Mini Mega Harivayustuti Parayana with 54 Sajjanas – Multiple Locations

Hare Srinivasa!

A short Note on Mini Mega Harivayustuti Parayana with 54 Sajjanas held at multiple locations on a single day:

As a part of its continuing efforts in spreading the message of Sri Hari V Stuti Parayana, LHVS & SSS had organized Mini Mega Hari Vayu Stuti Parayana with 54 Madhwa Sajjanas at multiple locations on the same day, i.e., in Cuddalore, Karur, Madurai, Villupuram and Ambattur (Chennai) on Sunday, 20th July, 2014 and in Tirukoilur & Krishnagiri on Sunday, 27th July, 2014.

As is the practice, the Samiti had posted the details of these parayanas on its web site to enable the devotees to get them registered with the Samiti’s representatives for participation.

Here are the key updates in respect of the parayana….

Parayana on Sunday, 20th July 2014


Cuddalore Branch of LHVS conducted Sri Harivayustuti Mahaa Parayana at Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindhavan, Koothapakkam, Cuddalore. Sri.Sridhar of Cuddalore and his team of volunteers had made very good arrangements for this special event.

Our Mentor, Dr. Raghu, Chief Administrator, Sri G.S.Ragothamarao and Sri P.P. Venkatesh from Chennai participated in the Mahaa Parayana. There was a good participation by 60 sajjanas. After an introductory speech by Ice House Guru on various activities of the LHVS including VASUDEVA Prarthana, HVS Parayana commenced with a vishesha sankalpa for Vidya praapthi and for the proposed Samprokshana karyakrama of Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindhavana at Cuddalore, with the group chanting one avrutti of Hari Vayu stuti Punarcharana. Pursuant to the request made by the members, a Madhu Abhisheka for Sri Mukhyaprana was performed by Shri G.Madhusudanana during the course of the punascharana parayana. The parayana was lead by Sri Ice House Guru along with Sri Madhusudanan and Vidyarthis of Cuddalore. The session concluded with an address by our mentor outlining the various initiatives taken by the Samiti with particular emphasis on VASUDEVA prarthana.

Our mentor, Dr.Raghu, gave away silver medals to three meritorious Madhwa students who had scored high marks in the recent examinations. Scholarships were also awarded to the students on behalf of the Samiti by Dr.Raghu. The Samiti is pleased to note that members of the Cuddalore Branch of the Samiti had been organizing award of such medals & scholarships for four years now and felicitating the students on their impressive academic performance to encourage the students to perform better in the years to come. The Samiti for the first time had decided to extend medical assistance to the deserving Madhwa Sajjanas and the same was distributed by our mentor, Dr.Raghu. The session concluded with Theertha prasada besides vishesha prasada to all the participants.


The Karur Branch of LHVS had organized the parayana focusing on devotees residing in Karur, Musiri and other nearby areas under the leadership of the Samiti’s representative, Sri Ramachandran and his Team of volunteers, who had made necessary arrangements for the smooth conduct of the parayana which was held in the Rayar Chatram at the foot of Thaanthonri hillock, on the outskirts of Karur town.

59 Sajjanas participated in the parayana and about 100 persons were part of the event. Sri Madhukar, Sri Gururajan (Adambakkam) & Sri. Raghav (Pammal), led the parayana besides highlighting the achievements of the Samiti outlining the various ongoing and proposed activities of the Samiti. They also called upon the sajjanas to start Mane-Mane parayana immediately in all Madhwa houses not only in Karur but also in other nearby centres such as Nerur, Andankoil, Musiri, etc., which have Madhwa households. They further advised them to confirm the regular parayanas on the weekends in advance to enable one or two representatives from Chennai to attend the same.

Theertha prasadha was provided to all the participants. Samiti’s publications on Gopadma & HVS were distributed to all the participants besides a special prasada.


The Madurai Branch of LHVS had organized the Sri Hari Vayu Stuti Mahaa Parayana at the premises of Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt, in Venkatasamy Naidu Agraharam, Madurai. The Samiti’s former representative, Sri Rajagopalrao and his team of enthusiastic volunteers, had made all the necessary arrangements and ensured that all the participants were present on time to enable the commencement of the parayana on time.

There were 50 sajjanas in the group parayana. Sri. Lakshmipathiraja and Sri.Sathiyanarayanan (Medavakkam) from Chennai, represented the Samiti and led the parayana with two avruttis of Hari Vayu Stuti chanted by the assembled Sajjanas. Sri Lakshmipathiraja highlighted the significance and importance of VASUDEVA Prarthana and updated on the various initiatives taken by the Samiti besides the proposed activities that are to be taken up by the Samiti. Sri Rajagopalrao reported on the progress of weekly parayanas and the over whelming response that is being received from the Sajjanas in Madurai for the last 2 years.

Samiti’s publication “Gopadhma” were distributed to all the sajjanas along with a special prasada. A registration for VASUDEVA Prarthana was done at the venue after the parayana session.


The Villupuram Branch of LHVS had conducted Sri Hari vayu stuti Mahaa Parayana at the premises of Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt, Balaji Nagar, Paanaampattu, mainly focusing on devotees residing in and around Villupuram besides Panrutti.

There were 18 sajjanas who participated in the parayana. Sri Gururajan (Cuddalore) led the parayana besides highlighting the purpose and importance of doing weekly Parayanas & Mane Mane Parayana including the VASUDEVA Prarthana.

The participants evinced lot of interest in the Mane-Mane parayanas in Madhwa households in Villupuram and many of them had booked for the same to be held in the coming weeks. Villupuram Branch has been conducting the parayana each & every week till date from the day of this Mega event.

AMBATTUR (Chennai)

A Mini Mahaa Hari Vayusthuthi parayana was organized in the premises of SriRaghavendra Swami Brindavana, Ambattur, focusing on devotees residing in and around Ambattur, Korattur, Villivakkam, Peramburand Anna Nagar areas. Sri. Vasudeva Prabhu & his team of volunteers had made good arrangements for this event.

There were 54 sajjanas who had taken part in the parayana. Sri Raghavendran (T’Nagar), Sri Sathya Pramodh (Perambur) and Sri Thrivikraman Sridharan (Villivakkam) participated and conducted the parayana. Vishesha sankalpa for Vivaha praapthi was done along with the regular Hari Vayusthuthi parayana. All the sajjanas enthusiastically took part in the “Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra Japa” by maintaining absolute silence. The event concluded with theertha prasada at the Mutt itself.

Parayana on Sunday, 27th July 2014


The Tirukoilur Branch of LHVS had organized Sri Hari vayu stuti Mahaa Parayana focusing on devotees residing in and around Tirukoilur, Manampoondi & Veerachozhapuram. The Parayana was arranged in Sri Thrivikrama Swamy Temple, Tirukoilur by Sri Rajarao & team. There were 35 sajjanas who had participated in the parayana. A special feature of this parayana was that the Samiti was specially permitted by the Temple Devasthanam to perform the parayana at the Vamana Sannidhi (which is behind the main deity, Moola Thrivikrama Swami).

The Chief Administrator of the Samiti, Sri G.S.Ragothamarao, Sri K. Subbarao, Sri Lakshmipathiraja, Sri Gururajan and Sri Guruprasath (Medavakkam) led the parayana by chanting one avrutti of HVS along with one avrutti of Vishnu Sahasranama.

The session ended with a meeting convened at the Mutt premises where Sri Lakshmipathiraja & Sri Subbarao shared Samiti’s activities with the group. Samiti’s publications “Sri Sumadhwavijaya” and “Gopadma” vratha were distributed to the sajjanas. The members were advised to ensure that all the Madhwa houses were covered by Mane-Mane parayana not only in Manampoondi & Tirukoilur but also in other nearby centres. Teertha Prasada was arranged for all at Sri Raghoottama Swamigala Moola Brindavana @ Manampoondi.


The Krishnagiri Branch of LHVS had organized Sri Hari Vayu Stuti Mahaa Parayana (mini mega event) at Sri Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam, Paravasudeva Street, Oldpet, Krishnagiri, focusing mainly on devotees residing in & around Krishnagiri and Hosur. The Samiti’s representative, Sri Nagendran and his team had made all the necessary arrangements for the smooth conduct of the parayana.

51 sajjanas participated in the parayana. Sri.M.Sriram (Triplicane) & Sri Satyavasudevamurthi (Chennai) conducted the parayana besides emphasizing the need for undertaking regular weekly HVS Parayanas in Madhwa houses by covering all Madhwa houses. They also highlighted the importance of VASUDEVA Prarthana for griha kshema and loka kshema. The event concluded with theertha prasada.

To conclude, LHVSMP Samiti & SSS sincerely thanks everyone who had participated in the Mini-Mahaa parayana event across all the locations. The Samiti wishes to thank all the volunteers for their support and cooperation in making elaborate arrangements for the devotees in all the locations. Samiti also thanks everyone who had directly or indirectly contributed towards the conduct of the function as planned and making it a GRAND SUCCESS.

The Samiti seeks the continued support and cooperation from one and all to take the activities of the Samiti to the next higher level and be benefitted by improving one’s tattva jnana.

Finally, Samiti prays to Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu to bless everyone and wish one and all success, progress and prosperity with good health in the days to come.

Photos & Video Link:

Madurai Mini Mega – 20 Jul 2014
Photos Link:
Madurai Photos

Video Link:
Madurai Video 1
Madurai Video 2
Madurai Video 3
Madurai Video 1

Thirukoilur Mini Mega 27Jul2014
Photos Link:

Thirukoilur Photos

Video Link:
Thirukoilur Video

Karur Mini Mega
Photos Link:

Karur Photos

Cuddalore & Ambattur 20Jul2014
Photos link:

Cuddalore & Ambattur

Hare Srinivasa

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