Lakshavrutti Harivayustuti Mantra Parayana Samiti
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Established on May 2010 Adhika Maasa Akshaya Thrithiya Day by Madhwa Seva Sangha, Madipakkam headed by Sriyuths. Lakshman Rao, GS Ragothama Rao and mentored by Raghu Acharya (Rig Vedhi)


  • To conduct divine chanting at all residences and holy places
  • To spread the cause of Dvaita philosophy by bringing out books on different topics at affordable cost besides protecting & enriching our age-old traditions, customs and other spiritual & religious values, rituals, etc.
  • To conduct chanting of divine hymns across various residences for Griha-kshema & Loka-kshema without any expectations by giving specific focus to KarmaAnushtana as well as to retain and bring our youngsters into the fold to follow our religious systems
  • Those who are not conversant also should be able to chant after continuously participating in the weekly parayana organized regularly at various locations
  • To extend service to the needy so as to enable them to join the mainstream



    • Till now covered more than 5000+ madhwa residences across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra
    • Chanted more than 1 Lac avrutties of Harivayustuti
    • In addition, samithi started organizing Sundara Kanda divine chanting
    • Organized 25+ mahaa parayana (mega events) across places by gathering 100 up to 1000 sajjanas in single place
    • To bring out publications of our rich cultural heritage in big font sizes and distribute at affordable cost at Rs.10 to Rs.25/-
    • Printed 15+ books with total 50,000+ copies in Sanskrit, Tamil & Kannada languages
    • Distributed as free to thousands of people during our various mega events and distributed at a minimal cost of Rs.10/- to Rs.25/- during other occasions


  • Printed Books: Sri Harivayustuti, Sundara Kaanda, SuMadhwaVijaya, Sri Hanuma Bheema Madhwa Japa Krama, Anu Madhwa Vijaya, MadhwaNama & Lakshmi Shobane, Sri Ragothama Stotram, Sri Raghavendra Stotram, Varna Malaa (Sanskrit Basic Lipi), Gho Padhma Vratha, Stuthi Ratnakara Vol I (Venkatesa Stotra & Dwadasha Stotra)


  • Forthcoming Publications: HarikathamruthaSara, Sarvamoola Grantha, Sandhyavandhana, Deva Pooja Paddhathi, Punyahavachana, Shraadha Prayoga & Vrata Anushtaana


    • Madhwa Nama and Lakshmi Shobane parayana organized across residences every week by our mahila wing (commenced during November 2012) and till now chanted covering 500+ residences
    • Organized 5 mega events across places by gathering 100 up to 500 mahilaas in single place


    • To register Vara & Vadhu details free of cost, conduct Vivaha Mela and render other related services besides periodically organizing specific homas & japas (Bhagya Sooktha & Swayamwara Parvathi)


    • To enlighten Sanskrit, Sandhyavandhan & Sadachara activities
    • Conducting free training camps across various locations by organizing basic Sanskrit learning sessions (to all age groups), classes on Sandhyavandhana and other important Nithya KarmaAnushtaana activities as specified in our scriptures.


    • To espouse the sacred cause of the Devabasha, Sanskrit, by highlighting its importance by encouraging more and more people to learn Sanskrit besides extending necessary assistance to those who are appearing for various Sanskrit examinations.


    • To insist the importance of daily chanting
    • To reap the benefits of marriage, health, education, wealth, good child, employment, Deiva Guru Bhakti & unity  through daily chanting by taking Vasudeva Prarthana Sankalpa
    • To assist Vedha, Gho and Sajjanas (for education, medical relief, marriage assistance)
    • 750+ sajjanas have enrolled till now
    • Gents chanting Harivayustuti & Mahilas chanting Madhwa Nama at their residences on daily basis for Gruhakshema as well as for Lokakshema by taking Vasudeva Prarthana Sankalpa


To bring more publications, to reprint books as well as for other expansion activities, samithi need your helping hand by sending your donations through Cheque / DD favouring  Sadhachara Seva Samithi & forward to above mentioned address. You can also email details of contribution to lhvsmps@yahoo.com.

Let Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu give us all the strength, physical and mental, to carry out Samaja Seva activities with utmost devotion, faith and sincerity.

Please participate in various activities being organized by the samithi regularly during weekends & spread this valuable information among your relatives / friends

For Contact Details of our samiti representatives across various locations, please CLICK HERE

Hare Srinivasa!