Maha Samprokshanam – Triplicane Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple – 27 Dec 2014

Hare Srinivasa! Lakshavruthi HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samithi Trust (LHVSMPS TRUST), MADIPAKKAM, CHENNAI-91, is in receipt of a request from Sri. S.Ragothaman, Archaka of the Triplicane Tank Anjaneya Temple and Sri Anjaneya Bhakta Jana Trust, Chennai-5, requesting the Samiti to put up their Invitation in our web site for the information of our members and devotees. Members are requested to note the same and contact the concerned for any other details they may require in this regard. Triplicane Maha Samprokshanam Invitation Triplicane Maha Samprokshanam Invitation

For further details please contact:

S. Ragothaman (Samanna), Archakar, Kulakkarai Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple, Chennai-5
Address: 4 / 7 North Tank Square Street, Triplicane, Chennai – 600005.
Mobile: 98404 99912, 98416 67009

Bank Particulars for Online Money transfer:
Account Name: Sri Anjeneya Bhaktha Jana Trust
S.B. A/C No: 0346000100132095
Bank : Punjab National Bank
Branch : Triplicane, Chennai – 600005.
IFSC Code : PUNB0034600

Hare Srinivasa!

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3 Responses to Maha Samprokshanam – Triplicane Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple – 27 Dec 2014

  1. vijaya sethu says:

    Seen your invitation of Anja… Temple (Mahasamproshanam). I will participate definitely. If any service needed call me Thanks for invitation..

    On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 10:50 PM, Lakshavruthi Hari VayuStuthi Mantra

  2. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    Thank you sir

  3. Balaji.A says:

    Happy to see good things happening around country after long time…
    Shri gurubhyo namaha


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