Madhwa Guru Mantra Yatra – Srimushnam – May 1 2012

The first Madhwa Guru Mantra Yatra was started @ Srimushnam on 1st May 2012. This is the 2nd Mega parayana in Nandana Nama Samvatsara & first with 108+ persons where our great guru Sri Madhwacharya visited in TamilNadu. 10 more location to follow in this samvastara in next 10 months.

Sri Bheema Rao, convener of this mega parayana, a resident of Chidambaram had arranged the mega in a wonderful manner. Commencing from the registration, accommodation, to & fro to Dhandatheertha, Sri BhuvaragaSwamy dharshan, Shayamaana, a lengthy Snana Maha Sankalpa, Snana @ Dhandatheertha, Theerthaprasada & Prasada to all the parayana participants were simply exemplary.

When the devotees reached around 11PM on the previous day @ Srimushanam, Sri Bheema Rao had booked a kalyana Mantap where about 70 persons were made to stay.

On 1st May, as early as 5:30AM, devotees started reaching Dhandateertha and @ 6AM, the maha sankalpa was commenced by Dr. Sri Raghu that was followed by the members. Two batches of sankalpa were performed.

Sri PP Venkatesh, the managing trustee & Sri Mankal Krishna, Mankal Hari, Sri Gopi of Triplicane cleaned the snana place, removed lotus stems, slush and made easy for members to have easy bath @ Snana Ghat. After the devotees finished their Anhiha and devara pooja @ 7:30AM, Gayatri Japa was chanted 336 times by everyone under the leadership of Sri Krishnachar, Sudha Pandit, Triplicane.

At 8:30AM, Sri HariVayuStuthi Mantra parayana was commenced with Madhwashtakam, Guru Prathna & sankalpa. One avarthi of HVS purascharana was chanted. About 145 persons participated in the parayana. Parayana concluded at 10:40AM. Lemon Juice was served to all the participants. Devotees had dharshan of the local deity Sri BhuvaraghaMurthy Swamy after the parayana. Teerthaprasada was served at the Veda Paatasala. With family members and others joining, about ~200 persons had Teerthaprasada.

Prasada with two photographs (Avatara Traya & Sri Bhuvaraghaswamy) were given to all parayana members.

Kudos to Sri Bheema Rao who organized the whole thing single handedly. As usual, the expenditure overshot the contributions. We sincerely thank all the participants for getting together in this sacred place for the mega parayana and making this event a grand success. The Samithi prays Lord Sri BhuvaraghaMurthy & Sri Madhwacharya to bless all those families who visited and took part in this event with long life and prosperity. Looking forward for others who couldn’t attend this event to join in the coming months parayana.

This event @ Srimushnam was also covered with a small writeup in tamil daily Dhinmalar.

Click HERE to view photos of the event.

Click HERE to view the photos in a slideshow.

About the Yatra

Click HERE to know more about the Yatra initiated by LHVSMP Samiti.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||

3 Responses to Madhwa Guru Mantra Yatra – Srimushnam – May 1 2012

  1. Prasad says:

    Appreciate youngsters are participating.

  2. GOPINATH says:

    with the blessing sriharivayu i had the opportunity to participate in the great event. Well planned & executed and it was a very satisfying day. The weather was also very kind. Pray sri hari vayu to bless the organisers..Gopinath

  3. N Pandurengan says:

    Hare Srinivasa.
    The LHVSMPS has brought about awareness amongst the Madhwa Community of South India especially in Tamil Nadu about the Madhwa Culture and the importance of Hari Vayu Stuti Parayana. Their efforts have yielded fruit in Bangalore also by organising a Branch of the Samithi and conducting Parayanas in Bangalore. Lord Hari would stand with the Samithi and make their efforts all success.

    N. Pandurengan
    R.T. Nagar,Bangalore-32

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