Dhanurmaasa Samarpane – Maada Veedhi HVS Parayana – 14 Jan 2018

Hare Srinivasa!

Wish you all a very happy Makara Sankaranthi/ Pongal today – 15 Jan 2018.

What a way to end the sacred Dhanur masa!! It was a noble thought from the LHVSMP Samithi Mentor Dr. Sri Raghu and the area representatives to do the Dhanur Maasa Samarpane by doing Sri HariVayuStuthi parayana on the Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple Maada Beedhi and at various locations across Tamilnadu.

It stared @ 7AM sharp at the Parthasarathy Temple Rath. Sajjanas from Madipakkam, Ambattur, Villivakkaam, West Mambalam, Verugambakkam and other areas have assembled on time @ Triplicane. Sajjana Group started chanting Sri HariVayuStuthi in chorus and did the pradakshina of the temple Kulam (Tank) and then on the 4 maada Bheedi of Triplicane Parthasarathy temple. More than 100 sajjanas participated in the event. All through the pradakshina, entire sajjnas were chanting the HariVayuStuthi with very High energy. At the end of the pradakshina, after praying GOD at the entrance, everyone assembled at Sri Krishna Mandhir.

Dr Sri. Raghu & Sri Krishnachar gave a very brief lecture highlighting the importance of the parayana and the group chanting/ sath sanga – the need of the hour in kali yuga. Huggi/ Kesari were served for the bhaktas.

During the same time, similar event was conducted by the LHVSMP Samithi members across the state – Ambattur, Cuddalore, Madurai etc.

Triplicane Parayana

pls click HERE to see the Triplicane parayana photos.

Ambattur Parayana

pls click HERE to see the Ambattur parayana photos.

Cuddalaore Parayana

Madurai Parayana

It is a unanimous expectation and wish from the mentor and everyone from the Samithi to conduct such events across every location more frequently.

Hare Srinivasa!

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One Response to Dhanurmaasa Samarpane – Maada Veedhi HVS Parayana – 14 Jan 2018

  1. CA. N.G.Sreenivasa Rao, Coimbatore 641038 says:

    Hare Sreenivasa

    I pray the Almighty Balaji that the inspiration should grow multifold and it should embrace whole Madhwa community all over India and aborad. The voice must be heard and others should know and understand what Madhwa is and his followers even after many centuries

    Sreenivasa Rao N.G. Coimbatore

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