Sriman Madhwacharya’s 700th year Bhadri Pravesha – Sumadhwa Vijaya Mangala

Hare Srinivasa!

With the blessings of Sri Hari VayuGirugalu, our Samithi from the inception (2009) involved in Parayana, Paata & Samaaja Seva activities.

During 2014-15, our samithi conducted SuMadhwa Vijaya (SMV) Paata to Sajjanas residing across various locations in Chennai & Cuddalore. Further continuation to this, our samithi has organized Sri SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala Mahotsava at Musiri during 2015 which was attended by 108 Sajjanas who have learnt SMV through samithi. Similarly Samithi conducted SMV paata @ Bangalore during 2015.

Sri Madwacharyaru

Samithi wishes to expand this initiative to all locations in Tamil Nadu & Karnataka

Samithi is willing to conduct classes at your location itself. Minimum 5 persons per location is enough to start classes at your location / nearby location.

  • Classes are absolutely free
  • Classes will be conducted on Sundays / Holidays as per your convenience timings
  • In-depth training
  • Focusing one Sarga per Sunday

Samithi hereby give unique opportunity to learn SuMadhwa Vijaya Maha Kavya in 16 weeks & complete mangala during February ’17 Madhwa Navami during 700th year of Sriman Madhwacharya’s Badri Pravesha.

Classes will commence on 23 October ’16. Those who are interested kindly contact & register with following samithi coordinators.

Murali 9282136264
SatyaVasudevaMurthi 9840021644
SatyaPramodh 8428085280
Srinivasan 9445662140

Alternatively you can also send your Name, Contact Number & Location details by SMS or WhatsApp @ 9962185715 Mankal Sriram.

With Best Regards
Sadachara Seva Samithi

Hare Srinivasa!

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One Response to Sriman Madhwacharya’s 700th year Bhadri Pravesha – Sumadhwa Vijaya Mangala

  1. very good service by the organisers God bless u all

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