Mahaa HVS Parayana @ AnanthaPadmanabha Swamy Temple Thiruvanthapuram

Hare Srinivasa!

The mega programme of HariVayuStuthi(HVS) parayana at Trivandraum inside sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple along with VishnuSahsaranama(VSN) parayana held on 15 & 16 Sept 2012(Sat & Sun) were participated by about 500 persons for HVS and 750 persons for VSN.

Arrangements were started as early as June 2012, meeting the Princess for permission for parayana inside the premises. She readily obliged and also requested the Samithi to perform VSN parayana also as she had made a sankalpa for one lakh avrithi. KS Madhukar & GSR visited Trivandrum with the help of Sri Subha Sudhakar Rao who is a local resident. Dates were fixed and arrangements commenced and only 350 persons were initially asked to register their names but it started slowly swelling beyond 450, thanks to the ardant devotees.

Another visit in july to the princess was made to seek permission for 500 persons. Registration letters were sent during the last week of August to individuals. Three kalyana Mantapams were arranged initially, one Ananthasayanam when cooking and feeding could be done, second & third was Mahalaxmi and Sudarshan. This got extened to six mantaps including Sringeri Sankara mutt, Ranga Vilasom Tourist Home and Keerthi Hire services, for persons to stay along with their families.

There were unexpected problems much more than the usual. A party arrived on the 14 Sep 5AM, Friday morning with a first jolt that the next day, 15 Sep a BANDH was announced by the local people for the recent hike in Diesel price. The second shocker was the items sent through parveen Travels could not reach in time due to delay in check post. The lorry reached Trivandrum at past midnight on 14th night. The items were to be brought to Anantha Sayanam at 1AM on the 15th. The provisions, vegetables had to be arranged. Mr. Mohan of Kanyakumari SRS Mutt sent 150kg rice and vegetables & platain leaves. One other person from Trivandrum supplied all the other materials for Annadhana and he does not want his name to be mentioned. Thanks to them.

Members started arriving from 1AM on the 15th morning. A batch of persons from Markayankottai was first to arrive and followed by people from chennai, Erode, Tirupur, Tirevelveli, Nellore, Guntur, Machilipattam, Madurai, Cuddalore, Tirukovilur, Hyderabad & Bangalore. The local people also participated in VSN parayana and HVS parayana. The blessing in disguise was the hartal. The temple was open only to our members as not much of local people came for darshan. So our people had darshan umpteen times.The tokens were exchanged for the regn letters at 3PM. 5 counters were provided for this and an additional counter was arranged for spot regn and persons who could not get the letters by post. One extra counters was provided for ladies who wanted to chant VSN.

VSN commenced at 5:30PM sharp. Princess also joined us for the parayana chanted by almost 750 devotees including men & women. The parayana concluded at 6:30PM. Sakkara (Sugar) pongal was distributed to all who participated. Devotees were asked to assemble at Ananthasayanam the next day 16th sept at 7:30AM. They were sent inside the temple for HVS parayana. Exactly at 8:30AM the parayana commenced and concluded at 10:40AM. First pankthi food was served at 11AM for the Bangalore people who were to leave by 12:55PM for train. As not much were taking the seats all were allowed to the dining hall and food was served to everyone. By 1PM the entire kalyana mantapam was empty. This time we provided one extra counter for the safe custody of cell phones & electronic gadgets as they were not allowed inside the tample. What several devotees noticed as a highlight was that food packets were given to all the persons who were returning by train for their night dinner.

Inspite of our lengthy instructions along with the registration letters sent, devotees came to the venue without the regn letters, devotees who do not registered in advance came and got entry into the temple for parayana. It was noticed that devotees who sat inside the temple for parayana, start moving out for the Swmay dharshan without taking part in the parayana after doing the sankalpa. It is clearly mentioned in the letter that only devotees who sit for the parayana in full and devotees who join in both the VSN parayana and HVS parayana alone will be given the prasada. Any arrangements by the Samithi will be in futile, if others do not co-operate.

In all future parayanas, Samithi requests the devotees to follow and adhere to the provided instructions. This will not only help Samithi to conduct the event better but will also help everyone participating in the event. Devotees shout that they have not received their regn letter by postal though they are aware of the postal dept. Samithi had made announcements thru the website and few devotees, who did not receive the letters contacted us and were given the registration numbers. In future Samithi expects, atleast the devotees who want to join the parayana should follow the instructions given by the samiti.

In all the member who came for the parayana were fortunate in having the dharshan of Guruvayur Krishna Varkala Janadhana and the Lord Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy many times.

We thank the local devotees, Smt Subha Sudhakar Rao and Sri Anand who were withus throughout for the functions. We pray Hari Vayu Gurugalu to give them long happy healthy life.The prasada was handed over to the princess on the same day at the palace and she was extremely happy.

You would be knowing by now that, due to the security requirements, no electronic gadgets were allowed inside the temple and hence we were not allowed to take the photos of the event. But Samithi is sure, that the entire event is registered irrevocably in the minds of 750+ devotees who participated, who could share their experiences.

Thanks to the princess for allowing us to do the parayana in the temple premises and participating with us in the VSN parayana. Thanks to all the devotees who had made registrations ahead and made their own travel arrangements. Thanks to everyone for participaitng and making this event a memorable one. Not but not the least, thanks to all the volunteers without whose support, the event would not have been conducted in a way appreciated by many devotees.

If you want to look at comments from others or if you want to share your comments/ feedback about this mega event, click HERE.

Similarly, if you wish to send mail to our Samithi, please forward to

With pranams to Sri Hari, Vayu & Gurugalu

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||

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8 Responses to Mahaa HVS Parayana @ AnanthaPadmanabha Swamy Temple Thiruvanthapuram

  1. U V JAGANNATHAN says:


  2. Narasimman.G says:

    Haraye namaha:
    Really we from Krishangiri Hari vayu stuthi committee, we are typing this message from our heart not from Fingers.It is amzing and It is Unforgettable moment in our life time,We never thought that we chant VSN and HVS inside the temple,Our sincere and Pranamaglau to the committee and the arrangements were fantastic.Our heart felt thanks to local devotees.

    Harivayu stuthi Committee,Krishangiri.

  3. N Pandurengan says:

    Kudos to the organisers, the Paarayana was a succesful event. I could not make out to the paarayana due to unforeseen circumstances.-Pandurengan N. Bangalore.

  4. k.sridhar says:

    I hope oversightly you have not mentioned tirupur participants who. Came and attend the parayana. Almost 130 people came from tirupur but u have not mentioned in your website

  5. JAYARAM P N says:

    I narrowly missed the event. Even during Bangalore Mega event, I had confirmed my participation. But I got struck in North Kerala and could not return for the parayana. I wanted to return on 16th morning for the event. I really feel bad due to this, even now.
    I think thats Sri Hari’s chiththa.

  6. JAYARAM P N says:

    How many local participants were there?


    Hare Srinivasa. We from Sathyamangalam Madva Sanga, really exclaimed about the arrangements made by the comity. All are very eager to attend the next mega parayana’s will be arranged by the comity. And for me I am really happy to played the flute before the madva sanjanas. Thanks for the opportunity given by the comity. Thank you.

  8. Babu N.Sridhar says:

    Jai Sri Ram. We the members of LHVS Cuddalore thank the Samiti for making wonderful arrangements for conduct of mega parayana. Without Samiti’s effort we would not had the oppurtunity of reciting Sri Harivayustuti infront of Lord Ananthapadmanabha. We also thank the samiti for the hospitality shown by them.

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