MadhwaNavami Mahotsava – HVS Parayana @ 163 houses on same day across South India

Hare Srinivasa!

With the grace of Sri Hari Vayu & Gurugalu, our LHVSMPS Samithi organized Harivayustuti Parayana across 27 South India locations on same day during Hanumath Jayanthi on 10th January 2016 (CLICK here for more details). Immediately following that, our samithi has conducted Madhwa Navami Mahotsav in a very grand manner.

On 21 Feb 2016 Sunday, our samithi planned to chant Sri HariVayustuti at 108 houses across South India. Responding to this thought, our energetic LHVSMPS vayu-sevaks (representatives) across South India got into action and planned multiple houses parayana on same day. This had resulted in parayana @ 163 houses on 21 Feb.

There were so much of enthusiasm, involvement among participants that lead to conducting parayanas at additional (unplanned) houses on that day based on more requests from respective locations.

This is really indeed incredible moment for our samiti showing its commitment to spread more awareness on Harivayustuti & our spiritual values. It goes without saying that Hari Vayu Gurugalu had showered their blessings to Samithi and each family who had conducted the parayana in their houses and to each Hari baktha who had participated in the parayana in either one or more locations.

LHVSMPS Samithi thanks each and everyone who took part in the parayana and request everyone to continue the parayana every weekend in their respective locations.

Below numbers is to highlight the locations and the no. of houses where Parayana was conducted through the Samithi on 21 Feb.


Hare Srinivasa!

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