This page contains the link to the videos of various activities by LHVSMPS. 

Lakshavruthi HariVaayustuthi

HariVayuStuthi Parayana Videos (Madhwanavami Celebrations)

HVS Parayana 1     HVS Parayana 2     HVS Parayana 3

Madhwanavami Procession (With Madhwacharya Vigraha)
MadwaNavami Procession

Madhwanavami Dance Celebrations
MadwaNavami Dance 1 (Thodu Krishna)

MadwaNavami Dance 2 (Thodu Thodu)

MadwaNavami Dance 3 (Pranesha Bhandane)

MadwaNavami Dance 4 (Thodu Krishna)

MadwaNavami Dance 5 (Dasavatharam)

Papparapatti Parayana (27 Feb 2011)
Papparapatti Parayana

Kanchipuram Parayana (03 Apr 2011)

Bangalore Parayana – Madhusudhan’s house (23 Apr 2011)

Madipakkam Rayara Aradhana (04 Sep 2011)

Nanganallur Parayana (20 Nov 2011)
HariVayuStuthi Parayana Video 1
HariVayuStuthi Parayana Video 2

3 Responses to Videos

  1. Madhu M Rao says:

    A world class effort by our Madhwas.Photographs of parayana held recently at Bangalore shows the strength of our community..Great Show.
    Madhu M Rao

  2. s,prasanna says:

    sir i want to follow sundarakannda parayanna .rendered by send the same to my whats appno.9952889043. regards s.prasanna

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