LHVSMPS Honours Mahilaas of Madhwa Nama Parayana Samithi – Chennai

LHVSMPS proudly announces an honoring function held at Nanganallur, Chennai on 15 Jun 2014.

Madhwa Nama Parayana Samithi of Mahilas is one of the active wings of the LHVSMPS TRUST, conducting regular weekly mane-mane Parayanas of Madhwa Nama continuously. The team of Mahilas of Madipakkam under the able leadership of Smt Indira Padmanaban, Smt Shanthi Subbarao & Smt Uma Upendran, the Team of Mahilaas of Triplicane under the leadership of Smt Namagiri Madhusudhan Rao, Smt Janaki Raghunathan & Smt. Renuka Krishnamoorthi and the Team of Mahilas of Villivakkam under the leadership of Smt Krishnaveni Ragothaman have so far conducted more than 100 weeks of parayana successfully and the Parayana still continues.


The services rendered by the Mahilaas are indeed remarkable. Inspite of their daily routine, they actively coordinate and arrange for the parayanas in various houses by getting them together and above all conducting the Parayana sincerely and smoothly.


The Samithi feels very proud of the services rendered by the Mahilas and we are of the opinion that this will directly help the Madhwa families in enabling the members of the younger generation not only to adhere to our age old traditional and cultural values but also in guiding the “paripalana of swakulachara”.

It was therefore decided to highlight the monumental services of our Mahilaas to the community by holding a Mini Mega Parayana at Nanganallur, Chennai, on Sunday, June 15th 2014, bringing together Mahilaas from different parts of Chennai. The programme included the group chanting of the Taratamya Stotra besides the Madhwa Nama & Sri Lakshmi Shobane.


Dr. M. Raghu, M.A. PhD, our Samiti’s mentor, under whose dynamic and able leadership various social, cultural and religious activities are being envisaged for the benefit of a wide cross section of the members of our Samaja, praised the worthwhile services of all the Mahilaas quoting different anecdotes from our scriptures highlighting not only the importance given to the Mahilas in our Society but also their active and purposeful involvement in guiding the destinies of their families successfully. He dedicated the book on “Go Padhma Vratha” (to be followed during the chaturmasa) brought out by the Samiti in honour of the selfless service of the Mahilaas.

He expressed happiness in announcing the publishing of books on the anushtana of other vratas one by one in the days to come so as to enable all to conduct the vratas and other poojas in their houses independently. He was pleased to announce the provision of a “Go Padma Book”, a “Go Padma Rangoli” kit, a set of stree-mudhre and a samputa for the participants of the Mini Mega Parayana. The Samiti is pleased to inform that the members of our Villivakkam Branch had readily offered to sponsor these items.

The Samiti is very happy to note that in view of the over whelming and encouraging response and support received from the Mahilaas, the Samiti dedicates itself further in Hari Seva by targeting a larger audience to encompass Mahilaas and others not only from other parts of our Country but also from overseas.

Let Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu bless us all in our pursuit of tatva gnana for griha-kshema and loka-kshema.

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6 Responses to LHVSMPS Honours Mahilaas of Madhwa Nama Parayana Samithi – Chennai

  1. This is a major Milestone in the activities of our Samithi. Ladies have been playing a hidden role in our Samithi in Sri HariVayu Stuthi parayanas.The Madwanama parayana gave them an opportunity to bring out their organising skills in an explicit way!

    100 weeks , that is nearly two years, of weekly parayana is great achievement considering their house hold works, transport problems,and other family commitments.This is really worth a recognition.

    Ladies should be given ample opportunities where ever possible like in Samithi’s publication works in which Smt. Girija Raghu (Chennai) and Smt Shashikala (Bangalore) have already excelled their contribution.. .

    Samithi can think of opening Bala Vihar activities similar to that in Chinmaya Missions for children below the age of 10 years to teach them Slokas and Bajans and entrust this task to ladies who can organise these classes at least once in 15 days to start with.


  2. RAJA RAO says:

    Hare Srinivasa!

    EXCELLENT contribution that deserves appreciation.
    CONGRTAS AND KEEP IT UP. We need to explore ways how to reach these achievements to all those yet to join the forum and I look this as an eye opener / encouragement for them to start the divine service.
    MGBU for a great success ahead.

    Raja Rao ( LN PURAM , Panruti)
    From Bangalore

  3. G. Kanchana says:

    I am very happy seeing all your dedicated work on this LHVSMPS. I dont have words to appreciate this team I am telling very very thanks to a person who planned to start this LHVSMPS. Because he started we all are getting punya who made parayana and participate in this programme. All our blessing and we are heartly telling him to give God long life with happy.

    Suppose, he did not done this job, nobody would have read Hari Vayu stuti because people all are
    busy in routine life, but they think to do it, but no opportunity, our Madwa people left all poojas and like this parayana, I feel all sub-caste brahmins Example Iyer, Iyengar, Telugu Brahmins all are following their systems properly only we madwa left more. So, it should not be their. I feel we are
    the first class in all brahmins so we should not leave at all. I am proud to say that we are also making now Parayana both for ladies and gents, your group is conducting.

    One more worries I am having what means you are conducting all programs often in Chennai only.
    So we are outer chennai we cant every time come and participate their. Please try to conduct in all
    district, so whole people can get punya in behalf of you.

    This is the main comment I like to leave you.

    Everybody should read Hari Vayu stuti, madwa naama and Lakshmi shobane. Not even single
    person in madwa should not miss this program, you should plan and come to all districts and make
    popular about this programme, because so many madwas dont know you are doing this.

    Kindly I request you to do this. So, that all of them they read that punya comes to you only.
    In your account punya will be keep on adding.

    What and all I know I written in this, if any mistake is their please excuse me. sorry for that.

    Thank you for this team, still I like to write more about this , but only little I written in this.

    Thanking you,

    • Madhukar K S says:

      On behalf of the Samiti, I would like to thank you for the good words mentioned by you. As you are aware the main objective of the Samiti is in holding Mane-Mane Parayana of HVS, LS & MN. As regards your request for holding such parayanas outside Chennai, we have to inform that we have been forming different groups in different locations to enable them to continue with the parayanas without any break. Since you have shown lot of interest in joining our Mahila group for chanting MN, we suggest that you try to get about 25 ladies for chanting MN at your place of stay and ensure that parayanas are done in all the Madhwa houses in and around your place of stay. By this bringing more and more people under the parayana which is what is required by our mentor, Dr.Raghu. After the formation of the group, you may kindly inform the details to enable our members to visit and help you in organising the same. Once again we thank for your appreciation of the Samiti’s initiative.

      Wit warm regards,

  4. Sangeetha says:

    I am in Nanganallur and request samiti to provide details of MN parayana happenings in website so that it will be helpful for me to attend in nanganallur & madipakkam.

    • Madhukar K S says:

      The Schedule column in our web site lists out all the parayana details (both HVS & MN). Further, you may contact Ms.Shanti Subba Rao (044-22471996) who will help you in this regard. Incidentally, we shall be glad if you can inform your friends & neighbours and take them with you for the MN parayanas.

      Wit regards,

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