Hare Srinivasa!

The LHVSMPS & SSS are pleased to announce that with the bountiful blessings of our Great Acharya, Jagadguru Sriman Madhwacharya, the eagerly-awaited First Job Mela, held on Saturday, 7th June, 2014, in Madipakkam, Chennai, was a GRAND SUCCESS judging by the unanimous positive feedback received from the candidates who have uniformly appreciated the efforts of the Samiti in holding such an exclusive job mela which according to them has enabled them to improve their knowledge for facing the challenges of the future including facing an interview. The Samiti has been informed that this is the first of its kind in the State of Tamilnadu held exclusively for Madhwa boys and girls.
The Samiti places on record its sincere appreciation of the Guests,

1. Dr.C.B. Ragothaman, Professor and Head of Business Management, Rajalakshmi Group of Colleges, Chennai,

2. Sri. K.P.Krishna, Head-Corporate, Matchpoint,

3. Sri.N.Sridhar, Director, Tespa Tools P Ltd., &

4. Sri. Raveendran, representing the TEAM Group of Companies, Chennai

Job Mela

who attended the Job Mela and advised the candidates assembled there to face the interviews boldly and courageously and make a lasting impression in the minds of the interviewers so that they stand a very fair chance of being selected. Besides, giving useful and valid tips not only for facing the interviews but also for building up a good and appealing Curriculum Vitae (CV), the Guests exhorted the assembled candidates to ensure that due respects are shown to their parents (without neglecting them) which alone will keep them in good stead. As a matter of fact, they reiterated the teachings outlined in our Vedas, “Maatru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava, Athiti Devo Bhava”, which fact was duly highlighted and supported by our mentor, Dr.M.Raghu, M.A. PhD, who gave a clarion call to the candidates to develop the cult of Bhagavat Bhakthi. He called upon the youth to join the VASUDEVA PRARTHANA introduced by the Samiti recently. For more details on this, the concerned may please contact our representatives at different locations.
While advising the candidates to join the Samiti’s Hari Vayu Stuti and Madhwa Nama parayanas (Mane-Mane) regularly, Dr.Raghu, in his speech, highlighted the importance of seeking Sri Hari’s Blessings in all their endeavours in order to get quick and concrete results. He too called upon them to respect their parents reminding them that they (candidates) are what they are today because of the hard sacrifices made by them (parents).
Dr. Raghu drew the attention of the audience by likening the role of Sri Anjaneya in the beautiful Sundarakanda to the role of a Personal Secretary in the present day world stating that the present Management practices have already been duly expounded and in-built in the Great Epic, Srimad Ramayanam, serving as a powerful tool and a message to the posterity. To this end, he reminded the audience of the anecdote on the Mainaaka parvata, which obstructed the aerial route taken by Sri Hanuman while he was on a mission to locate Sow. Seeta in Ravana’s territory. Though the Mainaaka parvata wanted to help Sri Hanuman in return for the help received by it earlier as a mark of thanks giving, Sri Hanuman politely but firmly refused the offer of help as he wanted to continue on his mission with single minded devotion and without giving room for any delay and distraction thereby establishing his role as a dedicated Personal Secretary.
Further, the Samiti is very glad to inform that pursuant to the initial interviews, held towards the end of the programme, 11 of the 43 applications processed, were shortlisted for eventual postings in different Companies. Moreover, 12 of the remaining 32 applications had been identified for a second round of interviews. Our mentor, Dr.Raghu, had however prevailed upon the Employers to ensure that all the applicants are considered for placements over a period of time without giving room for any rejections. The Samiti is therefore happy to note that all the applicants who attended the job mela in person stand to be accommodated in various positions depending upon their skill and eligibility.
The Samiti has also decided to conduct personality and skill development programmes shortly to enable Madhwa boys and girls to improve their skills so that they get ready to meet the job requirements. For further details on this subject, all the eligible candidates are advised to view our web site ( from time to time.
At this juncture, the Samiti humbly submits that with the grace of Hari Vayu Gurugalu, the Samiti has been taking a number of initiatives for the benefit of the Madhwa community as a whole the latest one being the job mela.
The Samiti is pleased to inform that in view of the overwhelming response received from the candidates and the help and support received from the Employer’s side, it has been decided to hold such exclusive job melas once in three months (with a maximum of 50 applications only to be received on a “first come first serve” basis) so as to provide sufficient opportunities to our Madhwa boys and girls to get suitable placements and enable them to carve out a great and prosperous career with the blessings of their parents and the Motherland. He has also advised the Madhwa boys and girls to strictly follow our age-old customs and traditional, spiritual and cultural practices and values without drifting away from them. He has blessed them all a long, happy and healthy life with full of prosperity and wished them well in all their endeavours.
The Samiti wishes to place on record its sincere thanks to all those persons who have been supporting the activities of the Samiti and solicits their continued help and support in future also.

To view the photos of the event pls CLICK HERE

Hare Srinivasa!

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  1. Pandurengan n. says:

    A laudable service by LHHVSMPS Trust to Brahmin community especially to Madhwas. Please tryto extend thisservice to Bangalore as well other cities.
    N. Pandurengan Bangalore32.

    • Madhukar says:

      Dear Sri Pandurengan, Namaste.
      Thanks for appreciating the efforts of LHVSMPS TRUST. We would like to clarify that our job mela is not restricted to candidates from TN alone, eligible persons from other States too can respond provided they are willing to be relocated. However, you may kindly inform your acquaintances back in TN to respond to our forth coming job melas.
      Further, with the help of your contacts if you can secure a few employers from Karnataka, then we can very well consider the extension of the Samiti’s job mela to Bangalore and other Centres as the primary aim of the Samiti is to help and support people from our community wherever they are located. We look forward to fulfilling your wishes in the not-too-distant future.

      With kind regards,

  2. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Good service by LHVSMPS. May God bless the Trust to extend more such useful services to our Madwa community. U VJAGANNATHAN, Dombivli. PIN: 421202

    • Madhukar says:

      Dear Sri Umarji, Namaste.
      Nice to hear from you after a long gap. Trust that the parayanas are taking place regularly in Dombivli.
      On behalf of the Trust, I would like to thank you for appreciating the initiatives taken by the Samiti. Back in TN if you have any deserving candidates or you are in a position to get us some references, we can involve them in our job melas thereby increasing the number of opportunities.

      With kind regards,

  3. RAJA RAO, Bangalore says:

    It is great to note the Samithi is getting more and more goody feathers added to it’s cap. I pray Sri HARI VAYU GURUGALU to bless the all the good souls given their piece of contribution in this service. MGBU . Hare Srinivasa!

    • Madhukar says:

      Dear Sri.Raja Rao, Namaste.
      On behalf of the Samiti, I wish to thank you for appreciating the efforts of the Samiti.
      You may kindly join us in extending our areas of operation as a result of which more number of Madhwa youth will stand to benefit.

      With kind regards,

  4. R.Sekar says:

    My Sister’s Son was not able to attend the Job Mela due to some other reasons. Now how we can submit his resume for the next Job Mela ?

  5. Dear Sri Sekar, Namashkars. Samiti is planning to conduct Job Mela 2 during August 2014. Samiti will post the program in the website during Mid July 2014.

  6. Guruprasad Lakshmanan says:

    Namaskaram: I am happy to share a good news that my wife got placed in First Source Pvt Ltd as HR. Thank you LHVSMPS & SSS team. Hearty regards and thanks to Krishna Sir for helping us getting this job role. I wish all our members getting placed in such good organizations with great profiles. Thank you all.

    Guruprasad Lakshmanan

    • Madhukar says:

      Dear Sri Guruprasad Lakshmanan, Namaskar.
      At the outset, I would like to place on record the support & help extended by Sri Krishna & Dr.Ragothaman. The Samiti takes this opportunity to thank them once again.

      As regards your wife getting a suitable placement, on behalf of the Samiti I would like to wish her all success and in her new assignment. Incidentally, the Samiti would like to know whether the Hari Vayu Stuti & Acharya’s Sundarakanda parayana has been held in your house. If not, please contact our Samiti Office at Kamalalaya (Madipakkam) or Sri Subba Rao (044-22471996) & obtain a suitable date for the parayana. Further, please spread this information of parayana to your & wife’s relatives, friends & other acquaintances so that too can have the benefit of holding such parayanas in their houses. Also, the Samiti requests you to participate regularly in all parayanas organised by it besides taking part in all its activities. For more details on this please visit our web site: .

      Incidentally, please share the details on the conduct of an exclusive job mela with all your relatives who are in need of help in getting a suitable placement. As already intimated, such job melas are being planned once every three months. Also, the Samiti requests you to bring in more recruiters and employers (with the help of contacts that you may have) so that many more of our deserving youngsters can get suitable jobs.

      You may be aware about the next project of the Samiti, i.e., publishing the “SuMadhwa Vijaya” book in Samiti’s usual style (bilingual with big font). This project is a very ambitious one and requires the support and help from different people so that all have a share of the punya derived from it. The Samiti wishes to inform that while the first 1000 copies had cost Rs.3.90 lakhs, the cost of printing subsequent copies will be Rs.2.50 lakhs (for 1000 copies each). Please share this information with all your contacts and help our Samiti in getting necessary funds. Let Hari Vayu Gurugalu bless us all.

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