Please click below to see the parayana status for the given period.

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January February March April May June
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15 Responses to Statistics

  1. M S SUDEENDHRA says:

    your service is wounderful.

  2. S. Sethu Madhavan says:

    Papparapatti parayana was very well organised and was a very well experience.

  3. rajagopal achar says:

    Your service is excellent, I’m going to share this site to many of the madhwa bandhus.

    It would be imperative if you also share the madhwa padhatthi’s for all the madhwa occasions with mantra and stostras or can give references of books., etc it will be of great help for madhwa’s like me who is very eager to perform rituals in our traditional way.

    Hari sarvothma Vayu jeevothma

    God bless all of you peace and prosperity


  4. Anil Kumar says:

    Hari vayu stuthi is very good and power full mantra. Enchanting this mantra gives lot of benefits and getting the soule to clean and clean. Really LHVS committee is doing wonderful seva for the betterment of society. Thank you

  5. R.VASUDEVAN says:

    Dear Sir,
    Ekadasi, Amavasai, Pournami days can be notified in the site. because if there is change in thithi of those days with that of Madhva Bandu.

  6. v.narasimhan says:

    please fix muhurta start parayana of sree madvavijaya

  7. K.Subba Rao says:

    Dear Ramakanth,

    Please include Dharapuram, Villivakkam Erode on the list of location filed.

  8. achuthan says:

    I am achuthan from paparapati, I was there on the day at bridavan @ paparapati, the event was well organised. I am sure our ragavendra will shower all his blessing to each one of us.

    Hari sarvothma Vayu jeevothma

  9. S. Sethu Madhavan says:

    The statistics should be updated then and there

  10. Thrivikraman Sridharan says:

    Thanks for providing input options for Sri Madhwanama Parayana locations & updation details and having started the race for our mahilas. The mahilas are more actively participating in chanting Sri madhwanama. Hope, they will outperform and reach the target of sankalpitha ekalaksha avruthi in a record time.
    Thrivikraman Sridharan

  11. dr.R.vijendrarao says:

    pl update the stastics for 2013.

  12. .S. Sethumadhavan says:

    Agree with Dr.Rajendrarao. The Statistics should be updated atleast 1st of every month.

  13. Chandar.G says:

    excellant program at coimbatore , it was pleasure in work with you & your team

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