Recent Nanguneri Parayana – A query by a devotee

Hare Srinivasa!

Mail received by the LHVSMPS TRUST – CHENNAI reproduced here below:

A Devotee, Vijayendran commented on Nanguneri Parayana vide his mail dt 01/12/2013:

I am one of the blessed participant in Nanguneri mega and the event was well organized. Thanks to Dr.Raghu and team for the detailed arrangements made for this event.
As the samithi grows across cities & across various states, I would like to bring an important point to administrators attention. I was just checking with my relative in krishnagiri why he not attended the Nanguneri Mega. But I surprised to hear from him that he along with others in krishnagiri attended Harivayustuthi Parayana program at Salem on the same day. Even though there is no harm in chanting HVS across various places, it is quite surprising to note that those who were chanting regularly on samiti’s behalf for the past few years are attending some other event rather than attending the event organized by its parent – LHVSMPS at Nanguneri that too on the same day.
Just like other devotees, I also aware of the Samithi’s efforts to bring awareness among Tamil Nadu madhwas by visiting various cities & villages for the past few years.
I request the Samithi Administrators to take this seriously and make some cautious steps to protect & retain LHVS’s unique identity and the hard earned reputation by bringing in some controls across its network so that others shouldn’t misuse either LHVS name or its participants.


Response of LHVSMPS TRUST-CHENNAI, to the mail of 1st Dec, 2013 received from Sri Vijayendran:

“The points raised in his mail were duly noted and the Samiti’s response is given here under besides thanking him for his participation and for his appreciation of the event.

At the outset, I am advised to inform all our devotees that other than the mahaa Hari Vayu Stuti parayana organized by our Samiti in Nanguneri (one of the eight Swayam Vyakta Kshetras) on Sunday, 24/11/2013, no other Hari Vayu Stuti (HVS) Parayana was either arranged or authorized by the LHVSMPS TRUST-CHENNAI (hereinafter called “SAMITI”), under its banner, on the said date, either in Chennai or elsewhere.

However, in order to put the record straight and to avoid any confusion and misgivings in the minds of our devotees, we have to inform that, further to the request received by the Samiti for holding a mega HVS parayana on 24/11/2013, our representatives discussed the issue for finalizing the preliminary arrangements required to be taken for holding the same, which however did not materialize due to their obduracy and absence of positive communication despite the Samiti having put in sincere efforts in organizing it. As such this proposal was duly dropped from the Samiti’s schedule of events.

All our devotees are very well aware that all the parayanas arranged by the Samiti from time to time, are being arranged solely for universal good and well being and for the welfare of all Madhwa brethren, the Samiti holding the strong and firm view that by doing such parayanas for the well being and good of all, the incidental and individual prayers of one and all will be answered by Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu as is being experienced over the years. 

Further, all our devotees are aware that originally the HVS parayana in Nanguneri Temple, was fixed for Sunday, the Sep 8th, 2013 (which information had been put up in our web site) and the parayana had to be postponed pursuant to the receipt of requests from a large number of devotees citing Gauri habba (on Sept, 8th) and Sri Vinayaka Chathurthi festival on the following day (i.e., on Sept, 9th). Besides, His Holiness the Jeer of Vanamamalai Mutt in Nanguneri had informed us that he will not be available in the town during Sept, 2013, due to the observance of chaathur maasa vratha in northern India.

The Samiti, considering all the aspects decided to postpone the parayana to Sunday, Nov, 24th, 2013, which incidentally coincided with the beginning of the janma nakshatra celebrations of HH, the Jeer.

The news of postponement and the fixing of the revised date of the HVS parayana at NANGUNERI were duly updated in the Samiti’s web site then and there to enable all our devotees to plan their schedule accordingly and participate in the Samiti’s mega HVS parayana re-scheduled for Sunday, 24th Nov, 2013.  

Accordingly, the mahaa MADHWA NAMA/LAKSHMI SHOBHANA and HVS parayanas were duly conducted inside the Nanguneri Temple premises on Sunday, the Nov, 24th, 2013  and the Samiti is happy to inform that the HH Jeer had blessed our parayana session by his august presence and by inaugurating it and conveying his sincere blessings to one and all. 

The Samiti sincerely requests all our Madhwa brethren to join us in our endeavour to unite all Madhwas under one platform sans any divisions, for the purpose of their spiritual and religious enlightenment. After all, Sri Hari Vayu Stuti parayana is being conducted for universal peace and well being of all people cutting across all man-made barriers.

We sincerely trust that all our devotees will continue to support the Samiti in its endeavour by participating in the parayanas organized by LHVSMPS TRUST in large numbers and by bringing in more and more people into the Samiti’s fold. The details of all our activities are being updated periodically in our web site ( and as such we request all our devotees to view it regularly.

We, however, request our devotees to bring to our attention issues if any that they feel will affect our individual identity (assiduously built over the years) and enable the Samiti to take timely and suitable corrective action in order to maintain its name, standard and credibility and continue to serve the cause of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu with increased vigour and enthusiasm and in the process enabling all our brethren to improve their Jnana, Bhakti and Vairagya.    

Ever In the Services of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu,

For & On behalf of the LHVSMPS TRUST-CHENNAI

(Madhukar K S)

Authorized Signatory

Hare Srinivasa!


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16 Responses to Recent Nanguneri Parayana – A query by a devotee

  1. R.Subbarayan says:

    I appreciate the activities of the samithi for the welfare of madhwas community. At the same time made a request to the samithi to include the willing persons who bears the cost of journey when they visiting to other states which I have already told to the executive members instead of sending only selected committee members itself.Please consider this in future.Thank you for the committee to perform such mega events frequently to involve all madhwas in one unit.
    R.Subbarayan,retd Postmaster, Chennai-600 044.

    • Madhukar says:

      While the Samiti thanks Sri Subbarayan for participating in our events and appreciating its activities. At the outset, the Samiti would like to reiterate that our Adi Guru, Sri Madhwacharyaru, is with us and guiding us from time to time in conducting parayanas at various Centres. The Samiti wishes to thank all the volunteers who had been assisting and supporting us for taking the parayanas to various centres by spreading its wings. While the Samiti requires more and more volunteers to extend its reach far and wide, the Samiti would like to ensure that people who are drafted for outstation parayanas are fully conversant with the correct rendering of not only Sri Hari Vayu Stuti but also Madhwanamaa and other stotras so that persons at other centres are given an opportunity to recite them accurately which, as you will agree, will enhance the power of chanting. You are welcome to contact our Samiti’s mentor Dr.Raghu and other coordinators for getting yourself enrolled for outstation parayanas. We thank you for having made the offer to the Samiti and wish you good luck and success in improving the standards of rendering on a continuous basis. Let Hari Vayu Gurugalu bless all.

  2. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    I dont see any problem in some devotees chanting Hari Vayu Stuti on 24.11.2013, at Salem. What is the harm in it? Even if it is under the same banner. Those who have chanted at Salem might have some domestic problems for travelling all the way to Naanguneri. We must be glad the Parayana took place there also. If you see like that on 10.11.2013, In Bangalore alone more than at 4 places and in Mysore and at another place in Karanataka, the Parayana held under the same banner. All will not be able to attend to any Mega Parayana taking place at any place. What is wrong if the persons those who are not able to attend the Mega Parayana at one place chanting at other place on the same day? Nowadays, in Bangalore at Malleswaram and Koramangala/HSR Layout simultaneous Parayanas are being held under the same banner. Hope Sri Vijendran will agree with my views.

    • Vijayendran says:

      Thanks to Samithi for publishing my views.

      I never told that devotees shouldn’t attend other events of Harivayustuthi. Please refer my wordings “there is no harm in chanting HVS across various places”.

      Please do not compare the regular Sunday weekly parayana conducted at various places with the Mahaa Parayana (mega event). I have been regularly seeing in website that in chennai & bangalore Sunday parayana being conducted across various locations & devotees are attending wherever possible & that is different.

      When it comes to Mega Event – If few persons attend Salem (organized by others) and few attend Nanguneri (organized by LHVS) , then this question or the concern doesn’t arise. But after conducting regular parayana for almost few years under LHVS banner, on the very same day, if everyone from that location is attending salem event (not organized by LHVS), that sounds alarming. Whenever a mega happens (organized by LHVS), I feel it is the duty and responsibility of all LHVS network locations to come forward, participate and render complete support for the success of LHVS mega which is being conducted for Lokakshema. This will be the real Guru Dakshine from all locations to samithi for the amount of awareness, guidance & support provided by the LHVS Samithi to all locations.

  3. Madhukar says:

    Dear Sri Vijayendran,
    While Sri Jagannathan has since been made aware of the circumstances and the background thereof, the Samiti sincerely endorses and appreciates your views ” I feel it is the duty and responsibility of all LHVS network locations to come forward, participate and render complete support for the success of LHVS mega which is being conducted for Lokakshema. This will be the real Guru Dakshine from all locations to samithi for the amount of awareness, guidance & support provided by the LHVS Samithi to all locations.”
    Thanks for your continued support to the LHVSMPS.

  4. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Thanks to Sri. Madhukar and Sri Vijendran for necessary clarification. U V JAGANNATHAN

  5. S. Sethumadhavan says:

    I agree with Sri Jagannathan. The use of the word “abduracy” does not appear to be in good sense. Will the LHVSMPS come forward to tell us on which issue they were abdurate?. The Hari Vayu Stuti is not the copy right of any body. It can be chanted by anybody and at any place.

  6. Raja Rao says:

    On the comment with the subject line as “Recent Nanguneri Parayana – A query by a devotee”,

    While the question is very genuine in the interest of the Samithi and the reply by Samithi stands good to be adequate to get the picture, I would like to add the following points,

    Conducting parayana in local area which is far away from the Mega Parayana area, may be looked with the difference for some reasons,

    1. Like the elder people may not be able to travel far distance

    2. Due to family/ official reasons not able to attend the Mega parayana etc,

    and still wish to do the parayana on the same day ( this can be captured in the weekly parayana head in our website. In fact this enables the local people to continue the weekly parayana.

    In the event of Sri Hari Seva, such meager issues can be neglected and as always there will be some like and dislike stuffs . But as we go towards the MATURED HARI BHAKTHI AND HAVING A SINGLE AIM OF REACHING THIS HOLINESS, ALL OTHER STUFFS ARE IMMATERIAL. So let’s have this kind of mind set and create the same in others .

    Hare Srinivasa!
    Raja Rao

    • Madhukar says:

      Dear Sri Raja Rao,
      Thanks a lot for your response. The Samiti fully agrees with your views and are indeed thankful to you for the same. We seek your continued support and cooperation in taking this parayana to other levels for the welfare of our Madhwa brethren and the community as a whole.

  7. Madhukar says:

    Dear Sri Sethumadhavan,
    Thanks for your response. At the outset, I take it that when you are agreeing to Jagannathan’s views, you are agreeing to both his mails. If that be so, then the matter has to rest at that. However, you have raised objection to the usage of the word “abduracy” ; actually the word used by me is “obduracy”. I sincerely trust that you have gone thro’ my mail response fully (when the devotee who originally raised the issue is satisfied and sent a second response which clearly in no uncertain terms appreciates the Samiti’s work).

    As regards the usage of the word, I would like to clarify that the word means obstinacy, stubbornness, inflexibility. Now, can you pls inform whether you attend our parayanas regularly besides the one held recently at Nanguneri ? With all the emphasis available at my command I would like to emphasise, reiterate and repeat that the Samiti is also of the firm opinion that Sri Hari Vayu Stuti is not anybody’s copyright and that it can be recited by any individual anywhere but the objection is only towards the usage of the Samiti’s banner and platform for conducting it without our explicit consent as the Samiti is of the firm opinion that any parayana arranged or organised under the Samiti’s banner will have to strictly conform to the rules and regulations set forth by the Samiti from time to time and by following the procedure set by it and not otherwise. I think we need not extend this correspondence beyond this point and I seek your permission to rest the issue as it is. If you still require any further clarification please contact the Samiti in person so that you can discuss this with our mentor and coordinator.

  8. narasimhan J says:

    more the parayana more the growth of unity of our strength; let us discuss and move forward; Always the organisation, i feel, is for the people, by the people and for the purpose *sarvajana sukinobhavanthu; as it is pointed out this msg is not continuation of above topic but a general feed back from a dvotee.

  9. S. Sethumadhavan says:

    Dear Shri Madhukar,
    Thanks for your reply and clarification.

  10. Madhukar says:

    Dear Sri Sethumadhavan,
    While thanking you for your response, please inform whether you are attending our regular parayana sessions and whether one such parayana has been held in your house ; if not, please get in touch with the Samiti’s representatives who will help you in fixing a date for the same.
    The basic aim of the Samiti is to ensure that all our Madhwa brethren join the mainstream and improve their level of tattva jnana and in turn be blessed by our Great Acharya. Besides, please help our Samiti by passing on this information to your friends and relatives (not necessarily at your place but at other places too) to enable them to utilise this opportunity for their good and for the good of our Samaja.

  11. N.SRIDHAR says:

    i am resident of Tuticorin and I wish to participate in the hari vayu stuthi parayana organized in and around tirunelveli. kindly provide me the contact number.

    Scientific Officer/F,

  12. Madhukar says:

    Dear Sri Sridhar, Namaskar.
    On behalf of the Samiti I would like to thank you for the interest shown by you in your wanting to participate in the Sri Hari Vayu Stuti Parayanas conducted by our Samiti from time to time. You may be aware that our Samiti had recently conducted a mega parayana event at Nanguneri on 24/11/2013 inside the precincts of the Tothadrinathan Temple with about 700 persons together with a Madhwa Nama-Lakshmi Shobane Parayana there with about 400 sumangalis.

    You may also be aware that our Samiti has been conducting HVS parayana in Madhwa houses all over Tamilnadu. Please utilise this opportunity and contact our Samit for getting a date for holding a parayana in your residence. We shall be thankful if you could inform all your Madhwa friends and relatives to assemble at your place so that 2 or 3 of our representatives from Chennai will visit you and conduct the parayana at a mutually convenient date. For fixing a parayana in your house, please contact Mr.G.S.Ragothama Rao (96772 28710) or Mr.Krishnan (94456 10856) or Mr.Subba Rao (044-22471996 / 98409 91060). Further, you may kindly contact Mr.Padmanabhan (99620 98992), our Samiti’s representative in Tirunelveli, who will share the details of the parayanas being held by us at various centres.

    We are pleased to invite you to attend all our parayanas wherever they are held the details of which will be made available and updated in our web site ( from time to time, besides please share these details with all your relatives/friends/acquaintances. Incidentally, it will be better if you can coordinate and organise our parayanas in all Madhwa houses in and around Tuticorin and get the dates well in advance so that we will be in a position to cover all Madhwa houses over a few days/weeks.

    We therefore request you to keep visiting our web site now and then for knowing the details of both Mane-Mane Parayana schedule (being held regularly in Madhwa houses in various Centres) and the mega parayana events conducted from time to time.

    Our Samiti has already conducted mega HVS parayana at Papparapatti (Dharmapuri Dist), Anjaneyar Temple, Nanganallur, Chennai, Rayara Mutt, Madurai, at Srimushnam on the banks of Dandateertha, Vidyapeeta Bangalore, Lord Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple, Sri Rayaru Mutt at Bharathi Nagar, Dharmapuri, to name a few. You may kindly visit our website for complete details in respect of all mega parayana events held in different locations till now.

    Let Sri Hari and Sri Vayu Devaru Bless All.

    With Kind Regards,
    Ever in the Service of Lord Sri Hari,
    Madhukar K S
    (044-2452 2185)

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