Mahaa Parayana @ MAZHUVANCHERY Heritage Center – May 9 & 10 2015

Hare Srinivasa!

The quiet (except for the noise made by the birds), clean and serene atmosphere at Mazhuvanchery Heritage Center got disturbed from the evening of May 7, Thursday by which time the mobilization activities of our Maha Parayana scheduled for May 9th and 10th,commenced. maz5

8th may, Friday morning onwards sajjanas arrived in batches from Bangalore and various parts of Tamilnadu. After a quick breakfast, both ladies and men went around the Library, Museum exploring the Heritage center. Some of them chose to listen to lecture by Dr. Gopalakrishnan delivered at Chicago USA on CONCIOUSNESS in the Video center at the Library By 9th Saturday morning about 60 ladies and 90 men arrived at the Heritage center .They were accommodated in Classrooms of Bhartheeya Vidya Vihar School and in the open hall. It was a welcome change for all people since the atmosphere was totally silent, serene and absolutely clean over nearly two acres of vast area full of Green environment inside the Heritage Center located close to the road connecting Guruvayur and Trissur .The contras in the environment from the hub and bustle of city traffic, pollution, and the crowd was the general topic in the conversation. There is no Din and Noise of City life. It is such a vast clean area, at times with slight drizzle that the early mornings were so soothing to the mind. All who attended the parayana appreciated the choice. maz1

After breakfast at 8. A.M, ladies and children were attracted by the birds in the cages and the men went around the display boards in English highlighting the Ayurvedic medicines. Many had their prayers in the Mahadev temple which has a Banyan tree, Purple tree, Neem tree and a Mango tree. At sharp 9.00 A.M. the registration of members present commenced at the huge auditorium with seating capacity over one thousand people along with contributions at the Donations counter. Mean while, the stage at the back drop of twin Banyan tree trunk was decorated with our Photographs of Hanuma Bheema Madhwa, Lord Sri Venkatesa and Lord Sri Guruvayurappa along with our banners. The parayana of Sri Madhwanama and Lakshmi Shobanae by ladies was preceded by small briefing of the two day program and the reason to choose this place for our Parayana by Administrator for Karnataka Sri Venugopal. It was informed that parayanas were in the forenoon session only on both days so that the afternoons are entirely free for Dharshan at Guruvayur temple. Vans are being arranged for Dharshan in the afternoon as well as for the Viswaroopa Dharshan at early morning 2.30 am.


Sri Venugopal introduced the Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage ( with head quarters at Trivandrum lead by Dr. Gopalakrishnan, a scientist and a scholar in Sanskrit who published many books and delivered many lectures all over the world establishing the facts that Our Vedas were the roots for many scientific inventions from time immemorial days. The Library at the Heritage Center consists of many books in English and Malayalam and copies of Video and audio C.Ds establishing this linkage with authority. All were requested to spend some time in the Library and in the Museums to study the facts and spread this message to others who always look towards the Western countries/culture

maz4 Sri Venugopal informed that 9th of May was selected for the parayana so that Dr. Gopalakrishnan can directly address our Samiti parayana members. However unfortunately this could not be organized due to busy schedule of Dr. Gopalakrishnan. A lecture by Dr. Gopalakrishnan on the analysis of Indian Heritage and its values were played for 30 minutes. Sri Madwanama parayana by about 60 ladies commenced after informing about the minor corrections in the Tamil version at 10 am. The parayana was led by Sri Lakshmipathi Raja, Smt. Kaveri Muralinath and Smt. Shanthi Subbarao .Sri Lakshmipathi Raja gave a brief introduction about our Samiti and the important part played by ladies in our society in upholding our traditions and values. After two avarties of Madwanama, Lakshmi Shobane was chanted once with Kum Kum archana. Blouse, Bangles, Harisana kumkum, and Thambula with Dakshna were distributed to all mahila participants. This was followed by lunch at 12.00 noon after which all participants went to Guruvayur for Dhashan. Sri Harivayustuthi parayana was led by Sri Lakshmipathi Raja, Sri Rajagopal rao and Sri Aravind Madabhavi at 8.AM.Sunday, May 10. Sri Lakshmipathiraja ‘s announcement that our Samiti completed five years recently was received with Cheers by the 90 participants who were seated in an orderly manner by our Sewaks. Sri Lakshmipathi Raja reminded about our samithi’s insistence on “MANE MANE PARAYANA”AND ABOUT OUR PUBLICATIONS. Announcement about registration to Rameswaram parayana on June 20 and 21st was made. maz3 After one purascharana of Sri Harivayustuthi, Sri Venugopal, honored the representative of the Heritage Center Sri Krishnamurthy, the Cooks lead by Sri Narayana Rao and Gokul of Salem for their excellent cooperation, timely preparation of tasty food, thanked the Donors and sewaks of Chennai and Bangalore. In order to have more interaction between Tamilnadu and Karnataka members, Sri Venugopal suggested to have exchange tours at individuals cost to selected places in both states and requested their opinion about this proposal. There was over whelming response to this. This will be considered in detail after approval of Dr. Raghu .The basic reason behind this proposal is to develop personal bondage between all Madhwas in order to overcome the barriers of region, language and matas. The period will be three to four days to religious places which are not so popular but very significant like Sosley, Shodhe and Mahishi in Karnataka and some Divyadesa kshetras around Srirangam, Kumbakonam Vyasaraja mutt, and Bhuvanagiri etc. The parayana was concluded with Naivedyam, Mangala arathi, Manthrapushpanjali ,Sampoorna. Prasadams were distributed to all men in an orderly manner during which time The Perambur Bajan mandali party rendered Bajans. As Bajans were going on Sevaks made arrangements for Theerthaprasadam to men followed by ladies at 11.00.A.M After an hour, all persons were seated near the Dining area for distribution of packed containers with food for the train journey. People left in batches from 2.30 pm onwards. It was a wonderful experience to see the blending of people and mingling together. The team work by sewaks from Bangalore and Chennai was good to see with the result that there was absolute order in everything. Even the representatives from the Heritage center, their assistants, maids who were from Kerala became part of our team. Transport arrangements were effective and there was good coordination.

Above all, 9th & 10th being Muhurtha days, there were more than 1 Lakh devotees in Guruvayur. Inspite of that, all our sajjanas had good dharashan and some of them more than 1.

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Sri Krishnapnamastu.

Hare Srinivasa!

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