London HVS Parayana on 11 Oct, Saturday

Hare Srinivasa!

Sri HariVayuStuthi Parayana sponsored by, ILford Chapter, led by Sri S.VENUGOPAL from LHVSMPS TRUST, Karnataka, was organised at Prospect Hall 42, Prospect Road, Essex.

The Event commenced with initial introductory session about the significance of Mantra Parayanas in general, HariVayuStuthi and Guru Stothra in particular, the Missions/Objectives/Achievements of Lakshavruthi HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samiti Trust (LHVSMPS Trust) initiated by Ten Noble Madhwas in 2010, led by Dr. Raghu, Rig Veda Adhyayini, of Mylapore Sanskrit College, Chennai.
The Samithi’s publications and other spiritual activities in promoting our values and Hindu culture for present and future generations can be made available to interested citizens of Indian Origin living in U.K. through this platform of Parayana Groups Sath Sang. Special emphasis was made on our Nithya Anushtanas and Pithru Karyas.

The participants were requested to visit web site for more details and spread the information to known people in U.K and in India. A beginning made on this day shall motivate the participants to have weekly regular parayanas in small groups in their respective Homes with main emphasis on parayana.
After due explanation about the sequence of doing the parayana commencing from Madwashtaka, Guruprarthana, detailed sankalpa etc. as per the format in our Samithi’s parayana book, Sri HariVayuStuthi parayana was initiated with Madwashtaka. During Sankalpa time it was decided to do one avartee of Sri Madwanama also by the two ladies present. Accordingly two avartees of HVS by 8 persons and one avartee of MadwaNaama by three persons were carried out which was followed by Arathi, Naivadyam, Mantrapushpanjali and Sampoorna argya process.

The participants enjoyed the parayana and discussed means to bring in more people for subsequent parayanas. They were told to involve their spouses also if possible to have MadwaNaama parayana along with HVS. The necessary text etc can be forwarded by e mails. They can practice Madwashtaka and Guru Prarthana from our web site.

At the end, the Pala Ashirwadha was given to the Sponsors GB-SRS Brundavan group represented by Smt. and Sri Ramdass, with the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu, to fullfill their dream of having Rayaru Brundavan in U.K. at the earliest.

Sri MaduSudhan of Mysore shared his experience of how he got benefitted by following the advice of his well wisher to practice HVS and Sri Rayaru stothra parayanas with in a period of a fortnight.

After distribution of prasadam, breakfast prepared there by the two ladies, courtesy, Sri
Badarinatha of Ilford chapter who thoughtfully brought the ingredients, was served to all. Though it was a small group, almost meeting each other for the first time, lot of warmth and closeness was established with in a short period of three hours as seen from the photographs.

CLICK HERE to view the photos of the London Event.


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9 Responses to London HVS Parayana on 11 Oct, Saturday

  1. Sathia Bama Mohan says:


  2. N. Pandurengan says:

    Kudos to Shri Venugopal for having started a mission in London. By his efforts and advice the HVS Parayana journey will go a long way in UK. He utilised his UK visit for the religious activities of LHVSMPS also.


    It is nice to see LHVSMPS has travelled overseas. Sudhakar, Triplicane.

  4. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    VERY NICE. Shri. S. VENUGOPAL, Bangalore co-ordinator the great effort, by you. HVG BLESS YOU ALL.


  5. Balaji.A says:

    Parayana now happens within Brahmin community, we must expand among all hindu communities
    once my health recovers i will join the parayana belt, expanding HVS parayana among all hindu communities will prevent quarrel within like minded people and prevents encroachment of other religion people on hindu culture and we can defend people who are against hindu culture, we have to follow foot steps of RSS in these cases. i know minority people who circulate pamphlets in organisation in a diplomatic way, we have to defend this in diplomatic way. If there is no unity ,no utilization of spritual resources will happen and inturn disintegration of country & people will happen. HVS parayana is solution to it.

    vande mataram

    jai shriram



  6. Balaji.A says:


    On expanding HVS among all hindus like hanuman chalisa we can take care of demographics. kerala which was 75 % hindus in 1990 now only 50% are hindus in kerala, if so india bifuricates based on religion kerala & kashmir will pass away.

    Reason for change in demographics:

    Money-Poverty-Minorities give money to hindus and convert them to minority

    Lack of awareness on religious contents-ex: Not even 1% of hindus know what is Mahabharatha tatparya nirnaya written by madhwacharya

    Lack of support extended by Hindu leaders & spritual leader towards suffering common hindu man.
    My guru Vyasanekere Prabhanjancahrya does this to few madhwas including me, we have to manufacture prabhanjanacharyas and make them to extend the mental and spritual support at all condition to a common hindu, which HVS parayana & HVSP Samiti can do it.

    vande mataram

    jai shriram



    • HaRe Srinivasa !
      Let us not become emotional and mix up issues.
      SANATANA DHARMA, that is how Hinduism, was anciently known, is a way of life as laid out in our scriptures .This Dharma dates back to 4000 B.C (on scientific base) and to 6000 B.C (on historic base) and once spread from Japan to Lanka.The strength of this Dharma is its flexibility and tolerance to changes in TIME.

      Unique concept of ” Consiousness ” being present in each and every living and nonliving things makes the concept of GOD as Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Here there is no theory of Creation of the world but of Manifestation of the Universe !

      Real Hindu devotee is one who identifies BRAHMAM in every body !Hence where is the question of 90% being reduced to 50%?
      This is all external identities created in later times.

      This SANATANA DHARMA which with stood all the storms of Muslim Invasions, British Rule/ spread of Christianity etc can not be destroyed by these conversions.

      However it can be eroded by our ignorance and because of our failure to impart the great Values/Cultures/the importance and significance of Rituals in our day to day life to our younger generations. Why to mention about Tatparya Nirnaya when we failed to understand / educate about Gayatri Mantra/Upanayana/the institution of Marriage/Kula Dharma and Kula Vrridhi?

      This is what our Samithi is trying to do by first uniting people who are still wearing the sacred thread (Janiwara ) and at least heard the name of Sri Madwachar under the banner of Hari Vayu Stuthi Parayana without any Mata bedha , Basha bedha etc.

      We have got a long way to go and everybody who has trust and faith in our Sanathana Dharma in its true spirit can join hands.

  7. PB Vasudevan says:


  8. Muraligv says:

    It is a great message from Shri Venugopal. We will follow with great faith.

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