for breakfast hot pongal and idly was supplied in the Bus itself.. The darshan in all the Temples were nice except one place were the curtain welcomed us. Due to paucity of time w could not wait for the lift of curtrain. The moolavars of Kethu, Sani, Raaghu and Alwar Thirunagari were beautiful. . The lunch arranged at UM of Alwar Thirunagari was something beyond mere appreciastion. The lady volunteers did excellent job. The lunch was very tasty and hot. I wondered in such a small village such a huge flow devotees was managed . Imeditely after lunch the next trip was to Thiruchendur. As against the caution of heavy rush and darshan would a long time we had the darshan of the Lord Velmurugan just in 10 mts and had a good leasure time to be spent in the beach. It was a nice experience all of us to be in the beach and enjoy the waves washing our feet. We were taken in time into the Bus towrds to Nangunery our final destination. The rain in some places played spoil sports. Nevertheless we reached Nanguneri in time and reached our shelter, the Ramanujam School. We had enough rest and in the early morning finished our ablution and walked to the temple which was hardly 100 mtrs away. The darshan of Lord Thothadri Nathan was beautiful. The volunteers had made nice arrangement for the seatng of devotees for the Madhwa Nama and HVS Parayanas. First ladies were seated in the front rows and their Madhwanama and Lakshmi shobhane recital were conducted in a beautiful note and by 8.30 a.m. the ladies were asked to go for darshan in an orderly manner. The men were asked to surge forward in an ordrly mannetr to avoid chaos. The discipline with which the seating and the following recital of HVS parayana by all the 500 odd devotees was a scene whch the Lord Thothadri Nathan might have enjoyed and blessed the organisers and deevotees. Immediately after the HV S Parayana the devotees went to the Kalyana Mantapa where arrangement was ready for the performance of Sanakpa shrardha to be performed by the Devotees. About 100 devotees performed the Shrardha in that pithru kshethra and pleased their ancesters. Immeditely after the shrardha lunch also was served thereitrself to enable the Bangalore devotees to catch their train. Beautiful parcel was given containing Uppit and Jangri, to the devotees for the night palahara. Bus arrangment was also a laudable one since buses were ready at the Kalayana Mantapa itself. The devotees were comfortably transported to Tirunelveli Jn and we coul;d catch the train without any problem. Overall the arrangement by the LHVSMPS Trust was super and the services of the volunteers from first to last was excellent. I expressed my sentiments to Shri Ragothama Rao that the services of the volunteers and the tasty food prepared by the cooks stand first and then only the services of leaders come.. Khudos to the Samithi and its leaders and volunteers for having planned and executed such a large scale event in a meticulous manner and made the devotees happy and cherish the event for ever.
    N. Pandurengan,
    54, HMT Layout, 7th Cross,
    RT Nagar, Bangalore-560032.

    • Madhukar says:

      Dear Sri Pandurengan, Namaskar.
      At the outset, the Samiti takes this opportunity to thank all the participants for making the Nanguneri event a successful one. The Samiti is firmly of the opinion that our Great Acharya always leads us in undertaking the mega parayanas but for whose grace and blessings it is well nigh impossible to even think of holding such events let alone conducting the same. While the primary aim of the Samiti in conducting such parayanas is to create awareness about the sacredness of Sri Hari Vayu Stuti and the benefits of its Mane-Mane parayana by taking these parayanas to the doorsteps of our Madhwa brethren in helping them attain spiritual upliftment, it is high time such parayanas are taken to various Madhwa houses across the country to cover a wide cross section of people by joining hands with the Samiti which is the paramount need of the hour particularly in the present context of dwindling traditional and cultural values and spiritual ethos of this Great Bharat Rashtra, increasingly finding our community in the crossroads of history slowly drifting away from the mainstream. It is earnestly trusted that our members from Bangalore will lend us a helping hand in extending its reach to various centres not only within the state but also outside. The Samiti sincerely seeks the assistance and cooperation of all members to strengthen its hands in fulfilling its aim.

      The Samiti wishes to thank one and all who had actively participated in the mega parayana.

      For & On behalf of LHVSMPS TRUST-CHENNAI,

  9. baskaran says:

    photos of nangunery event not coming kindly check. Baskaran,Velachery, Chennai.

  10. dr.R.vijendrarao says:

    dear madhkar: thanks for your reply. In fact i was a little apprehensive about mane -mane parayana in malleswaram area. then while talking to Dr.raghu some idea stuck me in our bangalore meet. we started with sajjans who participate regularly. look. the response was great. for the last 2 months on every sunday we have HVS parayana in some house or other. now there is a queue of requests till march. every thing is His grace.Now people are coming with a request with a sankalpa mostly for marriage performance in their house.thanks and my previous janma sukrutam i am involved with LHVSMPS samithi for this cause

  11. Madhukar says:

    Dear Sri Rao,
    Thanks for your response. The Samiti is firmly of the opinion that it is our Great Acharya who gives the lead always and we are very happy to note that Mane-Mane parayana has gained momentum in Bangalore judging by the details given by you. This is certainly a welcome feature. At this juncture, the Samiti feels that we should encourage more and more parayanas by highlighting the Samiti’s mission at every parayana session so that the message goes across faster enabling all the people to avail the opportunity sooner or later and serve as a platform for extending its reach to other centres. Thanks once again not only for your support and help in propagating the ideals of the Samiti but also Team-Bangalore in achieving it.
    Let Hari Vayu Gurugalu Bless One and All.

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