HVS Parayana @ Kanchipuram


Today is the last day of the year(Vikruti Samvatsara) and it is time to introspect what Sadhana activities we have done in the last one year. And when we look back, we need to consider the extended year of 395 days, as the just concluded Vikruti samvatsara had the auspicious Adhika Masa in it leading to 395 days. Thanks to Tamil Tathva Vaada for reminding us this in their April issue editorial. At this juncture, we got a call from Pammal Sri Rajendra Rao inviting us to come to Kanchipuram for the HVS Parayana by 108 devotees at Uttaradi Mutt.

LHVS initiative which started in Adhika Masa during May last year, has already taken all of us places and now an opportunity to do the HVS chanting at another Temple town and a city that has many temples with ancient heritage and significance. We were all blessed, what better way can be there to end the year than the prospect of visiting the sacred kshetra and chant Hari Vayustuthi in the holy city right in front of Sri Rayaru and Sri Satya Poornaru sannidhana.

It was 5 AM in the morning when the entire city was fast asleep after the late night celebrations the previous day on account of team India’s historic win in the world cup,  members of LHVS drove straight as usual to our headquarters, Kamalalaya in order to be in time for the bus that will take us to Kanchi. Though the bus was not seen anywhere at the scheduled time, we were all greeted with a hot cup of coffee, thanks to Sri Upendra. Soon the bus arrived and we all quickly boarded and left for Kanchipuram.



By the time we reached the Mutt, everything was in place, thanks to volunteers from Triplicane who reached earlier in another bus and our mentor Sri Raghu was addressing the devotees assembled there. Then the parayana started after the sankalpa was read out by Sri Raghu and Sri Sriram and chanting the sacred Madhwastakam.  Around 140 devotees were there and it was a great moment to see and be part of such a chorus and divine chanting that happened there. The chanting was just superb in one voice and this time the entire crowd recited in unison all through. The auspicious GranthaMalika stotra was also recited after HVS chanting. Our friend Sri PP Venkatesh was there with us all along to capture the happenings in his Camera for everyone to cherish the memories later.

The highlight of the day was the brief pravachana done by Sri Sathya Vijaya Achar of Satya Vijaya Nagara mutt immediately after the conclusion of the parayana.  In his short time, he stressed the importance of HVS chanting and underlined that every Madhwa MUST recite HVS daily. He further added that he and other pundits usually take just 7 minutes to chant all the 41 shlokas in HVS and was amazed by the fact that, we from LHVS team has taken more than 30 minutes to complete one avruthi. He was very impressed and said that this(LHVS) is the right and best forum for beginners to learn HVS.

Then after a short speech by Sri Kanchi Varadachar, it was time for Teerthaprasada and everything went on very well. All the devotees were given prasada as usual including one beautiful picture of 5 Kanchi temple gods. All credit to Sri Rajendra Rao and the staff from Kanchi Uttaradi mutt who ensured all the things are taken care. With a sense of contentment we all returned to Chennai at once and now all roads lead to Anakaputhur for the grand LHVS anniversary celebrations on 01-May-11 at SRS Mutt. Please watch this page for more details soon on the next congregation.

Please click the link below to view the photos from this grand event.

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2 Responses to HVS Parayana @ Kanchipuram

  1. Cuddalore Krishna says:

    Hare Rama!!

    Namaskara Sri Raghu Sir,

    Pl Kindly Publish the Anakaputhur Parayana Photos. We are Waiting to See this.

    Thanks ,
    Cuddalore Krishna

  2. vanishree says:

    Can some body post Kanchipuram Uttaradi Mutt phone no..

    Thanks ,

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