Anthyesti Seva – An Initiative by LHVSMPS


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6 Responses to Anthyesti Seva – An Initiative by LHVSMPS

  1. Vyasa Venkatesh says:

    Great initiative.. Hare Srinivasa.

  2. N.R. RAGOTHAMAN says:

    Hare Krishna. you are doing a great job. God bless you

  3. B.L.Murali. says:

    very great, May God give , Ayuhu , Arogya and Iswarya, to all LHVS Voluntaries to extend more services to Madwa samaj..

  4. S.R.Lakshmikanthan says:

    SriGuruppio Namaha
    it is wonderful and needy serivce now offer by LHVSMPS trust There is no word to appreciate..Nobody can imagine of this service.May lord”sriHari ” will guide for giving more service
    SriHariye Namaha

  5. B. L. Navaneetha Krishna says:

    B.L. Navaneetha Krishna
    Hare Srinivasa. you are doing a great job. Sri Hari Vayu bless to all.

  6. rajharaog says:

    ON 1 st NOvember Hari vaayu sthuthi Paranayana at kompatty (karur) sri Rayaru Brindhavana donducted very great manner. arrangements excellent. Sri Rayara mahima not in words/ “Ahamya mahima loke” sri sri gurugalu sannidhanaa surely our sins were slashed by his dhivyadhristi/ We feel very peace of mind. Sri.NRamachandran , Rkrishnan, V.RAghothaman,R.Kuppu Rao,V.Balakrishnan, N.Ramanan, and H/RAvi all r did great co opration and co oridination for making succesfull this programme. i am very much thankwfull to all of u onbehalf of tirukoilur HVS samithi
    G.Rajha Rao Tirukoilur

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