RAMA Navaratri – Daily Parayana @ Triplicane

Hare Srinivasa!

Manmatha Naama Samvatsara wishes to every one! Daily Parayana has been planned @ Triplicane on account of the Rama Navaratri celebrations. Pls check our schedule page (CLICK HERE) for more details. Pls participate in the parayana and get the blessings of Hari Vayu Guru.

Hare Srinivasa!

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Ugadi 21Mar

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Mahaa parayana at Mazuvanchery – near Guruvayur, Kerala – May 9 & 10 2015

Hare Srinivasa!

Lakshaavarti HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samiti trust (LHVSMPS Trust) has planned to organize a mahaa parayana at Mazuvanchery mahadeva temple located between Thrissur and Guruvayur – Sri Krishna Kshetram.

The Krishna idol in this Guruvayur temple is believed to be the family deity of Sri Krishna himself during krishna avatar named as Adikesava Perumal. This idol during the end of krishna avatar was saved from the destruction by Sri Brahaspati (Guru of lords) and Sri Vayu Devuru and was reinstated in Kerala by them which was named as “Guru-Vayur” and is known as guruvayurappan. The idol is in baby form and this place is a seat of many miracles.

At Mazuvanchery, the branch of national heritage center has developed a library and museum comprising of very valuable information relating our vedas to science and technology. A visit to this place shall give a treasure of knowledge and a new prespective of our sanathana dharma-which was practiced by residents living at banks of sindu rivar- hence known as sindu dharma- which over a period of time became hindu dharma

This is the back ground in choosing this location which is having calm, quite and serene environment.
Thrissur which is the railway station located enroute to ernakulam (cochin) from Chennai/ Bangalore is well connected by trains/ buses. The place of parayana is ~40 minutes by bus from Thrissur and 30 minutes from guruvayur, situated almost midway.

The parayanas both MadwaNaama for ladies on 9th May and HariVayuStuthi for gents on 10th May are open to our regular parayana members and their families only.

Registration through area coordinators of our mane parayanas with payment of Rs.300/-(Rs. Three hundred only) per person is a must. Area coordinators shall ensure only such persons shall be registered. Closing date for registration is 31st March or when 600 persons are registered whichever is earlier.
To encourage participation of youngsters (below 25 years of age), they will not be charged any fee. Even first time participants will be permitted in parayanas. Details of age, number of accompanies shall be given.

All travel expenses and arrangements such as reservations etc will be the responsibility of individuals.

Registration fee once paid shall not be refunded. Samiti has the right to reject any registration done by area coordinators. In such case the registration fee will be refunded.
Until and unless the registration amount is paid it will not be a valid registration. Registration over phone, SMS, e-mails, direct to state administrators/ Dr. Raghu will not be entertained.

Two days both 9th and 10th will be packed with activities to have an atmosphere of harmony and peace with 9th evening after 4pm will be left free to enable people to have dharshan of Sri Guruvayurappan on their own.

Train reservations shall commence 60 days in advance of 8th may (by March 8th)
Dormitory type accommodation (without Cot/ Bed), adequate clean toilet facilities in a school premises with cold water only, coffee -thindy 9th morning and night, lunch on both days, packed rice for 10th train journey, drinking water will be arranged by Samiti by Madhwa cooks but prepared in gas stove only.

Persons with Ortho or other health problems can take lodges at Guruvayur/ Thrissur at their cost and responsibility. Persons above age of 70 who cannot be on their own shall have to be accompanied by younger relative/ friend.

Every participant shall carry their own medicine etc since you not will facility to have a cup of coffee or tea nearby.

Area coordinators are requested to be in touch with registered persons to follow up on their train reservation and communicate samiti’s messages to them. For details of area coordinators please visit CONTACT US page of our website.

Visit IISH to know more about the national heritage center.

You can also reach out to Sri Venugopal, Administrator, Karnataka @ 9880038448 for more details.

Hare Srinivasa!

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Malleswaram HVS Parayana – Feb 22


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Madipakkam – Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt – Bhoomi Pooja by Sri Sri Satyatma Theertha Swamigalu – 20 Dec 2014

Hare Srinivasa!

It is double treat for Madipakkam Madhwas. The thought or a wish which has been in the dreams of many many madhwas in Madipakkam for long years is becoming real. Yes, It has been planned to construct Raghavendra Mutt which will comprise of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Sri Anjaneya and Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mritika Brundavana. While this itself is a blessing, bhoomi pooja for the proposed mutt is being performed by none other than Sri Sri Satyatma Theertha Swamigalu. This auspicious event is planned to be conducted on 20th December, Saturday just opposite to Poorna Pushkala hall, Lakeview 1st Street in Madipakkam.

All the devotees are requested to participate in the event and get the blessings of Hari Vayu Gurugalu.

Madipakkam Rayar Mutt Bhoomi Pooja

Hare Srinivasa!

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Maha Samprokshanam – Triplicane Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple – 27 Dec 2014

Hare Srinivasa! Lakshavruthi HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samithi Trust (LHVSMPS TRUST), MADIPAKKAM, CHENNAI-91, is in receipt of a request from Sri. S.Ragothaman, Archaka of the Triplicane Tank Anjaneya Temple and Sri Anjaneya Bhakta Jana Trust, Chennai-5, requesting the Samiti to put up their Invitation in our web site for the information of our members and devotees. Members are requested to note the same and contact the concerned for any other details they may require in this regard. Triplicane Maha Samprokshanam Invitation Triplicane Maha Samprokshanam Invitation

For further details please contact:

S. Ragothaman (Samanna), Archakar, Kulakkarai Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple, Chennai-5
Address: 4 / 7 North Tank Square Street, Triplicane, Chennai – 600005.
Mobile: 98404 99912, 98416 67009

Bank Particulars for Online Money transfer:
Account Name: Sri Anjeneya Bhaktha Jana Trust
S.B. A/C No: 0346000100132095
Bank : Punjab National Bank
Branch : Triplicane, Chennai – 600005.
IFSC Code : PUNB0034600

Hare Srinivasa!

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SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala Mahotsava @ Triplicane on 2 Nov 14

With the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu, our samiti Lakshavrutti Harivayustuti Mantra Parayana Samiti Triplicane Branch conducted the following events on 2nd November 2014 (Sunday) at NKT Muthu Hall Triplicane which was attended by 100+ sajjanas.

Devotees started gathering at the venue from 7.00AM onwards. The objective of this event was SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala Mahotsava and performing Japa & Parayana for Vivaha Prapthi.

The programme commenced with chanting Bhagya Sooktha by Sri Ramesh & Sriram from Triplicane at 7.30AM. This was followed by Madhwashtaka, Guru Prarthane & Sankalpa for Lokakshema exclusively focussing Vivaha Prapti.
Lakshmipathi Raja from Medavakkam highlighted the importance of chanting Sri HariVayuStuti & Sriram from Triplicane shared the samiti updates with all devotees. Sriram also invited everyone to join the next level batches to learn SuMadhwa Vijaya and requested them to contact samithi for conducting the SuMadhwa Vijaya Parayana at their residences.

1 avruttie of Sri Hari Vayu Stuti and Sundara Kaanda was chanted by all devotees assembled at the event.
Our Samiti Mentor Dr. Raghu conveyed the importance of following Nithya Karma Anushtana specifically insisting on Sandhya Vandhan during his speech. Focusing on the importance of Vivaha Prapthi for Vara & Vadhus, Dr.Raghu gave the Guru Upadesha to all participants for chanting Shri Swayamwara Parvathi Moola Mantra Japa. All 100+ devotees after obtaining the Guru Upadesha, chanted japa for 27 times and totally 2700+ avrutties of Vivaha Prapthi japa were performed on that day.

SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala Mahotsava:
The event concluded with SuMadhwa Vijaya Mangala peformed by 10 sajjanas trained by Mankal Sriram, Triplicane. All 10 sajjanas dedicated daily 3 hours of time for the past 6 months and due to their dedication, sincerity & commitment, they were able to complete the paata in 6 months time.

Shri Krishnachar from Triplicane honoured the 10 sajjanas and requested more and more sajjanas to get benefited by learning and chanting SuMadhwa Vijaya.

Shri Padmanabhan from Triplicane honoured Mankal Sriram for his dedicated efforts in training / guiding the sajjanas to learn SuMadhwa Vijaya. He also honoured Dr.Raghu on behalf of Triplicane LHVS Samiti.

The session ended with Deepa Aradhane and all the sajjanas were provided milk, parimala prasadham, Dakshine, Janivara, Gopichandan, Banana & betel nut leaves.

Thanks to Shri Satya Vasudevamurthi & Team from Triplicane for the detailed arrangements made for this event.

Please click HERE to view the photos of the event.

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