Sadachara Seva Samiti

Hare Srinivasa!

The LHVSMPS TRUST (“SAMITI”) was established during the Adhika Maasa of 2010 (On the Akshaya Thritiya Day during May 2010) precisely for the purpose of encouraging group chanting of all our sacred stotras and other religious hymns across various Madhwa residences with an accent on giving specific focus on the regular performance of KarmaAnushtana besides arresting the drift of our younger generation stressing on the need to follow our established traditional, cultural and religious practices without seeking any monetary benefits. With this end in view, the Samiti not only introduced Mane-Mane Parayana but also organized several mega parayana events in various locations not only in Tamilnadu but also in the States of Karnataka and Kerala in order to bring together our Madhwa brethren on a single platform for their individual and societal welfare and to provide them with an opportunity to improve their tattva-jnana.

Emergence of SSS

As a result of the Samiti’s experience gained over a period of time and in order to improve the standard of chanting to enable them to derive more power, the Sadachara Seva Samithi (SSS) was envisaged. The principal idea in the formation of the SSS is to educate and train all to practice their SWADHARMA with the help of learned teachers and Scholars and also to enable regular performance of Nithya KarmaAnushtaana by guiding to learn the basics of the Deva-Basha, “Sanskrit” to enrich and facilitate the chaste chanting of Sri HariVayuStuti, Sri Sumadhwa Vijaya and other sacred hymns.

Please find below the account details for Sadachara Seva Samithi. Please use the below details when you wish to contribute towards this noble cause.

A/c No: 61103070003887
IFSC Code: SYNB0006110
Bank: Syndicate Bank
Branch: Keelkattalai
Address: Medavakkam Main Road, Keelkattalai, Chennai – 600117

Hare Srinivasa!

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