Akshaya Thrutheeya – LHVSMPS steps into 7th Year of Samaja Seva

Hare Srinivasa!

With the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu, our Samiti which was formed on Akshaya Thrutheeya Day during May 2010, so far completed 6 years of activities & stepping into 7th Year.

LHVS Mantra Parayana Samiti activities

1) For Gruhakshema, chanted Mane Mane (door-to-door) Parayana (Harivayustuthi, Sundarakanda & Yanthrodharaka Hanumath Stotra) at more than 6000 residences covering various rural & urban locations across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra & Maharashtra.

2) For Lokakshema, organized more than 100 mega events (Mahaa Parayana) at various locations including kshetras like Kanchi, Madurai, Trivandrum, Nanguneri, etc. by uniting from 100 upto 1000 madhwa sajjanas chanting at same place.

3) Chanted more than 1 Lac Avrutties of Sri HariVayuStuthi

4) Eka Dhina Akanda SuMadhwa Vijaya Parayana at more than 25 locations

5) SuMadhwaVijaya Saptaha Parayana at more than 50 residences

Recent Accomplishments

1. Conducted HariVayuStuthi Parayana across 27 locations in South India on same day during Hanumanth Jayanthi 2016 celebrations (Click HERE to read more…)
2. Conducted HariVayuStuthi Parayana at 163 houses across South India on same day during Madhwa Navami (Click HERE to read more…)
3. Conducted special parayana during Madhwa Navaratri & Rama Navaratri Mahotsav

New initiatives
Eka Kotee Avruttie Yanthrodharaka Hanumath Stotra Parayana

Madhwa Nama Mahila Seva Samiti Activities

1) Chanted Madhwa Nama & Lakshmi Shobane parayana at more than 750 residences

2) Organizing Mahaa Parayana (mega events) during Shri Vadhiraja Aradhana, Shri SriPadharaja Aradhana & during other special occasions by uniting 100-250 mahilaas at a single place chanting Lakshmi Shobane & Madhwa Nama for Lokakshema

New Initiatives
1. Eka Laksha Avruttie Lakshmi Shobane parayana
2. Lakshmi Shobane parayana at 1008 marriages (Vivaha Mandhir)

Sadachara Seva Samiti Activities

1) Conducting free classes on Sandhyavandhan, Devaru Pooje, Sanskrit, SuMadhwa Vijaya, Vaishwadeva, Veda & Vaidheeka.

2) Providing financial assistance to the needy persons every year for Education, Medical & Marriage

3) Printed more than 50,000 copies of Harivayustuthi, Sundarakanda, SuMadhwa Vijaya, Lakshmi Shobane & Madhwa Nama, Vishnu Sahasra Nama and other books. Printed in big fonts in Tamil, Kannada & Sanskrit, these books are distributed as free to devotees participated during our mega events & given at just Rs.10/- during other occasions.

Recent Accomplishments
1. Conducted Paata & organized SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala Mahotsava to 108 sajjanas.
2. Distribution of Scholarship to 144 Students across Tamil Nadu.
3. Conducted Vaishwadeva Paata to 25 sajjanas

New Initiatives
1. Publication of Harikathamrutha Sara & Sarva Moola Granthas
2. Anandha Theertha Research Institute
3. Mediclaim assistance to needy persons

Thanks for your continued support to our Samiti activities. Kindly spread about our Samiti activities among your relatives & friends.

Your voluntary contributions are invited for bringing in more publications and expansion of our Samiti activities.

Kindly forward your donations using the following methods:

Through IBFT:
A/c No: 61103070003887
IFSC Code: SYNB0006110
Bank: Syndicate Bank
Branch: Keelkattalai
Branch Address: Medavakkam Main Road, Keelkattalai, Chennai – 600117

Alternatively forward the cheque favouring SADACHARA SEVA SAMITI & send to KAMALALAYA,
Madipakkam Main Road,
Chennai – 600091

Moreover, kindly forward details of payment along with your address to lhvsmps@yahoo.com for our reference & to forward the receipt.

Always in the Service to Lord Sri Hari,

LHVSMPS Chief Administrator

Hare Srinivasa!

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