Scintillating Event @ Triplicane Nanjangud Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt

Hare Srinivasa!

August 12 2012, contrary to a normal lazy Sunday, started very early. LHVSMP Samithi volunteers started assembling @ Nanjangud Sri Raghavendra Swami mutt @ TP Koil Street, Triplicane by 5AM. 5 registration counters were setup @ the entrance and inside the mutt, arrangements for seating started happening.

Devotees from various locations started assembling from 6:30AM onwards, even though Samithi has asked them to assemble by 7AM. While a group of volunteers took responsibility of the registration counters, Sri Villivakkam Sridhar & Sri Guruprasad with the support of other volunteers, handled & directed devotees to theirs seats in front of Sri Rayara Brindavana. Very soon the hall got filled up with the registered devotees. Seating was done in such a way that a path is left clear for the other devotees who came for the dharshan of MukhyaPrana devuru & sri rayaru.

LHVSMPS Mentor Dr. Sri Raghu assumed stage and started Madhwashtakam by 7:30AM. It is a worth point to note that samithi is preaching and following that all activities & events to start with the parayana of Madhwashtaka. Guru Prathana followed next and then the sankalpa for the event undertook by Mutt manager Sri Venugopalacharya.

First avruthi of Sri Hari Vayu Stuthi started @ 8AM and according to usual practice, the mantra was chanted very slow that everyone could follow thru book and to chant together. Avruthi ended by 8:35AM. It was very nice sight to look at young ones with their pancha-katcha reciting with loud voice & great enthusiasm appreciated by everyone. After few mins gap, purascharana started and went on till 10:20AM.

Triplicane Sri Krishnachar gave a brief speech on HariVayuStuthi for 15 mins. Parayana of Sri Appanacharya’s Guru Raghavendra Stotra was carried on 2 times. When Sri Raghu asked over microphone whether to proceed for the 3rd avruthi, entire crowd accepted in chorus immediately and then another avruthi was recited.

All through-out for 3.5 hours, there was no silly noices and only loud Mantra uchharane was heard in the mutt. LHVSMP Samithi honored mutt manager & two scholars. Sri Rayara Mutt honored the samithi members, Sri G S Ragothama Rao (GSR), Dr Sri Raghu & Sri PP Venkatesh & Sri Krishnachar.

Mutt Manager Sri Venugopalacharya in his speech was very appreciative for the event and in the manner it was conducted and adherence of the stated time for the parayana start and end. He also assured support of the mutt and requested the samithi to conduct such event every year just after the rayara aradhana & gokulashtami, in their premises.

Followed by Nivedhya & Maha Mangalarathi, teerthaprasda was served just before noon. A bag containing special prasada was distributed to all the devotees participated in the parayana Janivara, Gopicahandana, Dakshine & Rayara Stotra book constituted the prasada. Another important item in the prasada, keeping in mind the upcoming Adhika masa (Aug 18 – Sep 16), is a plate containing 33 deepa along with a pack of bhathi are provided. All the devotees are requested to lamp 33 deepa in their homes during adhika masa and earn punya. Further to this, as a highlight, Sri Raghavendraru showered his anugraha to the bhakthas by having Sri Raghavendra Swami photo and parimala prasada from Mantralayam as part of the special prasada.

Participants from all over the state from Coimbatore, Karur, Krishangiri Tthirukoilur and across from Bangalore attended this parayana along with chennai devotees. Event was well covered by Sri PP Venkatesh, the link to the photos captured is provided below.

In the evening during previous day @ 6:30PM, volunteer meet was organized by Sri GSR & Sri Raghu and instructions were provided. Banner committee members tied all the banners with relevant quotes for the current days in the parayana hall.

During the parayana day, entire mutt was occupied by the devotees and teerthaprasada was served close to 600 people. Overall, it was a scintillating & devoutful event happened with good planning & execution, co-operation from all the devotees. LHVSMP Samithi thanks all the participants & volunteers for making this event a grand success. A special Thanks has to be made to mutt manager Sri Venugopalacharya for his full support for the event. It was another worth point to highlight that the manager did not book any other seva in the mutt during this day and provided the entire space for the samithi, and also for arranging teerthaprasada on time. Samithi also requests devotees who had assembled for this event and others who have not, for participating in the future events.

With the support of devotees assembled and adhering to the guidelines laid, with a good management by volunteers, and support from mutt, event was conducted in a grand manner.

To View the photos from the event click HERE (Further click slideshow if required).

If you want to look at comments from others or if you want to share your feedback about this mega event, CLICK HERE.

Similarly, if you wish to send mail to our Samithi, please forward to

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||

6 Responses to Scintillating Event @ Triplicane Nanjangud Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt

  1. Venkatesh says:


    Dheerga danda pranamagalu.

    It was a wonderful opportunity, given to us, to forget everything, and fall at the feet of Hari vaayu.
    Thanks to all the officials of LHVS Mantra Parayana Samiti Trust, Madipakkam. Special pranamas to the Manager of the Mutt, for hosting such a big event.

    Venkatesh, Alwarthirungar.

  2. H.Balakrishnan says:


    It was a great Sunday that we had an opportunity to chant Hari Vayu Stuti and Rayara Mangalashtaka in front of Rayara Brindavana, Triplicane which made us feel that we were in Kruta Yuga.

    Thanks to LHVS Samiti Trust, Madipakkam officials. Many thanks and pranamas to the SRS Mutt Manager, Triplicane for organizing this great event.

    H.Balakrishnan, TP Koil Street, Triplicane

  3. R.Krishnamoorthy says:

    Next day of the parayana chennai city and suburbs experienced good downpour from heaven thus approving our sankalpa for prosperity

  4. k venkatraman says:

    good opportunity sitting before rayar brindavan for more than 4 hours even our age crossed
    sixties without anystrain to ourbody and got the blessing of our guru ragavendra

  5. R Gururajan, Nanganallur says:

    I had the great opportunity to participate in the Triplicane Sri Raghavendra Mutt Parayana and enjoyed the blessings of Sri Hari, Vayu and Gurugalu. It is a great experience chanting in unison and the dharshan of abhishekam, alankaram and deeparathanai of Sri Gurugalu while the chanting was going on. I have no doubt everyone should have enjoyed the occasion spiritually satisfied. The distribution of sthothra book, the portrait of moola brindavan of Manthralaya and the deepa stand are more apt for the athika masa more specifically. The movement is exactly getting momentum and I wish this to spread to the nook and corner of India .

    Thank You,

    R. Gururajan with Pranams.

  6. Vijendra Rao, Bangalore says:

    THREE CHEERS 2 LHVSMPS: I attended TRIPLICANE MEGA Parayana to get a feel of it and also carry the experience for our Bangalore 9th Sep. megaevent. What an experience I!I.No words can match the “ANUBHUTHI” i received while chanting was going on In the Presence of Shree Raghavendragurugalu. Well organized. Well managed> Good discipline. No noice only Mantra uchharane. Good Thirda Prasada. I was happy to be a part of parayana. Looking forward for our Blr event. I know the Karta, Karma and Kriya is going to be Shee hari Vayu, Madhvachrya and Shre Raghavendra. Our sankalpa is very strong our gods and gurujalu will take care of the event. Once again Congrats to entire Participants and committee members. Dr.RV>RAO.

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