LHVSMPS & SSS invites you for HVS Parayana on Hanumath Jayanthi, 10 Jan Sunday – across 25 locations across south india

LAKSHAVRUTTI HARIVAYU STUTI MANTRA PARAYANA SAMITI & SADACHARA SEVA SAMITI, CHENNAI (LHVSMPS & SSS), are pleased to inform all the Madhwa sajjanas and others that a mass Hari Vayu Stuti Parayana Programme has been planned for the ensuing Hanumantha Jayanti Day, i.e, on Sunday, 10th January, 2016, at 25 different locations across different States in South India. The parayana has been scheduled between 8 AM & 10 AM on that day in different locations in the States of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka including various locations in Chennai.

This parayana is being organized for Lokashema & Gruhakshema. The details of the venue at the locations have been given in the Schedule Section and as such kindly CLICK HERE and navigate to the SCHEDULE section to view the venue details.

The main focus of this parayana is on attaining divine grace covering Vidya prapti, Vivaha prapti, Santhana prapti, Arogya prapti and Aishwarya prapti which is essential for a leading a peaceful and comfortable life in this fast and modern world. The Samiti is of the firm opinion that in Kali yuga the easiest way of overcoming all our ills is only by GROUP CHANTING which alone will bestow Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu’s blessings.
Hence, the Samiti invites all our Madhwa brethren to participate in large numbers in our parayana sessions (in the locations which is convenient and nearest to their residences) besides passing on this information to their friends, relatives and other acquaintances who may not be having access to the internet facility.

While there is no registration for the parayana, we sincerely trust our Madhwa sajjanas will participate in large numbers and make the function a grand success and earn abundant grace and blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu. This parayana has a special significance in the fact that it is being held on the Hanumanth Jayanti Day (that too on a Sunday) particularly for deriving maximum divine grace as a part of our sadhana.

The Samiti seeks the benign blessings of our Great Acharya, Jagadguru Sriman Madhwacharya, on all the members of the Madhwa samaja.

Ever in the Service of Lord Sri Hari,


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3 Responses to LHVSMPS & SSS invites you for HVS Parayana on Hanumath Jayanthi, 10 Jan Sunday – across 25 locations across south india

  1. venugopal rao says:

    nice arrangement

  2. U V JAGANNATHAN says:

    LHVSMPS & SSS has joined together now. It is to be appreciated that the Samiti has arranged for Sri Hari Vayu Stuti Parayana at 25 different locations across 3 Southern States on Sunday, 10th January, 2106, to mark Hanumanth Jayanthi Festival. Long live LHVSMPS & SSS. The Samiti is doing good spiritual service under the leadership of Dr. Raghu ji.

  3. Raja Rao , LN puram, Panruti says:

    Hare Srinivasa! Great effort and nice to note the momentum . Wish and pray to have many more such events with growth of numbers, service and events with spiritual advancement in every member. — Raja Rao, LN puram, Panruti

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