HariVayuSthuthi Mega Parayana @ Gunaseelam Temple – a grand success

Hare Srinivasa!

LHVSMPS & SSS conducted the sacred HariVayuStuthi parayana on 24 Aug 2014 @ Gunaseelam Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Swami Temple (about 30 kms from Srirangam) with 170+ sajjanas and over 400 people attended the event.

Registration process for the event started long back and thanks to all who have made timely registrations. Several devotees including a team from Chennai, Cuddalore, Thirukkoilur, Madurai, Karur and Coimbatore arrived early on 23rd Aug. Accommodation for the overnight stay of outstation participants had been arranged by the Samiti in a Kalyan Mantap very near to the Temple

On the parayana day, sajjanas got up early in the morning around 4.30 am and had “Cauvery Snana & Anushtana” near by the temple. Devotees started arriving at the venue as early as 6 AM. Registration counters were set up to guide the devotees assembling for the parayana.

Before the parayana, Samithi has arranged for “Go Padhma Pooja at Temple” and special pooja was made by Suhasini Sthrigalu who had accompanied their husbands. Our Mentor Dr.Raghu has given guidance and taught “Go Padhma Vrutha Pooja Krama” by referring “Go Padma Vrutha Pooja” book released by Samithi recently. Specialty of this event was that pooja was made to “Go Padhma Rangoli” drawn by Sthrigalu using the kit given by Samithi in front of Devasthana Goshala. Regn. tokens were issued to the sajjanas assembled for the parayana and they were seated inside the temple.

Our Mentor, Dr.Raghu Acharya along wtih Sri Ramesh & Sri LakshmiPathiRaja started the sankalpa by 8:15 AM. One avrutti of HVS purascharane was chanted in chorus by 170+ devotees followed by 1 Avruthi of Sundarakanda, Yathrodharaka Hanumath Stotra and Grantha Malika Stotra.

Teerthaprasadam was served to all devotees who participated in the parayana and also for other accompanies to them in the mantapa. The Samiti is pleased to note that Mahilas had turned up in good numbers not only to witness the event but also took an active part in the performance of the poojas. Prasadha was given to all the sajjanas after the parayana.

The Samiti thanks all those devotees who had participated in this paryana event making it a grand success and seeks their continued support and contribution in all the forth coming events of the Samiti that are being planned The Samiti invokes the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu to one and all.

Incidentally, the Samiti is very pleased to note that both HVS & SK parayana (in the mornings) and Madhwa Nama & Lakshmi Shobane parayanas (in the evenings) were enthusiastically arranged in a number of Madhwa households (in different places in the City) during all the 10 days of the recently concluded Dussera festival.

The Samiti prays to Lord Sri Hari to shower his choicest blessings on one and all to lead a Happy, contented and a peaceful life by increasing their level of Tattva jnana.

To View the photos of the event, click HERE.

To View the video of the event, click HERE.

Hare Srinivasa!

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11 Responses to HariVayuSthuthi Mega Parayana @ Gunaseelam Temple – a grand success

  1. Aravind Madabhavi. says:

    Superb.. We missed the event.. Would like to participate in next / future events.. Hats off to Dr.Raghu & Team..

    • Madhukar K S says:

      Dear Sri Aravind, Namaskar.
      The Samiti not only thanks you for appreciating the event but also for the interest shown by you in the events being conducted by the Samiti from time to time. Incidentally, the Samiti had decided to hold the event on a limited scale restricted to a few pockets in Tamilnadu. As such, if you are interested to hold such events in the State of Karnataka, you may kindly discuss with Sri Venugopal and other colleagues and revert to us along with your suggestions to enable the Samiti to discuss the same and decide according to its merits. Meanwhile, you are welcome to send your suggestions for further strengthening of the Samiti’s main objective of Mane-Mane parayana by enlarging its reach to other Centres.

      With Kind regards,

  2. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Very nice

  3. Sathia Bama Mohan says:

    I am unfortunate to participate.

    • Sathia Bama Mohan says:


      • Madhukar K S says:

        This has reference to your comments mentioned herein above. While thanking you for appreciating the event, the Samiti would like to clarify that the event was held on a limited scale that too restricted to devotees from a few pockets in Tamilnadu. Incidentally, please inform your place of residence and whether the HVS & Madhwa Nama parayanas have been held not only in your house but also in other Madhwa residences of your friends, relatives & other acquaintances in your are. If not, please contact the Samiti’s representatives, Sri.Subba Rao (044-22471996) & Sri.Krishnan (044-22580856) for getting a suitable date for the same.
        Besides, we request you to spread the Samiti’s message of Mane-Mane parayana for griha-kshema & lokashema.

        With kind regards,

  4. rajharao says:


    • Madhukar K S says:

      Dear Sri Rajha Rao, Namaskara.
      The Samiti thanks you for appreciating the event. After all it is a joint effort with the support and cooperation of all devotees. We seek the continued support and participation of all for our future events too (as and when they are held).

      With kind regards,

  5. RAJA RAO says:

    Hare Srinivasa!

    Nice to see and great to hear the success story.
    It is good that we go to punya Shetras in the name of SHVS parayana and have dharshana as well.
    Wish and pray Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu for a great times to all Madhwa Bandhugalu ahead.

    Raja Rao (LN Puram, Panruti)
    From Bangalore

    • Madhukar K S says:

      Dear Sri Raja Rao, Namaskar.
      Ther Samiti takes this opportunity to thank you for the good words expressed by you.

      With kind regards,

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