SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala Mahotsava @ Triplicane on 2 Nov 14

With the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu, our samiti Lakshavrutti Harivayustuti Mantra Parayana Samiti Triplicane Branch conducted the following events on 2nd November 2014 (Sunday) at NKT Muthu Hall Triplicane which was attended by 100+ sajjanas.

Devotees started gathering at the venue from 7.00AM onwards. The objective of this event was SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala Mahotsava and performing Japa & Parayana for Vivaha Prapthi.

The programme commenced with chanting Bhagya Sooktha by Sri Ramesh & Sriram from Triplicane at 7.30AM. This was followed by Madhwashtaka, Guru Prarthane & Sankalpa for Lokakshema exclusively focussing Vivaha Prapti.
Lakshmipathi Raja from Medavakkam highlighted the importance of chanting Sri HariVayuStuti & Sriram from Triplicane shared the samiti updates with all devotees. Sriram also invited everyone to join the next level batches to learn SuMadhwa Vijaya and requested them to contact samithi for conducting the SuMadhwa Vijaya Parayana at their residences.

1 avruttie of Sri Hari Vayu Stuti and Sundara Kaanda was chanted by all devotees assembled at the event.
Our Samiti Mentor Dr. Raghu conveyed the importance of following Nithya Karma Anushtana specifically insisting on Sandhya Vandhan during his speech. Focusing on the importance of Vivaha Prapthi for Vara & Vadhus, Dr.Raghu gave the Guru Upadesha to all participants for chanting Shri Swayamwara Parvathi Moola Mantra Japa. All 100+ devotees after obtaining the Guru Upadesha, chanted japa for 27 times and totally 2700+ avrutties of Vivaha Prapthi japa were performed on that day.

SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala Mahotsava:
The event concluded with SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala peformed by 10 sajjanas trained by Mankal Sriram, Triplicane. All 10 sajjanas dedicated daily 3 hours of time for the past 6 months and due to their dedication, sincerity & commitment, they were able to complete the paata in 6 months time.

Shri Krishnachar from Triplicane honoured the 10 sajjanas and requested more and more sajjanas to get benefited by learning and chanting SuMadhwa Vijaya.

Shri Padmanabhan from Triplicane honoured Mankal Sriram for his dedicated efforts in training / guiding the sajjanas to learn SuMadhwa Vijaya. He also honoured Dr.Raghu on behalf of Triplicane LHVS Samiti.

The session ended with Deepa Aradhane and all the sajjanas were provided milk, parimala prasadham, Dakshine, Janivara, Gopichandan, Banana & betel nut leaves.

Thanks to Shri Satya Vasudevamurthi & Team from Triplicane for the detailed arrangements made for this event.

Please click HERE to view the photos of the event.

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  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:


  2. sudh says:

    I attended the function along with my son and the function went on well.

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