Dhanurmaasa Samarpane – Maada Veedhi HVS Parayana – 14 Jan 2018

Hare Srinivasa!

Wish you all a very happy Makara Sankaranthi/ Pongal today – 15 Jan 2018.

What a way to end the sacred Dhanur masa!! It was a noble thought from the LHVSMP Samithi Mentor Dr. Sri Raghu and the area representatives to do the Dhanur Maasa Samarpane by doing Sri HariVayuStuthi parayana on the Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple Maada Beedhi and at various locations across Tamilnadu.

It stared @ 7AM sharp at the Parthasarathy Temple Rath. Sajjanas from Madipakkam, Ambattur, Villivakkaam, West Mambalam, Verugambakkam and other areas have assembled on time @ Triplicane. Sajjana Group started chanting Sri HariVayuStuthi in chorus and did the pradakshina of the temple Kulam (Tank) and then on the 4 maada Bheedi of Triplicane Parthasarathy temple. More than 100 sajjanas participated in the event. All through the pradakshina, entire sajjnas were chanting the HariVayuStuthi with very High energy. At the end of the pradakshina, after praying GOD at the entrance, everyone assembled at Sri Krishna Mandhir.

Dr Sri. Raghu & Sri Krishnachar gave a very brief lecture highlighting the importance of the parayana and the group chanting/ sath sanga – the need of the hour in kali yuga. Huggi/ Kesari were served for the bhaktas.

During the same time, similar event was conducted by the LHVSMP Samithi members across the state – Ambattur, Cuddalore, Madurai etc.

Triplicane Parayana

pls click HERE to see the Triplicane parayana photos.

Ambattur Parayana

pls click HERE to see the Ambattur parayana photos.

Cuddalaore Parayana

Madurai Parayana

It is a unanimous expectation and wish from the mentor and everyone from the Samithi to conduct such events across every location more frequently.

Hare Srinivasa!

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LHVSMP Samithi launches a new website lhvsvivaha.in – Exclusive for Matrimonial Exchange

Dear Sajjanas,

Hare Srinivasa!

Wish you all a very happy ENGLISH new year 2018!

LHVSMP Samithi, apart from its weekly Mane-Mane Parayana, is conducting many other samaja sevas over past several years. In this initiative, Samithi has started a separate website (lhvsvivaha.in) exclusive for matrimonial exchange – Srimad Ananda Thirtha Vivaha Service. This was launched during early December from Ayanavaram Raghavendra Mutt. by Samithi’s mentor, Dr. Sri. Raghu. Samithi’s Convenor Sri G.S.Raghotama Rao, Ayanavaram Mutt President Sri. Gururajan & Mutt Secretary Sri. Mohanrao presided the function. Samithi’s Karnataka coordinator Sri S. Venugopal Rao was also present in the function.

Samithi is conducting a grand vadhu-vara sammelana during Jan 6-7 @ Coimbatore along with Sri HariVayuStuthi, Lakshmi Shobane & MadhwaNaama parayana. Pls click HERE to see more details about the coimbatore event.

Along this with launch of the website, Samithi conducted 2 day workshop on Sandhya Vanadana which was attended by more than 35 sajjanas.

Pls visit Samithi’s matrimonial site (lhvsvivaha.in), make use of it and also pass on this information to your friends, near & dear.

Click HERE to see more photos of the event

Hare Srinivasa!

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Vadhu-Vara Sammelana – HariVayuStuthi/ LakshmiShobane/ MadhwaNaama Parayana – Coimbatore – 6/ 7 Jan 2018

Hare Srinivasa,

Earlier this year during Feb 2017, our LHVSMP Samithi conducted Vadhu Vara Sammelana @ Dharmaprakash (CLICK HERE for details) which was a grand success. In continuation and in the noble cause of trying to retain our boys and girls in our sanathanda dharama, our Samithi is conducing the event again @ Coimbatore this time. Event is planned to be conducted on Jan 6, 2018.

Vadhu-Vara Sammelana followed by Lakshmi Shobane/ MadhwaNaama parayana on Jan 6 & Sri HariVayuStuthi parayana on Jan 7, Sunday is planned to be counducted at

VADAVALLI, CBE – 641 041.

Pls pass on this message to your friends and relatives who are looking for their boy/ girl to get married. Request you all to get yourself registered for the event/ parayana and get the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu & Guru.

Click on the below images to see an enlarged version.

Hare Srinivasa!

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MadhwaNaama Mahaa Parayana – Bangalore – 18 Nov 2017

Hare Srinivasa!

In line with the objective of Lakshavrutti HariVayuSthuthi Mantra Parayana Samithi (LHVSMPS) for conducting sacred Mane Mane Parayana & Mahaa parayana, Bangalore division of the Samithi had organized Sri Madwanama and Sri Lakshmi Shobane Mahaa Parayana at Raggigudda Sri Prassanna Anjeneya Swamy Temple at Jayanagar 9th Block Bangalore on 18th November  2017.

Function went on very well with about 700 mahilaa sajjanas participating and chanting the sacred slokas. Event was lead by Dr. Sri Raghu, the Mentor of the LHVSMP Samithi.
This is the largest gathering of Mahilas by our Samiti at Bangalore, so far. With the grace of Sri Hari, we are sure that future parayanas will bring more sajjanas into the fold. Bajanaa Mandalis from all parts of Bangalore, Shimoga and Chennai took part with great enthusiasm.

Sri Srinivasan aged 90 years, Secretary of the Temple Trust who gave lot of encouragement was honoured by Sri Raghothamarao.

Dr. Raghu was honoured by Dr. Nagaraj Achar of TTD who mobilized participants from TTD registered Bajana Mandalis.


A glimpse of the chorous parayana can be viewed thru the below videos



Please CLICK HERE to view the photos of the event.

Hare Srinivasa!

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Navarathri – Mane Mane Parayana – Lakshmi Shobane & MadhwaNaama

Hare Srinivasa!

Navarathri is almost here – starting on 21st September, Thursday and 9 consecutive days of festive atmosphere everywhere and people visiting all their relatives & friends houses & inviting them to their house for Kolu.
MadhwaNaama Mahila Samithi (Mahila’s wing of LHVSMPS) from Madipakkam, does a practice of visiting the sajjana’s houses on all these 9 days and conduct the parayana of sacred Lakshmi Shobane & MadhwaNaama for the ghruastha’s kshema as well as lokashema, for past several years. This year is no exception. Parayana for all 9 days have been booked already and below is the list of sajjana’s addresses where the parayana is going to be conducted.

Samithi requests you to make yourselves comfortable to attend any of the parayana below and get the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Guru. Samithi also requests you to pass on this information to others who might be interested.

Hare Srinivasa!

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Madhwa Jayanthi / Vijaya Dasami 2017 Celebrations

Hare Srinivasa!

Similar to every year, Madipakkam Madhwa Seva Sangha & Lakshavrutti HariVayuStuthi Manthra Parayana Samithi (LHVSMPS) is celebrating Madhwa Jayanthi/ Vijaya Dasami this year on 30th September 2017. Pls attend the function with your near and dear and get the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Guru.

Hare Srinivasa!

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346th year Aradhana of Sri Sri Raghavendra Gurugalu – Sunday, 13 Aug 2017

Hare Srinivasa!

Like every year, LHVSMP Samithi (Lakshavritti HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samithi) & Sri Madhwa Seva Sangha, Madipakkam is celebrating 346th year Aradhana of Sri Sri Raghavendra on 13th August 2017, Sunday @ Swarna Sudharsana Hall, Kovilambakam, Chennai and below are the details. Pls convey this your to your near and dear, participate and earn the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu. This is the 18th year celebration from Sri Madhwa Seva Sangha, Madipakkam.

Click on the above images to see the enlarged file.

Hare Srinivasa!

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