Eka Kotee Yanthroddhaaraka Hanumath Stotra Japa

Hare Srinivasa!

With the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu, LHVSMPS (Samiti) was formed during the year 2010, with the avowed objective of chanting the sacred SRI HARI VAYU STUTI one lakh times in Madhwa households not only across Tamilnadu but also in other States. The Samiti is pleased to note that it has already crossed the magic figure of ONE LAKH AVRUTTIES of Sri Harivayustuti covering 6000 plus residences across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra, Maharashtra & Delhi. This has been possible with the Divine Grace of Lord Sri Hari and with the active support of our devotees.


As part of our Samiti’s new initiative, it was decided, during the Aradhana of the Great Saint, Sri VYASARAJARU (29 March 2016), to take a sankalpa to chant the powerful stotra, Sri YANTHODDHARAKA HANUMATH STOTRA (YHS of Sri Vyasarajaru)  “1 Crore” times for Lokakshema and Gruhakshema, seeking the active support from all our devotees & madhwa sajjanas residing across all places.

Brief details relating to “Eka Kotee Yanthroddharaka Hanumath Stotra Japa” are as follows:

  • Free Registration
  • No Age Bar
  • Minimum 5 times per day chanting
  • Japa Booklet to track daily chanting

Registration for the Japa is absolutely free:

Both Gents & Ladies can register themselves individually and chant the Stotra thereby increasing the count of family. We request all the Madhwa sajjanas and devotees to involve all the members in their families by registering them individually so as to involve a large cross section of our people in this grand initiative. We hereby request you to lend your support in registering at least 5 of your family members / relatives. The Samiti expects to undertake registration of 5000 Madhwa sajjanas under this initiative so that the overall count of 1 crore avrutties can be achieved in a year’s time.

To Chant this sloka minimum of 5 times in a day

This sloka can be chanted by average 2 minutes and to chant for 5 times, it will take just 10 minutes per day. This chanting of a minimum of 5 times can be done either in the morning and / or in the evening (depending upon one’s convenience) by noting down the number of times chanted (day wise) in a specially prepared Japa Booklet in order to have a close track of the japa count. Whenever possible, depends upon time convenience, requesting the participants to chant more number of times. This Booklet is being issued FREE OF COST to all those who register themselves with the Samiti for the japa.

We request all the madhwa sajjanas to register using the given below registration methods:

  • Contact your nearby location volunteers (as mentioned below)
  • Online Registration – email your Name, Address, Pincode, Contact Number, Gothra, Nakshatra, DOB & Age details to lhvsmps@yahoo.com
  • SMS & WhatsApp: Message your details to Balaji Guruprasath – 9566000954

Kindly share this valuable piece of information among all your family members, relatives (wherever they are located) and other acquaintances requesting them to register at the earliest.



YHS Chennai Contact



YHS KA Contact


YHS AP_T Contact

The Samiti humbly requests all the Madhwa sajjanas to respond at the earliest and avail the benefit of chanting (Japa) and seek the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu for a long, prosperous and peaceful life.

Come join, chant and contribute your mite for the upliftment of our Samaja (Society).

For any further queries, mail us at lhvsmps@yahoo.com or reach us @ 09841678476.

With Warm Regards,

Ever in the Service of Lord Sri Hari,

G S Ragothama Rao

Convenor – LHVSMPS

Hare Srinivasa!

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3 Responses to Eka Kotee Yanthroddhaaraka Hanumath Stotra Japa

  1. very good and simple Guidance to come out from our sin and all troubles, and best way to attain the Lotus feet of Lord shri Krishna. thanks a lot!

    • madhukarks says:

      On behalf of the LHVSMPS Trust, I take this opportunity to thank you for appreciating our present project of YHS japa. The Samiti is of the firm opinion that our devotees are the backbone of any of our activities. As such, while the Hari Vayu Stuti project was for “mane-mane” parayana, YHS is for “maneyalli” parayana. After all, the idea & intention is to involve all our devotees in spiritual activities thereby helping them to climb the ladder of sadhana. Incidentally, I take this opportunity to request you to share this information on YHS parayana, in individual houses by the individuals concerned, with all your relatives, friends & other acquaintances so that they can too can get a chance to be part of this yagna.

      Let Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu bless all with a peaceful, pleasant & purposeful life free of tension.

      With Regards,
      Ever in the seva of Lord Sri Hari,

  2. Ananth says:

    Can you please provide us the Sankalpa details along with anganyasa and karanyasa


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